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    Ok so this is a bit of a dream for me...

    Do you have to be a nurse/midwife to be a LC?

    How much/long is training to be a LC?

    If you volunteer for the aba, what is actually involved?


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    Simple answer, no you don't have to be a nurse or midwife. But it is a huge advantage, the requirements invoke 6 (7?) self directed learning packages that you order through the aba, these count towards education hours you need. There is an exam too. That's the easy bit.. The bit a lot of people have trouble with is you need 1000hours practical experience, so that is one on one care for a woman requiring bf assistance, or teaching an antenatal class etc... Even for us midwifes this takes 5+ years to get the required hours.
    I'm doing the learning packages myself, but know I have no where near the hours, but am still expanding my skills and knowledge just by doing the packages.
    There are other options to help with the aba, there are other qualifications, bf counsiler eg... If you commit to volunteering on the aba helpline these courses are free. If you don't volunteer you have to pay (I's only like a shift a month they ask for...). But someone else might know more about the bf couunsiler role.

    Ps good on you of for looking at these options

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    I can't reply re LC, but ABA volunteering is not LC-ing.
    You can just come along and help out. you can take on a group role. You can train to become a qualified breastfeeding counsellor or community educator.
    You can read more about training here.
    Counsellors do take shifts on the helpline as part of their volunteer role. It's not an option to not do it if you do the training. But as mentioned above, there are other ways to volunteer if that isn't your thing.

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    I'd love to train for the ABA too. Good on you Little O!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ladylove View Post
    I'd love to train for the ABA too. Good on you Little O!
    We should do it together!

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