thread: I Miss You

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    Nov 2009
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    I Miss You

    So many moments we should have shared
    instead I'm missing you
    So many smiles And looks I have missed
    I should be kissing you

    Your blue green eyes that look into my soul
    You can read my every look
    one day you walked into my life
    and that was all it took

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    Jun 2010
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    Oh my. That is beautiful

    Thanks M2R

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    Nov 2009

    That's beautiful m2r

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    Nov 2009
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    Nov 2009
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    I sit here thinking of you
    And what will never be
    our lives so seperate
    You now don't know me
    I wish that I could hold you
    And tell you how I feel
    This heart of mine
    it needs to heal

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    Beautiful words hun, thanks for sharing lovely

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    Sep 2010
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    Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.