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    Hi Girls, I have this idea for a book that I have been thinking about for some time now but I am not sure of a couple of things:
    The book is a collaboration of other peoples experiences or I guess their tips or hints on a particular subject. I would get these people to do a survey or questionaire but I am not sure how you could go about publishing this kind of book. Essentially it is written using other peoples information if you know what I mean. What are your thoughts.
    Hope that makes sense!!!!

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    Hey Salad,

    It's do-able. You just have to pick the right publisher and make sure you know what genre or classification your book fits into. Alternatively, start by securing an agent. An example (from what you've described), would be Melissa Doyle's book, 'The Working Mother's Survival Guide'. She writes intros to each chapter and then goes on to include other mums' experiences. All properly attributed, of course. The book is here

    Working Mother's Survival Guide

    I have it at home, if you wanted me to have a look at how she's included the mum's info in the book.

    Feel free to PM me if you like.


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