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    a 250ml bottle I heat for 40 secs (not sure how powerful our microwave is). NOTE - this is a fully made bottle

    a 200ml bottle - I heat for 25-30 seconds

    When it is done I give it a good shake. My SIL used to also m/w formula made bottles and she would shake them half way thru warming.

    As for going out Tootie. I make up a very hot to nearly boiling bottle of formula (depending on how long it is till next feed) and then wrap it in a thick tea towel and put it in the insulated compartment of my nappy bag. If he feed is still 4 hours away from his feed it will be warm enough to give him. if he needs feeding in the next hour after going out i dont make the bottle so warm to begin with. Also boiling water wrapped and the formula sachets you can get are very handy. Made up formula can be kept for 24hrs in the fridge, but if we are out I never make up anymore than 2 bottles and make sure we are home by the time the 3rd bottle is due.

    Also a good tip is. If you have made a bottle too hot a quick way to cool it is invest in one of those cup things that you can freeze to make icy drinks. I put the bottle into the frozen cup and then fill with water and within mins it has cooled.

    Love :hbeat:

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    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    I have heard that the reason they don't recommend you to microwave formula is because of 'hot spots' that can burn baby. I just make sure I shake it really well afterwards. I have been microwaving Aidyns formula since the beginning.
    As for going out, I read your tip on here a while ago Kathryn, so now I make up one extra hot bottle and keep it in the insulated pocket of my baby bag. After about 2 hours it has cooled down enough to drink.
    Or, If I know I am going to be somehere where there is a mothers room & microwave I just bring the bottles cold from the fridge.
    I think keeping formula in your bottle bag is quite ok for many hours. It is only when baby has drunken out of the bottle that is has to be discarded within One hour, otherwise too much bacteria multiplies.
    This is what I have been told anyway.

    Yvette - sounds like you had a wonderful time!!!

    Christy - I bet you will have a ball!!
    Goodluck with packing!! That must be fun packing for a baby, NOT!!! LOL
    How has everything gone with your car? Is it fixed yet??

    Our car is in being repaired atm. DP & BIL tried to change the brake-pads themselves on Sun night, but they found that something was broken down there, and then they managed to get air in the brake fluid line #-o
    So we put it in to service yesterday, and today we heard back that there are heaps more dangerous problems with it, and will cost $1100 to fix!!! ARGH!!!!! :mad: #-o We have no idea where that money is coming from either.

    Pee - Hehehe! I feel the same way!! I can't wait to start trying for another one next year!!

    Aidyn did something really unusal today and had a 3 hour nap!!! =D> Considering all of his naps in the past month have reduced down to 30mins in length, I was very impressed!! I had decided to nap next to him, and I woke up 2.5hrs later freaking out that something was wrong with him as I expected to be woken up as soon as I'd fallen to sleep! It was great though, and I'm feeling rather cheerful because of it!

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    =D> =D> for sleep!!! YAY!!!!

    We've had a good day until it was time to go and pick up the car.... I won't say how much it cost, but basically thats it for us... We hope that somehow we don't have anything happen for the next month that will set us back, thankfully most of our holiday is paid for and its only $80 for the food & petrol otherwise we wouldn't be going....

    Thankfully I've been working more this month!!!

    The formula thingy... If I'm going out I put boiling water in a bottle & put it in an insulated bag... I have one of those formula dispensers because Matilda's formula gets thicker the longer its in water & starts cooling because its designed to do that, and if its too thick it doesn't get through the teat! So I bring the bottles & formula separate, so if I have to warm them up I just warm up the water & go from there....

    Tootie - When we go out for a day or so in the outdoors..., sometimes I bring a thermos of boiling water... so it stays really hot and I use that to make up bottles while we are out, or I bring something that I can put on the BBQ to heat up water & put the bottle in there to warm up....

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    katanya Guest

    I haven't posted for awhile, I haven't been getting the notification emails..maybe you girls just post too quickly and over load the system!

