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Thread: Is there time for it?

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    Default Is there time for it?

    Hi gals,

    I'm really struggling at the moment to know whether WAH is really worth it.

    My son is 20 months and is still sleeping during the day for an hour or so, but by the time I sit down, have a short rest (less than half an hour) there isn't much time left. I enjoy running my business but I feel like I am mentally pulled in two directions all the time. At night I probably work on it for about 2 hours 5 nights a week online, but if I do it too much I get stressed and can't relax enough.

    I love my son and don't want to (or need to) get a job to support him, and I love developing our relationship at home together, but I was just wondering if there is actually any full time mum's out there that have the time to run their WAHM business, or whether it is actually a myth?



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    I don't know anyone that can properly run a business from home with a child at their feet. It just doesn't work. Maybe a nanny or a day at daycare would help?

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    I wish I could find a job to do from home, but again with kids I am not sure.

    Maybe daycare or family even for a day a week?

    Good luck I hope you sort something out.

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    It is really hard. I do my PhD from home and can only do it because DH and I share care. Even if I am in sight I am always interrupted because DS is sick of me saying I am at work.

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