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Thread: My obstetrician asked me to consider having a waterbirth...why would I want one?

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    you get messy with goo even when not in water so i sat go for it. there are lots of benefits by the sounds of it.

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    Ladies thank you so much for your input.

    I'm gonna go for it!

    As you say, I can always hop out if I don't like it...but I can't imagine that I won't. DH is very supportive too - he said if I liked the shower in my last labour I'd probably love the bath (but he doesn't want to hop in!)

    The obstetrician is a big fan of meeting the midwives so some of my appointments will be at the midwives clinic at the hospital - she says you get something from the midwives that you don't get from the doctor (and vice versa) I shall interrogate the middies about my goo (or, rather, poo) concerns .

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