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Thread: Fear is my enemy

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    Default Fear is my enemy

    After a bit of a health scare last week, i realised how much fear is ruling my life. Out came this one last night...

    Fear is my enemy
    Creeping up on me
    No way to avoid it
    Guerilla attack

    Fear is my enemy
    Feeds on my loneliness
    Stronger each day
    Sumptuous feast

    Fear is my enemy
    Fuels my emotions
    Eternally burning
    Out of control

    Fear is my enemy
    Breaks down resistance
    Wrecking ball
    Destroying my resolve

    Fear is my enemy
    I continue to fight
    Intolerable opponent
    Tough battle to win

    Fear is my enemy
    But also my friend
    Forces growth
    Teaches me acceptance

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    that's beautiful BG, you write very evocatively. thank you for sharing

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