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    I found this one, i wrote it a while back... I used to write all the time, i feel there is nothing more powerful than what can be said with words... Lately though because i'm so frazzled and forgetful, needless to say none too creative, everything seems to sound too 'carefully selected'.

    This one was about dear DF not long after we got engaged. We'd been having a rough time dealing with baby things and i'd had a fair bit of ante-baby-blues.

    Just one moment of one breath,
    Or the sweetest, quick embrace,
    One second more to know you,
    To memorise your face.

    A short time it took me to realise,
    That you filled my soul with glee,
    A longer journey than i thought,
    To make you see it in me.

    Always smiley, happy thoughts,
    Nothing doubtful in my mind,
    Of how i felt about you,
    All warm and fuzzy inside.

    Some things that came between us,
    Never kept us too far apart,
    So many drew us more together,
    Knowing you're close, in my heart.

    Time flew by as always,
    Doing things that made me sure,
    Just how much you meant to me,
    Knowing there was room for so much more.

    And so much more have you become,
    In the time i've had you close,
    Letting you see much deeper,
    Than i ever have with most.

    You grow more special every day,
    You could not recognise,
    The amazing feeling i am given,
    When looking in your eyes.

    I want you to always know,
    That the following remains true,
    I'll love you while you let me,
    In the times we may go through.

    I understand the times we share,
    Will be harder than we know,
    But i'll be here right through and through,
    I'll never let you go.

    I worry that at times,
    Things may go terribly awry,
    But don't worry as i know we're strong,
    & will get through it with every sigh!

    And most of all i'll be here when,
    We wish the days would never end,
    For happiness and content as one,
    Angels to each other we did send.

    Please keep me safe in your heart,
    As i will always do for you,
    We can spend our long lives together,
    Together, just me and you...

    (++ insert family here)

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    ashlea, that is beautiful!
    I hope you gave it to him to read.
    I so know what you mean about the creative process, poetry just seems better when it sorta just flows iykwim?

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    I agree, that is really really beautifully written.

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    I did Starrsky, he knows how much i appreciate the written word and so delights in anything i write, he's so adorable!
    I understand what you're saying perfectly, it's much easier to write something that just comes out in five minutes, and edit it later, than sitting there trying to write something. When you have to formulate ideas it makes it so much more difficult. I think i've replaced the creativity with just 'stream-of-consciousness' blogging, letting all the thoughts trail into the next. It works just as well for getting things out of my head.

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