    Felix is doing well, and I have recovered after my self doubt when he didn't gain weight, i looked up my own weight gain records and I had EXACTLY the same pattern of growth (I only gained 2 ounces in 6 weeks) which I think is even less than Felix!

    It is my birthday this Saturday, and my DP will be away, we are having a family dinner next tuesday and tomorrow a friend is taking me out to lunch! My friend bought me a woolen lanolised nappy cover and fitted hemp nappy..for those using is the rolls royce of night nappies..I love it! How times are changed when I get excited for getting nappies for my birthday..LOL..

    Anyhow, there is simply too much to comment on..I give up!

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    carmen Guest


    Wow - I have finally finished reading all of the posts that I have missed.

    Thanks for your advice on the sleeping - it is so good to hear about your experiences.

    I had my first mother group today - we did baby massage and obviously Luke decided to wee on me - James said "why did you take his nappy off?" and my response was "well all of the other babies had theirs off and I couldn't refuse to just because I knew that I would be wee'd upon since Luke seems to think that is a new trick!!"

    Do you all get wee'd upon whenever the nappy is off - I would say that he sprays at least 75% of nappy changes and he is managed to spray further and further (TMI!!).

    I am hoping that we will get to know people from the mothers group since I still don't know that many people in Melbourne.

    A comment on the sucking of hands/ fingers - I used to such two of my fingers when I was a baby (my dummy was taken away too early) and they became crooked so I have a gap between those fingers and the ones next to them when I try to close my fingers - I don't mean to scare you but just thought that I should let you know!!

    It was my birthday last week and we went to a nice restaurant for lunch - Luke was so good and just sleep in the stroller next to the table the whole time - yeh.

    I have the IL's coming out from the UK next week so I am trying to tidy the house and make a good impression - I feel as though I will be judged as a wife and a mother (although hopefully I am just being paranoid) - they seemed to like me when I got together with James but I don't think that I have ever been forgiven for suggesting to James that we moved to Australia (I am English so I had no relatives etc out here, just fancied a change!!)

    Hope everyone is well

    Take care

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    Hi Carmen

    I have never been weed on by Lachlan and maybe only twice with Kameron.

    Love :hbeat:

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    Hi girls

    Re m/w I always use the m/w for heating bottles, and I shake them so there are no hot spots. I have done for all my kids so if the nutrients get destroyed I haven;t seen it. My kids have all been healthy and chubby.

    I take made up bottles and keep them in the insulated bottl compartment in my nappy bag. I think it's right that you have to discard after the baby has drank some but otherwise they are fine for ages.

    Where about in Melbourne are you Carmen?

    Glad to hear your holiday was good Yvette.

    Hope you have a great holiday Christy, it's a bit daunting packing for babies. We are going to Porepunkah (near Bright) on the 4th of Jan till the 8th, and I am going to be stressed about the packing bit. We have hired a fully self cont 2 bedroom cabin with bathroom, fridge, air con. No way was I roughing it with Jessica being 4 months old.

    Bad news about the car Ambah. DOn't you just hate it when that happens. At least you can do something about it though, especially if it's dangerous.

    Happy bday for Saturday katanya,
    Hope you have a great day!
    What day was your bday Carmen, I just had mine on the 17th, the big 30. Still don't feel any different though.

    Wow Pee! Good for you being ready for more kids and enjoying Motherhood. I have 5 yrs between my 1st and 2nd but only because i had to finish uni, get a job and get into my own place before I wanted more. I would have had another close if I was set up, but when I had Jordan I lived at my parents and Arron lived at his parents. A bit yucky but it allowed us to save for a house. There is 3 1/2 yrs between Josh and Jemma and then just 18months between Jemma and Jessica. I think it is harder when they are close, cause 2 babies are a challenge whereas when the others are older they can occupy themselves and do things for themselves, as well as help out a bit (when they feel like it!)

    I don't know how I would have gone with4 in 5 or 6 yrs, I wouldn't have been able to work though and then we wouldn't have been able to buy a house. Things work out how they are meant to I think.

