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Thread: What really created the uterine rupture panic?

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    Default What really created the uterine rupture panic?

    I reckon it was the Obs themselves. Watch and see if you agree with me.
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    Wow, interesting.

    Its really something to think about.

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    I agree with Kelly, it is the OB's. I tried for a VBA3C two weeks ago (I was unsuccessful, but thats another story). My uncle is an OB and he desperately tried to talk me out of having a vbac. I brushed him off thinking how 'old school' he was. My OB was fine with it and I had the support of an amazing Midwife and a hospital who also supported me, which is pretty rare these days!! I was very lucky. Anyway...only yesterday I found out that my uncle witnessed the loss of mother and a baby during a vbac labour many years ago. He was extremely scarred by it hense his concern for me and other women wanting to try for a vbac. It really affected him so much that he was instantly wary of vbac's because of that one incident. Stories like this spread though OB's and unfortunately affect future women wanting a vbac's. Ofcourse every OB has their own reasons for not supporting vbac's, but thats just one....

    I wish my computer had sound so I could watch the clip! What do they say??
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    scary stuff!

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