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Thread: Ideas, support?

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    Default Ideas, support?

    Ok, I've decided I have to wean DS. (Again, lol)

    I can wait til next hols if I like, mum is willing to take all the kids for a week to help with the weaning, But I think i need to do it now. Its hurting.
    I could of course tandem feed, I know that, but DS isn't really liking the idea of another baby as it is, I don't need him having more to be jelouse of. I'm hoping if I stop now, months before the baby comes, it'll mean nothing when it comes to the next one having 'his' boo boo's.

    So, I've tried talking to him about it, point blank refusal. I've tried cold turkey...all seems ok for a bit, then it just gets too much after more than a week of screaming & no sleep.
    I guess its time to sleep on the lounge & leave him in with DH?? He's doing so well all round that I don't want to change things. He's TT over night, almost TT through the day & has started finally sleeping through! I wouldn't change anything if it wasn't for the pain & the jelousy I know will happen. He's a nasty little turd. I'm really worried about that.

    What do I do?

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    I guess you either have to strike now, well in advance, or just wait to see what happens. Sorry, no specific advice, though - it's very hard to do if they're resistent.

    For what it's worth, I've heard that tandem feeding actually really helps avoid sibling rivalry.

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    Yeah, tandem feeding can help with jealousy issues.

    But you might find if your supply drops (mine dropped in 2nd tri) that he might wean more easily then. No guarantees tho

    I've just recently completely weaned DD.. i just pretty much told her there's no more milk. Occasionally she asks for some, but then she asks if it's gone and I just say yep (big liar that I am lol)

    I weaned DS by telling him that it was making me sore.. which it was.

    Don't know if any of that helps..

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    sending lot's of support... I don't really have much advice as I tell DS that it hurts me but he still wants it

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