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Thread: Carers Who Will Support Vaginal Birth After Multiple Caesareans

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    Default Carers Who Will Support Vaginal Birth After Multiple Caesareans

    Dear all,

    I am starting up a list of carers who will support VBA2/3C. It's important to mention first up that Independent Midwives will all generally support this. Check out our Independent Midwives forum for recommendations in your state. Regardless if you choose an Independent Midwife and especially for an Obstetrician, you need to be VERY clear what their philosophy/restrictions are for this sort of birth, it can vary greatly. You will get the most freedom and choice with an IM. However an Ob may restrict you with:

    * Post dates - what will happen when you go post dates (cant use medical inductions) and how long post dates will he support you
    * Monitoring - will you be expected to have continuous monitoring on the bed (which will increase your chance of a repeat c/s)
    * Doulas/IM's - what does he/she think of you having additional support to increase your chances at achieving the birth you want (doulas/IM's reduce the risk of c/s by 50%)
    * Other restrictions - e.g. length of labour restrictions (will they only support you in labouring for a specific amount of time?)

    Please ask lots of questions - don't feel grateful that your Ob will support you for something no-one else will, you could well be unknowingly railroaded into a repeat c/s. Many Obs are hesitant with VBAC restrictions as it is, and although the rupture risk is only increased by 0.2% for subsequent caesareans, it's seen as even more risk than it should be. Good luck for your VBAC after multiple caesareans - and don't forget to read some great books and get plenty of inspiration here.

    Obs Supporting Vaginal Birth After Multiple Caesarean

    (list under construction - to add to the list please email me via 'info' then at Please include any restrictions you are aware of.

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    Default Jurcevic

    Hi There..

    I am due to have my second bub in early December.. (Yes early days) and I think I am going with Jurcevic as I have heard wonderful things about him and his support of Vaginal Delivery (I am hoping for a VBAC as my 1st was a breech c/sec).

    the other Ob I am considering is Huon O'Sullivan as he practically never takes holidays and has a 90% attendence rate at his births. This is really important to me as wanting a VBAC, I really want my Ob there. I however dont know if
    his VBAC success rate or philosphy in general is as good.

    Does anyone have any advice/further info on either of these two Ob's..?

    Also, when trying to chose an Ob - it doesnt make sense to make two appt's and then go and ask all your questions (pay two fee's). Do people call the clinic and ask the receptionist these sorts of Q's? I wouldnt have thought...

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    Hi Jooberry,
    Just wondering who you went with as an Ob in the end? Did you meet with Peter Jurcevic? I have recently had my first with him and thought he was amazing, very kind, caring but also tells it like it is (I had an emergency c/s in the end). I am keen to know what his thoughts are on VBAC (I'm thinking about next pregnancy already! lol).

    Would be keen to hear your thoughts. I am also wondering how long I should wait before TTC again - for the best chance of a VBAC.

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    Hi I am in tasmania and had a vbac in sept 09. I have chris Manley as my ob and she delivered my breech baby in dec 07 via c sect.

    At my 6 week apt she said I would be fine for a vbac and knew that's what i wanted.

    I had a stitch for my son and had it removed at 35 weeks. With them all believing I would go any day. My son was extremely stubborn and with close monitoring chris let me go 8 days over and I delivered naturally I was booked in for snothe c- section on the 10 th day

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    Thanks MummzySair, is good to hear how others have gone. And that is the kind of age gap I think I will be hoping for too. (I still have to laugh at myself that I am planning already! DH thinks I'm crazy!). I think I have just been thinking about all of these things so I have a list of questions for my Ob at the six week check up. I think I am going to have more questions at this appointment than i had in my whole pregnancy! LOL

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    Bubble its really good to be informed :-) I too had questions at 6 week check. I have had 3 lots of cin3 removed so far and to be able to discuss with my ob/gyn these things has helped.

    I hope u get the answers your looking for

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