thread: Help me get my natural water birth..

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    Feb 2008
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    Help me get my natural water birth..

    Hi everyone.

    Well bubba number 2 is on his or her way and this time i would really like a natural birth. I had every intention for a natural birth with ds but i was group b strep and went into hospital for antibiotics and as labour was not progessing so was induced and well cascade of interventions and i had the epidural. I wasn't able to really move as i was hoked up to a drip and was being monitored and so things didn't quite go to plan.

    This is something that i would really like to do for myself as i am not known as an overly active person but would really like my baby to be born in the most natural way to kinda prove to myself that i am strong and my body is strong.

    I have a few months to prepare so how can i best prepare myself to birth natually? What are your best tips and hints and what tools can i get to use that are effective in helping me reach my goal. I am very scared of pain so i think ill need all the help i can get!!!

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    Mar 2008
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    my recommendation above all is to enrol in a calmbirth course and hire a midwife! even if you go through a hospital your ind midwife is able to support you and guide you through the labour and birth and provide you and your partner with the positive energy and encouragement that it takes to get you guys the best possible birth on the day.

    HTH a little...

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    Best book I ever read was Janet Balaskas' 'New Active Birth'. Your local library will most likely have it if you don't want to purchase a copy. And get your Dh/Partner to read it too....

    Good luck

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    I would second getting a IM or doula - I had a waterbirth with DS2, but I wish I had had someone with me who could have said "it might be good for you to move into a different position" or made other suggestions to help.