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Thread: One Year Ago Today ~ Written July 1st.

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    Default One Year Ago Today ~ Written July 1st.

    I wrote this poem on July 1st. It was a very sentimental day for me, as it was the day I found out I was pregnant with Little A. It's a bit sappy, corny, some of the rhyming doesn't make sense, but I can't get out of the habit of rhyming. I'd like to share with you all.

    One scary day, a year ago today,
    It seemed my life was whisked away.
    I was sitting in the dark hiding,
    So much fright and silently crying.
    Trying to process that two lines meant yes,
    Scared as all heck, I really was a mess.

    A short relationship is all it had been,
    Already many frustrating times we had seen.
    I wasn't sure if we would make it through,
    But I knew for sure how much I would love you.
    I waited a while for the shaking to subside,
    And then me & dad spoke while I fought not to cry.

    Days upon days of uncertainty followed,
    A secret we kept while a friends house we borrowed.
    A life altering change was about to be made,
    As I'm sure you can guess, we were very afraid.
    We made up our minds and it became true,
    That we were very excited to be having you!

    The sickness was awful, the days just dragged on,
    Daddy was worried about how I'd soldier on.
    At ten weeks we saw you for the very first time,
    You were named jellybean after jumping around the whole time!
    A couple of weeks later the sickness slowed down,
    But my anxious mood always left me with a frown.

    Truly amazing to know you were growing inside me,
    And then my belly popped out slowly for the whole world to see!
    20 weeks soon came and we were thrilled to see you again,
    Should we find out the gender, was the question in my head?
    We decided we would and oh my we were overjoyed,
    We'd been guessing a girl, but you were a spunky little boy!

    Soon enough mum's tum was really on show,
    And when she saw her mum, they would belly rub hello!
    How exciting that you would have twin girl playmates,
    To protect them in school and have lots of playdates!
    So many people could not wait to meet you,
    But alas, you still had much growing to do!

    Christmas time came, we were still endlessly searching for a house,
    It was a stressful time, but we had a day at the park and it was grouse!
    My oh my, the next day brought a wonderful surprise,
    Seven weeks early, your twin aunts had arrived.
    Another day later, even better news,
    Mum and dad got a house, and would move in soon!

    The next few weeks did drag on slow,
    The summer heat made mummy dream of the snow!
    36 weeks finally came and slowly went,
    Your arrival was becoming more & more imminent.
    Passing the days was a big hurdle for mum...
    As 39 weeks approached she was impatiently glum.

    At almost 40 weeks, well - minus three days
    Mummy awoke early morning in quite a haze
    She felt a pain in her tummy tight,
    And hoped that you would be born by that night!
    It turned out that mummy was right,
    You arrived fifty two minutes south of midnight...

    Today you are just over four months old,
    What a story it has been as our lives unfold.
    I never thoughy I could love the way I do you,
    I know I never lived until I held you.
    A hard journey it's been since our surprise at the start,
    But I want you to know that you have the biggest piece of my heart.

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    How sweet! I can relate to the first paragraph, finding out & being so scared!

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    That is gorgeous! Well written!

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    Thanks ladies

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