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    Hi mel1977. I'm a new member here. I came across a thread you posted regarding working at Ozescribe and how you thought they weren't paying enough etc etc. Later you mentioned that you stopped working for them but I'd like to still ask you some questions about them because I'm thinking of starting. I'm a mum of 2 children - a 2 year old and a 5 month old - and would be very interested to work from home to supplement dh's income. I'm not sure what info can be posted on here but if you could reply to this post then perhaps we could somehow get in touch. Thank you!!

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    hi there! I too am wondering about this service/company. My brother mentioned them to me, they use the name ozetrainer now and the course costs 4k ish. Can anyone tell me what their experiences with them have been like? We are desperately in need of a home income here after my job forced me to go on unpaid maternity leave without warning and being in a rural area too, there's not much around. I can touch type approx 100 wpm, own laptop and will set up my wireless connection again for work if need be. But i dont want to spend exhorbitant amounts of money that we dont have for a business that ends up being a scam. Any info at all would be greatly appreciated :-)

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