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Thread: For your next job interview - all your answers right here!!

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    Default For your next job interview - all your answers right here!!

    So if I don't get either of the 2 jobs I just went for, I will nail the next one..... I just realised I have the best interview questions answers ever.......and I have plenty more examples created daily

    Tell us a time you had to deal with a difficult stakeholder....
    Ummmmm, every tried negotiating with a toddler? Yeah, that's some seriously 'difficult' stakeholder. I have managed to negotiate a win/win outcome on <insert death defying act here - eg talked them down from the top of their brother bunk bed, convinced them that the tv is in fact 'broken', negotiated a partial clean up of the toy room, convinced them that their lasagne will turn them into a football star/princess/snowman etc etc>

    Tell us about a time you've turned an upset/angry/screaming customer around.....
    Eeeerrrrrr.... well there was this one time I was at the supermarket with my client (two year old), they were upset about being there (read - chucking the biggest tanty known to man), there was crying, arm flailing, tin can throwing and lots of tears. I managed to let them vent (read - pretended they were some one elses child), talked through what their needs were ("No honey, you don't need these 15 lollypops today, how about this shiny apple instead") and came to a mutually agreeable outcome that everyone was happy with (You let them have 14 lollypops so you could leave the shop with your dignity somewhat in tact)

    When have you had to think outside the square to solve a problem?....
    Hmmmm, Ever had a poo filled onsie and needed to get it off a wriggling toddler without spreading said poo? There are two options - hope the neck is wide enough to remove from the bottom - or cut your losses and grab the scissors and cut that sucker off and chuck it in the bin - target will always have another babywear sale!

    Give me an example of your time management skills?....
    I can get showered, make up, dressed for work, two kids dressed, fed and packed for school/childcare, house tidied, beds made, toys put away and dinner organised and leave the house by 720am - any further questions?

    And Finally.... Why do you want this job?....
    Cos it will suck the life out of me, but I will be awesome at it and love it anyway

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    Default Re: For your next job interview - all your answers right here!!

    Reminds me of that ad (?) where they did interview people for a non paying, no holiday, 24/7 job where they were the PA for a 'client'.

    Parent skills make optimal resume fillers

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