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Thread: Recommended Resources, Books & Websites For Your Business

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    Below are a list of books and resources which I have personally used and some recommended highly by others. For all your book purchases I recommend Seek Books which I have found to be the cheapest and most reliable on the internet. I buy ALL my books here! I tend to by them in CD version these days as I can put them on in my car and listen to them over and over again as it's easier than sitting down to read a book. I get lots more learning done this way! I'll add more as I get more time to list them all

    Recomended DVD's

    The Secret- This is The Secret to everything - the secret to unlimited joy, health, money, relationships, love, youth: everything you have ever wanted. In this astonishing program are ALL the resources you will ever need to understand and live The Secret. For the first time in history, the world's leading scientists, authors, and philosophers will reveal The Secret that utterly transformed the lives of every person who ever knew it... Plato, Newton, Carnegie, Beethoven, Shakespeare, Einstein. Now YOU will know The Secret. And it could change your life forever. BB HIGHLY RECOMMENDED - This is something I can't explain, but it's awesome, and it's changed my life and how I look at everything. If you want to get super motivated, GET THIS DVD!

    Recommended Books

    The eMyth by Michael Gerber - Why Most Small Businesses Don't Work And What To Do About It. The totally revised edition of a groundbreaking bestseller, first published in 1986, provides information and guidance in starting and maintaining a small business or franchise in the 1990s. BB RECOMMENDED

    Raving Fans by Ken Blanchard - A guide to providing a successful customer service, written in the style of a parable, including advice on how to define a vision, learn what a customer really wants and institute effective systems to achieve excellent bottom line results. BB RECOMMENDED - This book really motivates you to go beyond the call and surpass your competitors with some great ideas.

    Show Mummy The Money by Sonia Williams - This is the book that's helping women from all backgrounds bridge the gap between the workplace and the nursery. It's informative, easy to understand and will give you the know-how and confidence to start up your own home-based business. Show Mummy the Money is your step-by-step guide to generating a great idea for your business, making sure your idea is worthy of pursuit and turning your idea into a successful reality.

    Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill - This all-time classic has sold more copies around the world and been responsible for the creation of more millionaires, than any other book in history. It’s the result of 25 years of extensive research into the secret of 504 of the world’s wealthiest people. Make no mistake; there is a secret to great wealth! The secret is so simple anyone can use it to become fabulously wealthy and successful in their chosen field. Are you ready to receive it? In this book you will discover: • the secret used by all the worlds ultra-wealthy people that when applied will work just as perfectly for you. • A practical, proven step-by-step system for transforming your dreams into reality. • How to achieve balance, happiness and peace of mind in all you do. • How 28 very personal questions will reveal what’s been standing between you and the riches you seek. • How to create your life to order by applying 11 secrets of personal leadership. BB RECOMMENDED

    Recommended Websites & Organisations

    Women's Network Australia - It started with a few women helping each other, sharing business contacts, information and ideas for success. 16 years on it's become the nation's largest premier networking organisation for women in business. Women's Network Australia is a membership-based organisation that empowers and encourages women to reach their full potential in business. For over 16 years this premier business women's network has been guiding and supporting women in their pursuit for business success.

    Australian Businesswomen's Network - The Australian Businesswomen's Network (ABN) serves women in business by raising their profile, contributing to the achievement of their goals and by providing exposure to a diverse range of business success models. Our goal is to cater to the needs of a widespread number of businesswomen by offering a comprehensive range of personal and business development and networking opportunities.

    Network Central - Finding the time, energy and resources to achieve everything we want and need can be a challenge. Our attention and efforts are scattered in many directions as we strive to meet the needs of our careers, our companies, our families, our studies, our health and our futures. Effective networking, information and a solid support base in each area of our lives can be the key to success. With a solid reputation for first class networking events in Sydney and Melbourne, and corporate functions through our parent company Centrum Events Pty Ltd, Network Central now brings these valuable life-links together in one place. It is a networking community for businesspeople that recognises the many different priorities we all have in our lives. Each area of the network provides tools, resources, links, networking events, short courses, products, services and more.

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