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Thread: What did you LOVE about your waterbirth?

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    Thumbs up What did you LOVE about your waterbirth?

    A warm and fuzzy to share what you loved about your waterbirth, and what experience you wouldn't have had without water...

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    The best thing about my waterbirth was, when DS came out he started 'swimming' up towards to surface. It was the most amazing and beautiful thing i have ever seen.

    I also only had a 1st degree tear that didnt need stitching and i reckon this is because of the water. The other 2 were pretty bad 2nd degree tears.

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    It felt soooooo good bobbing around in the warmth. It was easier to find a position to breathe through the contractions because I felt so light.

    But the best part of all was (in my eyes anyway) her being 'born twice', once when she came out, then again when I pulled her up to the surface and watched her take her first breath in my arms....

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