thread: Party Plan / Demonstrator... too scared!!

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    Nov 2008

    Party Plan / Demonstrator... too scared!!


    Help!! I have an apportunity to become a demonstrator for a well known brand (wont say who at this stage) but I think I have a major block when it comes to party plan set up.

    I have always hated getting invites to anything like this, and I refuse to go most of the time.. I am not exactly what it is about it that makes me cringe! Is anyone else like this?

    A few years back I did give it a go for another company and I had the same problem, while my sales were ok.. without really trying honestly (through fear), I didnt stick it out and I quit after a few months and of course didnt earn enough to cover my outlay through no fault of my own..(and I have have creates of stuff that I will gradually use!)

    I think I am just scared of it... but really it would be great to be able to earn some extra cash by selling a product I do actually believe in. The outlay isnt huge... a few hundred, and worst case I would use the products if it turned out I couldnt do it.

    Can anyone help me move past this!! I think I am mainly scared of failing.. and not selling anything!! I think I need some positive stories, encouragement, anything really..

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    There are plenty of party plans out there -- you just need to find one that suits you
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    I'm currently taking a break from doing party plan, since DS was born, but plan on going back when he's around the 7month mark.

    I enjoyed doing it, and for us, it provided enough money for the extras and indulgences. I'm not a natural in front of a crowd, and I'm not a pushy person so being really upfront in getting parties booked wasn't my thing. However, I found a way of doing things that worked for me, and I managed to work fairly consistently.

    have a think about what it is that exactly scares you and see if you can think of a way to work around it. It definately helps to be selling a product you believe - that honesty can go a long way to help you out.

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    Nov 2008

    thanks so much for your reply SammyRo xx

    Yeah I think its the same as you not good in front of people and I am not a 'natural' sales person.. saying that I am pretty happy with my ability to provide customer service so I guess thats just as important.

    The product I am interested in doing I do very much believ in and it also does have a terrific reputation so that helps.. its not just a product that is only available through pp so I guess that makes me feel a bit better too.

    Still havent decided fully, but I am going to a demo on the weekend to suss it out a bit more, and to see if I can visualise myself doing if iykwim..

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    I do party plan...well I try
    So PM me if you have any questions