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Thread: Ouch!!! What else can I do?

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    Question Ouch!!! What else can I do?

    Well I fed my baby for the last time 8 days ago. He was only feeding once a day. I expected my boobs to be really painful for a few days, but they were fine, a little tender but fine.

    6 days on I could really feel them. I only really noticed when I picked DS or DD up and held them on my left side. The last 2 days have been super ouchy. My right is full and tender, but manageable. My left has a HUGE lump and a few smaller lumps and is super sensative. I'm assuming they are blocked ducts and have been applying a heat bag when I can (10 mins here and there). Last night I gently massaged it and leaked for ages.

    There are no red marks or streaks, and I don't have flu like symptoms.

    Standing in a hot shower doesn't seem to do much, but has always worked for me in the past.

    I don't want this to turn into mastitis as I can only imagine how ouchy that would be.

    Any suggestions on easing the pain. I just feel like putting DS back on to fix it up - but that would create more problems and confuse the poor little mite.

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    You need to remove some of that milk - and you are right - the simplest approach would be just to feed your baby. I doubt that he would be too confused at this age (has he been a reluctant weaner?) Otherwise, you might try to express some milk in the shower, by hand.
    Use ice packs on your breasts to reduce the inflammation.

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    Thanks Barb. Reluctant!!! Yes, you could say that. I slowly cut down feeds and weaned at night only about a month ago. DS would have loved to keep feeding but I was ready to have my body back. I've either been pregnant or feeding for almost 4 years and I found that the feeding was creating sleeping problems. Although now that it's all over, I feel rather sad that I might not ever get to feed one of my babies again.

    Thanks for the tips, I'll try the ice pack now.

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