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Thread: VBAC vs Caesarean: A dramatic difference

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    Default VBAC vs Caesarean: A dramatic difference

    Easier to understand when you see it in pictures and not words. The journey for the baby, and mother, are so very different.

    Which would you prefer, for you and your baby?
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    Going through both.....oh id go with natural......For me, a CS was painful,depressing and i also had to sit with having a boy not a girl like i was told. i couldn't move, hold my baby,help feed him i got bad depression.

    Natural i was in control, i experienced a different pain, did a few difficult bits but it was worth it. i was able to go home and help with bubbs and i was much happier

    Even tho Ashley who was born via ECS and was a healthy 7lbs 14 i wouldnt do it again.

    Wow an amazing story, I never understand how failure to progress means a CS i think it should b up to the mother and big baby, you would think theyd at least let her try.
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    Default You are an inspiration!

    Thank you so much for posting your video. I am 27 weeks pregnant awaiting the birth of my second son, who was born via cesarean for failure to progress after amniotomy and pitocin intervention at a hospital.

    This time around I am hoping for an HBAC (home birth after cesarean) and am on the hunt for a midwife.

    Your story is an inspiration. It made me so happy, I cried, and only confirmed my decision to keep fighting for my HBAC. Thank you again!

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    Good luck Devon! It's amazing!!

    Looking at the pictures after my c/s vs my VBAC the difference is amazing. I look like death after my c/s, LOL. After my VBAC I look awesome, I must say, I am smiling in every photo and don't look like I've just been through labour at all.

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    That was amazing. I cried during the waterbirth!
    Very inspirational!

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    Thank you so much I just had to respond - that was as was said before so inspirational!

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