thread: Weaning - sad

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    May 2008
    Melbourne, Vic

    Weaning - sad

    Hey guys,

    Looks like I have successfully weaned DS2.

    I wasn't enjoying it any more. He was down to the "book end" feeds, and to be honest they were'nt fun. He stopped feeding to sleep and that lovely end of the night wind down just wasn't happening. He'd get distracted by his siblings, the TV, the story, by DH and pull off, then try and come back.

    Mornings were worse, he'd come into bed and from whenever he wandered in (sometime between midnight at 6am) he'd start yelling for milk. I would try and hold him off til 6am so there'd be tantrums, kicking, wriggling, crying, yelling... not fun.

    Saturday night he had a sleepover at my ILs house and by Sunday night I thought maybe I'd see if I could get him to sleep without needing a feed first. Managed that, thought I'd give him a feed Monday morning so that I could get his last feed set in my head, as opposed to stopping and not really remembering my last ever breastfeed, itms.

    But it was another annoying, frustrating feed.

    So we've stopped. And now I am sad.

    I know there are hormones happening (and not happening - I miss you, prolactin and oxytocin!) and I know it's ok to feel sad, I just didn't expect to feel SO sad.

    6 years of being pregnant and breastfeeding. Finished.

    This feeling too shall pass. I know. In the mean time, I'll be over here, feeling sad.

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    Oct 2006
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    Re: Weaning - sad

    Hugs well done you!
    I felt sad for weeks and had to keep remembering what a blessing the journey was
    Yes it will pass and then when you get dressed and he sees your bbs he will point and burst out laughing. that's what happens here!

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    Dec 2007
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    Re: Weaning - sad

    Massive hugs. You've done amazing =)

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    Sep 2005
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    Re: Weaning - sad

    I know.
    You're right. It is totally OK, but it's still totally sucky too

    6 years is so awesome. And a relationship worth grieving for as well as rejoicing.

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    Jul 2007

    Re: Weaning - sad

    Hugs hun I hear you it is all very normal been there done that!!! I was Pregnant or BF for 6.5years and I was relieved for the end of BF as I was over being touched but then I was also sad for the end of being the only one who could feed and comfort with a BF. (I still get my boobs grabbed and touched by both kids daily!!!)

    Take care and massive hugs xoxo

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    Nov 2008
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    Re: Weaning - sad

    Big hugs.

    Like you say, it is ok to be sad.

    And it is a big deal.

    Be kind to yourself, big hugs from me, and God bless your magical milky goodie bags.

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    Jan 2006

    Re: Weaning - sad

    Are you having some nice cuddle times?

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    Dec 2006

    Re: Weaning - sad

    Aw, hugs. It is a bit sad.
    Bra shopping is meant to make you feel better. Or just shopping perhaps in general.

    Oh, and awesome work too, by the way.

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    Jul 2005

    Re: Weaning - sad

    Hugs to you and well done for such a fabulous effort on your part. Go gently, mumma, while you find new things to fill the space that bfing used to fill.

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    May 2008
    Melbourne, Vic

    Re: Weaning - sad

    Yep onthefly lots of nice cuddles xx