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Thread: Help/support needed pls!!

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    My water spontaneously broke at 7pm last night without contractions. Went to hospital, they admitted me as am GBS positive. Said go to sleep, you will probably labor tomorrow, we may augment with pictocin, although only lightly as have had a C Section before. Then the midwife from hell comes into my room at 4am, wakes me, and casually mentions the OB now wants to Caesar me at 9am. WTF?! Thats barely over 12 hours since my water broke, AND I have a successful VBAC under my belt from my last baby. Im pretty ruddy upset!

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    Ignore the midwife. You can refuse any treatment and if they ignore you it is abuse. Even if it is "against hospital guidelines" or the like. Be prepared for them to play the dead baby card, though.

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    I hope all has gone well since your post, but I personally would ask for specific reasons why a c-section is necessary and then make your decision from there.

    You will know if it's for OB reasons or they are legitimately worried.

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    On Syntocin now 👍

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    Stay with asking questions and getting your support team to hold ground for you too, it's important for you to be clear about what they are doing and why, also important for you not to be rushed... go well with the birth!

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