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Thread: vba2c,anyone have any advice

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    Default vba2c,anyone have any advice

    I am due mid march 2013 I was 15yo with my first birth 24hrs labour then emergency cesearian,2 yrs later an elective cesearian because my doctor advised 8yrs later having my 3rd baby and don't want to risk any harm to my baby and myself,it's daunting having to decide natural or cesearian,can anyone give me any advice on my decision,will my scar hurt during labour? Any info will be greatly appreciated

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    Hi Hun,

    I had a VBAC and to be honest, the last thing I was thinking about was my scar (and it was only 20 months later). There are lots of women here who are passionate about VBACs, and lots of info around the site (welcome to BB, by the way!).

    Just wanted to also say, and I totally could be wrong, but it looks like you have your name and year of birth as your forum name - doesn't give you much privacy. You might want to change that.


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    Default vba2c,anyone have any advice

    There are some great Doulas around who specialise in vbac births who could support you before, during and after birth and talk through fears and issues.
    If your in Melbourne, google birthworks.

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    Default Worried about going for a vbac.

    Hi so I am currently 17weeks pregnant and I have a 3 year old that end in a C-section. well I wanna do a vbac just because I wanted to last time but couldn't. I'm worried about what will happen, in the process of giving birth and need any advice that will stop me from been so worried.

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    There isn't much of a difference in the risk of rupture between a VBAC and a VBA2C. From memory, the rupture rate for a VBAC is 0.7% and VBA2C is 0.9%.

    I had a csection in January 2007, csection in August 2008 (5 years ago today actually!), then a VBA2C in November 2009 and another one in March 2011.

    VBA2C is definitely achievable and carries less risks than having a 3rd c-section.

    Oh, and my scar didn't hurt during labour at all.

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