    Anyway, must go: Oh Jessica is fine, so happy and smiley and she really likes my singing! (LOL Go figure!) When Jemma was upset I use to sing a certain song and she would always stop crying, Jessica likes the same song, works like a charm.

    i am ****ty at Arron, he's gonna go fishing again this week and that makes it 1 day , 3 weeks in a row. "It's snapper season you know!" Whoopee! As if I care, there's always some excuse.


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    katanya Guest

    Carmen: A little tip for those water hose happy boys is when you take their nappy off immeadiately they feel like they want to pee, (must be the breeze on it or something!) I take the nappy off and wait for the wee, and just leave the nappy sitting on top of penis.
    I have never been sprayed, but he has done a few on his changing mat! I always keep my eyes on it while it's get to know after awhile when it's going to fire (so to speak!)
    I used for get to point the penis down in the nappy and wind up with leaks..! We all learn by mistakes.

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    spiddles Guest

    WOOHOO! Way to go Ryley!! sleeping in his own cot!! Thats the main reason why got Liam out of bassinette is getting to long for it and same as prame when in lying down position too!!! Last week when he was checked was 58cm!! Am glad you feel all refreshed too Pee!!!

    DH and I have decided (well mustly me) we want more kids but will at least wait until Liam is out of nappy's. I really dont want to be changing 2 bums all day!!!

    The pee thing use to it now. Forget how many times he has done it to me but usually now he does it when you clean him up and are just putting the new nappy on and doing it up GRRRRRRRRR!

    Liam was such a good boy last night. We had bowling so gave him a bottle at 7:30 and fell asleep on my arm and through the car ride. Slept all the time there and hardly woke when changed nappy there. Thought when I get home at 10:30 he will want another bottle and wont get to bed for at least another half hour but no. Went straight back to sleep. Woke at 3 and gave him a bottle but didnt really want it. Just needed a poo. Then back up at 6:30 and both times when he woke he wasnt screaming just playing and making noises!! YAY for another decent sleep!!

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    Marcia Guest

    Oh dear, have missed too much again so won't reply to all.

    On the wee subject, Hudson used to get both DH and I at every nappy change for the first 4 weeks lol! Now I'm pretty quick at changing nappies, so it doesn't happen so often. Still does it once in a while, and it always seems to be just when I am dressed ready to go out, so we never get anywhere on time now because I get peed on and have to get changed. He also seems to be able to pee pretty far, as I have to put him on a huge plastic tablecloth at nappy free time, and even then he gets right to the edges ROFL. If it makes you feel any better I got peed on just yesterday, first time in ages lol!

    With the formula, I also use the microwave to heat up hudsons bottles. I put them on for 35 sec. (180ml), but as Kathryn said, not sure what power our m/w is so this might not be right for other m/w. I read heaps about this when we first changed to formula, and there was a lot of conflicting advice, but the most recent info said it is fine to use the m/w as long as you mix the formula well afterwards to avoid hot spots, and they have decided that it does not destroy any vital nutrients, only destroys miniscule amounts so does not matter. With going out, I will usually take one made up bottle that has cooled to fridge temp. in the insulated part of our nappy bag, and if I need more than one, I will take the measured out boiled water in the bottles and measured out formula in one of those formula dispensers and mix it when I need it. The only reason I do it this way is that I read that you are not supposed to transport made up formula unless it is at refrigerated temp., and if I am out for a while the bottles go warm before they get used and I worry about bacteria forming once they are warm too long. Also on the temperature of formula when feeding, I often give Hudson cool/cold bottles when we are out and I do not have access to a m/w. I did a lot of reading on that one too and found the latest research said there is no reason to have formula/milk at a certain temperature when feeding bubs. It is purely a preferance on the bubs part to have warm milk. Hudson has never seemed to mind what temp his formula is and it has never upset his tummy or anything like that, so we just keep doing it when we have to. BTW this is all just stuff I read, and what we do, so I could be wrong?

