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Thread: how do i avoid mastitis

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    Default how do i avoid mastitis

    so today i decided i sadly have to wean my almost two yr old. i didnt want to but i am in alot of pain.
    i am 5months pregnant n the nipple pain has gradually gotten worse to a point that i cant touch my nipples without almost crying. i think it is vasospasam flaring up again.
    ds was having two feeds a day.
    how do avoid mastitis because im just simply stopping?

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    Aww, huge hugs, it's sad when your hand is forced to wean, I gently weaned my DS1 when I was pg with DS2 because of the pain factor as well.

    I think if you hand express just to the point of comfort, then, if necessary for pain, use massage, warm or cool (whatever feels good) showers/baths/compresses.

    Stop hand expressing once you no longer need to stop discomfort--you may be ABLE to express milk for a very long time, but that's OK, no need to get it out.

    Watch for areas of redness or unusual warmth on your breasts and/or feeling at all unwell (mastitis typically presents as flu-like symptoms with a fever, I get hugely high fevers really quickly, so if you feel like that, maybe go to the doc, JIC!).

    HTH, and good luck.

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    it probably won't be a big deal because the hormones of pregnancy have pretty much done the work for you. by this stage most women find that their supply is low anyway. so, just stop. Keep an eye on it and if you are uncomfortably full express some milk off by hand. If your breasts are hot, use and ice-pack to cool them down. Good luck

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