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Thread: upgrading diamond in engagement ring?

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    Default upgrading diamond in engagement ring?

    after 13 years my partner finally proposed 3 weeks ago, picking the ring himself.
    I love my engagement ring, but when we went to get it sized (different jeweller to where it was purchased) they noted a visible inclusion in the diamond that my DF was not verbally informed about. It does say it on the care instructions, or rather the code they use but DF had no idea.
    The original jeweller have agreed to swap the ring if my original is in perfect condition which it is but.....they cannot obviously guarantee the same setting etc and we may have to pick another ring.
    Now I am wondering if it is possible to just pay extra money and get a better quality diamond put in??? Its a claw setting.
    I don't want a different ring and would prefer to keep my special "visible flawed" ring (not that I can notice anything unless I am seriously looking hard) but I am scared that something will happen to the diamond...the other jeweller already mentioned it could shatter

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    Default Re: upgrading diamond in engagement ring?

    You can always ask.

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    Default Re: upgrading diamond in engagement ring?

    One of the emeralds in my engagement ring chipped a few weeks after I got it, for no apparent reason. It is a bezel setting. We took it back to the jeweller who made the ring, and had all three stones replaced for free (they were all chosen as a set). There was no damage to the ring, they were simply replaced.

    Take the ring back to the jeweller who made it, and have them replace it for free - they should have disclosed the flaw at the time of purchase - and there should be no reason you cannot have the same setting.

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