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    Feb 2004

    aaaargh! *brain explodes*

    I move on to the next forum and all of a sudden there's four pages in two days! So I can't reply to them all but:

    with formula, the midwife at the hospital told me not to use boiling water to mix it or it doesn't dissolve properly. So I make the bottle up with cooled boiled water (Some straight from the kettle, then either leave it till it's body temp, or add boiled water from the fridge till it is right for him to drink) and feed it to him straight away. I used to premake bottles, but when we switched to soy I found he was throwing up a lot more, so I only make one before I go to bed (sometimes two, if DP isn't going to be home in the morning and I'm going to go back to bed after first feed) and generally make a bottle only 1-2 hours, if that, ahead. I keep them in the fridge, and heat them up in a jug with boiling water in it. We don't have a m/w.

    Tootie, when we are going out, I put premade bottle(s) in a cooler bag (the sort you had for lunch as a kid) with an plastic ice block, and I bring a little thermos with me. We bought one just for him, and it has a wide mouth, so we can put the bottle straight into the thermos. It heats up really quick that way, which is good when Brandon is hungry, not so good when we put it in and do something while waiting, because then it always gets too hot!

    Brandon will wee at night, but I just chek before I pull the nappy off, let him finish, then change it. He doesn't get me by suprise as much anymore, but he usually does it when I've got a disposable almost on him, so I have to throw it out then get DP to hold him while I grab a new one, as the fake nappies (no offence to anyone using them full time, that's just what we call them) are kept in the bathroom, which is just around the corner from the dining room table where we change the nappies and I can do it in 3 seconds, but that is too long to leave him alone, especially with tiles underneath and he rolls so, what was I saying?lol

    The cheeky thing has decided that he doesn't want to go to sleep in his cot anymore. As soon as he is put down, he rolls over gurgles for a while then starts crying. Our cot is a portacot with soft sides, so even though the mattress fits, he can push the side and fit his hand in between. Then off course he wants to move and starts crying. I'd better add that he can remove his hand by himself, it's not stuck, I think he tries to push off with his hands, and just gets narky when he can't go forward, and headbutts the side of the cot. Because by this time he is laying crosswise in the cot. So last night I gave up, took him out into the lounge room, where we had finished for the night anyway, put him in the papasun chair where he can't roll, turned the light out and left him there. Barely a whimper and he was asleep. We went back to the computer room, and transferred him later after we were sure he wouldn't wake up.

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    Oct 2003
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    Hello!! My computer wouldn't let me on Bellybelly all morning so I'm finally here!! Its okay thought because Matilda isn't having the best sleeping day ever... she keeps falling asleep then somehow in her sleep rolling over after around 10-15 minutes and then starts screaming because she's on her back, but she knows how to roll back to her belly, she just doesn't register because she's tired and then once she starts screaming thats all she can do... so she wakes herself up and then won't go back to sleep... I come in the room & she's on her back screaming with her eyes shut & I say Matilda really quietly she opens her eyes and giggles... #-o ... meanwhile big family argument boiling on the phone (after I chatted with you Kathryn...) now I really could use the break... going to try and get her to sleep again soon... fingers crossed!!!

    AFter hearing about the wee thing, I'm pretty happy I've got a girl!!

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    Melinda Guest

    Carmen - Jacob has successfully got me a couple of times now. He's also got DH and the wall LOL. It's funny just how far they can pee isn't it....LOL

    Thanks for all the info on formula and m/w'ing etc guys. I think from everything I have read now there is no reason why we can't m/w it. It certainly would save time, that's for sure. Considering Jacob cries VERY loudly when he's hungry and doesn't stop until he gets his bottle, a few seconds in the m/w compared to boiling the kettle and waiting for it to heat up will make a bit of difference I think! Might try this later on for his next bottle. If I go out, I have started making the formula up with boiling water and putting it in a bottle bag like you Kat so that it's pretty much the right temp when he's ready for it. The other thing I do as an alternative now is to take the pre-made bottle from the fridge and transport them cold in the bottle bag and use a bottle-warming thingo I bought from Target the other day. It's like a thermos almost as it holds the water and then you pour it into the top part and sit the bottle in the top part to heat it IYKWIM. Quite handy really.

