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Thread: Motivation to write my biography!

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    Default Motivation to write my biography!

    Well, just wondering how to find motivation to start and FINISH my book.I have started and stopped so many times over ten years to write it but get to emotional or think it's not good enough even though my partner thinks I should write for a living.

    My childhood is not so pleasant but I've always wanted to write it to help other kids and give them some hope, but never actually keep writing long enough.
    I know motivation has to come from within but any suggestions?

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    I suggest you start first by writing your story for yourself - like a journal. Write different bits as they come up for you - they dont' have to be in order, no one else but you will be reading it. Getting it out there can be enormously rewarding emotionally. Then, when you get to the point where you feel like you've got it all out, you can start going through your journal and picking out the bits you want to share with others. Then rewrite those parts bit by bit thinking about your audience and what they will want to know. Good luck. Your public library will have or should be able to get some books in for you about how to write your biography or memoirs.

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    Thanks for your help, sounds like the perfect way for me to start!

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