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    Default How to wean

    Dd2 is just on 12 months old and I have decided that its time to wean off the breast
    She is feeding 3-4 times overnight and I'm just too tired. I'm struggling to function anymore and with a full on 2 year old it's all too much

    Problem is she won't take a bottle ad she feeds to sleep. I try to resettle her in other ways on her numerous night wakings but won't go back down without a feed.

    Funny thing is during the day she can go 6 hours without a feed no worries, but overnight it's 2-3 max. Aaahhhhh!

    Dd1 was the same but I just can't remember how we ever got her off the breast lol

    Where do I begin? I'm pretty keen to make this a quick process and not extend it out too long!

    Love any advice on how you did this please?

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    Firstly hugs to you! Its hard work doing all that feeding in the night! I think at 12 months its not a bad time to night wean. I would start by feeding to sleep, but then telling your DD that theres not more milk till the morning. If she wakes then offer water out of a cup and if possible get your partner to get up to her - its easier for them to handle if theres not milky boobs in their face!
    All the best

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    It's best not to be too quick or you risk engorgement & mastitis. The no milk at night rule can work, but expect some resistance and get your partner to help. She may need food and/or liquids during the night, too, so be prepared to offer something else (water and even food, yeah)

    Just by the by, don't expect your little to stop waking if you stop feeding her to sleep. doesn't always work that way I'm afraid.
    The ABA also has info on weaning and how to go about it if you want to contact them.

    Hope it goes smoothly for you - call in all the help you can

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