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Thread: food intolerances , BF & weaing , told to FF a 13mth

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    Unhappy food intolerances , BF & weaing , told to FF a 13mth

    OK , so ive made the decision to wean my DD , who is 13 mths .

    BUT i have been given advice by health professionals , which to me is a bit backwards .

    My BF career has been a huge struggle , but now in the end was worth it . i dont have any negative feelings looking back BUT i am starting to get agitated during feeds .

    the advice give was that , My DD is to given a bottle of soy formula , not soy milk & and to cut out everything that she is intolerant to in my diet if i wish to keep feeding .

    I have not really cut out gluten & diary out of my diet at all during my BF BUT i do know that DD would have coped better if i did . tiny amounts pass thorough to breast milk and it was not enough to cause a physical reaction , but some days/night unsettled . so in the end i know i should have but never did .

    DD is a whinger and always cries and rips for my boobs to comfort her , i know its gone past the full time milk nourisment phase and was told after 9 mths calcium levels drop in BM ( i never give dairy coz stupidly i thought my milk was enough) NOW dd is low in calcium and needs to be supplemented . she is a poor weight gainer due to her intolerances so living off the miniscule amounts of food she picks at and my BM isnt enough for the health professionals .

    so my question is , weaning off the breast on to a bootle isnt right is it ? or is it OK to give her formula in place of BM as its got more than what she needs right now ( i know formula is not the best thing , but given that my BM contains things shes intolerant to , it can only help , right ?)

    early morning about 4:30 am dh gives her a bottle and she gors back to sleep , DH does the night wake ups as if she sees me she wants booby . she has been so good going from 6-8 feeds a night to none at all , now i dont even feed her in the morning , so shes dropped a few feeds , but shes been getting babysat alot as i have been here and there , and its doing great for our weaning , but now im worried about the stupid bottle , now im woried she will be addicted to that .

    so will the soy formula give her the calcium she needs that shes not getting from me or cheese milk etc . ( i give soya custard and youghrt , but nothing like cheeses) and should the bottle replace a BF (like nap time , bed time ) or should i give at lunch ... and how much should she be having ? ( i dont give her toddler milk , just soy formula karicare)

    her BF are getting fussy and shes on of on off and is becooming fussy and bititng , its like she goes on the booby to bite and not feed .

    so im ok to start weaning and DD seems to be going fine too whith the odd whingy day , and i want to wean , but now ive been given the advice to bottle feed her formula , its a kick in the guts , kinda like saying , "you should have doen it all along , or you dd wouldnt be like this"

    im just so confused . this post probably doesnt make sense . i want to wean , but going on to a bottle seems back tracking to me , and if i give a cup , she'll sip it but not finish it .

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    I'm no expert but I reckon she's had more benefit from the BM that she did receive than she would have had from formula, so I definitely wouldn't beat yourself up about not having had her on it before... With regards to feeding formula now, could you try it out of a sippy cup if bottle just feels wrong? And maybe if you try and just think of it as like a fortified soy milk... I'm not sure - just didn't want to leave this with no responses

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    I would give her the formula but in a sippy cup. Just once a day so she's not replacing food for formula and so she is getting the nutrition, but not addicted to the bottle, kwim? And maybe just keep the one bottle she has at night.
    You've done sooo well to get this far hun, with all of the problems you've had, great job!!

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    yeah i know sippy cup is better , but she will only drink a tiny amount from it , but a bottle she will go gung ho at , and have the lot ... ..

    i went out and bought fortified soy milk , but i got it home and the dammn thing has gluten in it

    it just seems , like im jumping from one problem to the other

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    have you been told to give her so much formula becuase she isnt eating (or cant eat a lot)?
    Maybe she doesnt need to have the whole lot, or maybe you need a different style of sippy cup.

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