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    Talking What Am I?

    I wrote this back in 1998, as a ten year old and had a desperate desire to share! Now that I am here however it feels vaguely reminiscent so I'm hoping I haven't posted it before

    I was falling freely, among my friends
    Wondering when, the fun would end

    After a moment, I heard a thump
    I had landed in a soft, yellow lump

    It wasn't a lump, no, not at all
    It was a petal; soft, yellow and small.

    Dodging and weaving, through petals until
    I feel onto a leaf and stood very still.

    I felt a shake, I felt a flutter
    I started to slide, like soft melting butter.

    At first it was fun, exploring the leaf
    But my speed picked up and caused me great grief!

    Twisting and turning way out of control
    Spiraling towards Earth and the great big black hole.

    With a thump and a bang, I hit that dark Earth
    And said "OH my gosh, That really did hurt".

    My future dull and gloomy, until the sun I saw
    The sun created brilliant warmth, a droplet I was once more.

    My friends and I are rising, up towards the Sun,
    Laughing and joking, our new lives just begun.

    Together again, a cumulus cloud,
    Until we hear that thunder loud.

    Our Journey will begin again, our gathering will stop,
    But now we know that this is part, of being a ......

    x. ashlea (1998, 10 years old).

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    Oh wow, you had an excellent vocab at 10. Well done.

    Do you still write?

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    I do but I haven't written much in a loooooooong time. Pregnancy stole my vocab!

    Thanks, I skipped two years in school mostly from my English. My Sci/Math is awful!

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