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    I remember some of you ladies mentioning doing a "treasure hunt" for your partners to give them a gift.

    How do you do it? What type of clues do you give? Do you put mini gifts along the way? What is normal the main gift at the end?

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    Awww, are you thinking Valentine's Day? Haven't even thought about it.... Better sub for ideas myself!

    Our Valentine's tends to be flowers and a special meal (we did joke that this year's gift could be a couple of hours sleep!!)

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    Sleep is the best gift ever!! That and time lol!

    I was thinking for our anniversary because it's the week after

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    I've done this for my partner (in the past) but it was a bit of a fail because my clues were too cryptic PMSL.

    I've also done this for my kids from time to time. I usually put a bit of thought into it and try to make the clues rhyme like a poem. Usually this means sending them to 3-4 different spots to find other clues (written on a small square of paper and hidden). Each clue talks about the next location, final location is the gift.

    For Valentine's Day, you could use a "Roses are Red, Violets are blue" style rhyme (dead easy) and place a heart-shaped chocolate at each spot with a clue for the next. OR you could just hide a dozen somethings (chocolates, small ribbon roses, whatever) and tell your partner they can have their "prize" (*insert any prize of your imagining *) once they have found every single one of them.

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