    Jacob had a visit to the CHN today and he now weights 6kg which is just above average, and he is 63cm long, which is still in the 90th percentile!! Woo hoo for my long little boy! LOL

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    carmen Guest

    Hi EVeryone

    Michelle - I live in Sandringham and work in the City, my birthday was on the 23 Oct and I was 31 so we are pretty close.

    Katanya - Thanks for the tips about the nappy - I tend to have a cloth nappy that I lie Luke on and when I think that the wee is coming I cover him up. I have learned that if he is crying during a nappy change and then he goes quiet it means that an explosion is going to happen - could be wee and poo!!!

    Spiddles - well done on Liam's sleeping.

    Hello to everyone I have missed and hope that you are all well

    Take care

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    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    OMG!! So much to catch up on here... I think I will leave all personals until tomorrow.
    I am sooo tired right now, with a pounding headache. I just got Aidyn to bed (an hour earlier than normal which is great), so I'm dying to have a good nights shut eye.
    I was totally shocked when I went into his room this morning... The one night where I didn't put his scratch mitts on him (because it is sooo bloody hot!), and he has ripped so many scratches into his scalp, it looks awful!!!
    Even though his two bottom teeth are through, I suspect more could be on the way as he is tearing at his head, and punching himself more than ever. Anyone have any idea which teeth normally come next??
    Today I suceeded in packing half the kitchenware for the move, and doing one load of washing. Still soooooo much to get done, and its just so hard with Aidyn not napping properly. No doubt the packing will turn into a rush job the weekend before the move!!

    Thats it from me for now, Goodnight and sweet dreams to all!!!!

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    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    Hi everyone,

    Carmen I live in Kilmore so I am in the country! It takes about an hr to get to the city from here. Of course once you live up this way every trip anywhere takes at least 1/2 an hour so you get used to it.

    Poor Aidyn Amber, his little head, you can't watch them always though. Where are you moving to? Sorry if you have already said, I must have missed it. I hate moving, it's even harder with kids. Hope you get a little more time in the next few days and that Aidyn gets a bit more sleep. Yes and I think you would benefit greatly from using the microwave Ambah. I can't imagine standing and waiting for the bottle to warm up, you poor thing! Jessica would wake the whole house if she had to wait that long.

    We had some terrible news tonight, the friend Who's little girl was diagnosed with a cancer of some sort last week found out today that it is stage 4, and it is in the Liver, Bone marrow, skull, adrenal system. She is only 20 months old, the same age as Jemma, and it is almost unbelievable. It is so not fair and the family have had so many tragedies in the last few yrs. Why do some families have so much to deal with? I can't even begin to imagine how they feel or what they are going through, but my heart goes out to them. It makes you realise how lucky you are to have healthy kids and also makes you hug them just a little tighter.

    Jessica has slept the last two nights from 8.30 to 6.15am. So I am starting to lose that Zombie feeling! WOo hoo!

    Cheers Michelle

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    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    Thats so sad Michelle!!

    Ambah - good luck on your packing!!

    I'm about to head out into the wild world today with HEAPS to do... I've got to go to the GP... I've had a million blood tests this week... I won't go too much into it because I will find out today, but they are thinking thyroid... 5 out of my 8 aunts got it after PG.... so there's some history....

    Anyway... then the physio & vet clinic & kennels & sometime in there I've got to go to KMART for our trip & pick up some swimmer bottoms because mine don't fit!! Good thing I tried them on yesterday....

    So I hope you all have a wonderful day! & I hope I'll be back before we leave (tomorrow 6am!!!)

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    katanya Guest

    Ambah that is terrible about Aidyn scratching his head must be something irritating going one for him? Good luck with packing..I ABSOLUTELY HATE moving would be even more full-on with a baby!

    Michelle that is really horribly sad about your friends little girl, to find out a child has a terminal illness would be harder than anything to bear. When ever I watched Oprah and saw all the sick children with AIDS in africa, I just cried and hugged made me realise that he has everything he could need now..and minor things are only that..MINOR!

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