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Thread: Fruit Salad (this one is funny)

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    Red face Fruit Salad (this one is funny)

    And I wrote this one when I was eleven and I think it's hilarious... I can't read through it without giggling.

    I think it was a homework assignment, from memory the first verse is actually written by someone else and we had to finish the story, I should look into it and find out!

    Sitting in a fruit bowl, an apple and a plum,
    Decided ti get married, and they had to tell her mum.
    But when they plucked up courage, her mother had a fit,
    Her father said, ?She?s much too young, I think you?d better split?.

    The apple was upset, and the plum very sad,
    Plum?s parents had been mean, and that had made them mad.
    They ran away together, to a humble home land,
    Decided to get married on a beach, in the sand.

    They invited many visitors. from their past unhappy life,
    Plum?s parents found out, and killed apple with a knife.
    Plum cried and cried for days on end, she was left all alone,
    Now desperate for a child, a child of her own.

    Plum, she took up drinking, until she mate a mate,
    She met him at the bar, and declared that a date.
    Plum?s boyfriend was a banana, a banana named Fred,
    In May they eloped, had kid Ban-ums; Sally, Jean and Jed.

    The kids they started school with a fabulous teacher,
    Plum learnt to cook the kids? favourite food pizza.
    They continued on a happy life, making many friends.
    But that?s a different story, this is The End!

    x. ashlea (1999, 11 years old)

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    LMAO! What did the teacher say about htat one?

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    I can't remember. Was part of a "portfolio" and I got a good grade so guess it was okay. hehe

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    rhyb Guest


    love it its madness

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    lol, love it.
    You're a very talented writer.

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    I think it's great!!!

    Beware any plums wielding knives!!!!!!

    Reminds me a bit of my brother's writings. he went through a stage where every character in his stories had to die. A bit morbid for a while there... don't think my folks were worried though

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