thread: Australian Bush Flower Essences

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    Nov 2010

    Australian Bush Flower Essences

    Sorry, I posted in the wrong section before,

    I am thinking about getting accredited in Bush Flower essences to work from home and also offer online consultancy.
    Anyone done this before? Or even used the essences?

    I have no idea where I would need to start, apart from obviously doing the course and getting set up with the essences. I guess a website and an area at home and then go from there?

    I assume I would need to open as a business if I am making income, with an ABN? Do you just keep track of income and expenditure to be able to complete a tax return?

    I am completely clueless to this sort of thing and would love some advice?!?!?!

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    Feb 2008

    I can't help with the course or work angle but I have used the Essences before.

    I am not sure whether they worked or not but I think they did! I liked them enough to consider getting them again and considering I bought them from a health shop, I like the idea of online consultancy as a guide rather than working it all out on my own. I love the idea of getting assistance from an expert, someone who is passionate enough to start from scratch from home so I say go for it!