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thread: 1-6 month General Chatter

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    Hi Spiddles must be wedding weekend I have one to go to on Saturday as well and also need to buy something for it ARGH !!! have nfi what. Was going to wear a little black dress but it is going to be too cold now

    Love :hbeat:

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    mooshie Guest

    well hello there girls
    heree i am after only posting once in the newborn forum, lani will be 1mth tommorrow, so i thought i would do an update.

    i have been having a bit of trouble settling lani, but it seems that it is my problem, i over stimulate her, i cannot stop rushing to her as soon as she starts crying (or talking as the health nurse says) you think i would know after 3 but i suppose what we went through it seems to be a bit hard.

    anyway last saturday night it took from 6pm till midnight to get her to sleep, dummy, patting, rocking feeding etc etc etc, of course every time i went to her i was not allowing her to go to sleep, so now when i put her down i just leave her and if she crys i wait 1 minute then go and resettle without eye contact, and usually just a pat until she stops crying but not until she goes to sleep (which is what i was previously doing) anyway this has been working a dream and i usually only spend a total of 5 mins settling and she has her nice long proper sleeps, she is up a max of 1 1/2 hrs during the day before showing tired signs then i am straight to it. she usually has last feed around 6pm then 2am or 4am then is unsettled from around 5.30am so i put her into bed with me and let her feed when she wants till i get up at around 7am, she generally needs a few feeds in the morning and i am trying to let her go no longer than 3 or 4 hrs during the day but i hate waking her and when i do she is not interested anyway.

    she is now over 4kgs and is the length my ds was when he was born 55cm, she is gaining weight well and i am now a very happy mummy, i have my contented baby back which was at the hospital so that is good, i have also been cooking our meals during the day and reheating whenever so it makes it easier, although ds is a bit confused why i cook dinner at lunch time or whatever lol.

    sorry for the epic just thought i would let you guys know how we are doing and will try and get on a bit more.

    i am off to read the 1st, 2nd and 3rd tri's although i get a little teary and clucky when i read these so maybe i shouldn't lol.

    see ya

    lani michelle born 15th sept 04

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    Pietta Guest

    Hey Spiddles- I tried giving him water yesterday and he drank about 50ml of it. Then he had 20 ml of bottle. Well this morning I woke to a beautiful slightly runny nappy so i think that might have done the trick!!

    Welcome over Mooshie!! It got quite lonely in there didnt it!! hehehe I hope Lani stays wonderful for you!

    We bought a photo printer yesterday and for Ryley's thank you cards I am printing up pics of him with- Thankyou for welcoming me into the world! Love from Ryley xx on them. I think it is cute!!

    Anyway off for a walk- gotta shake some of these pounds!!
    I was thinking of moving to QLD to join your pram push Ambah and Christy!! lol- it gets lonely doing it here!! hehehe

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    spiddles Guest

    Yeah I should move to bris too....am still about 25 kgs heavier now than what I was b4 I was preggers (my diet went out the window)

    Must be astrolady. Ended up buying a black holterneck dress so enphsis is on my boobs and not my belly and the only reason bought a pumpkin patch outfit for Liam as is a special occasion. There is no other way I can justify spending $40 on an outfit for him. Hopefully he will get a few weeks out of it maybe months.

    Have 3 expressed milk bottles frozen to take with me as dont really like breast feeding in public but then I donno what to do when I get full and uncomfortable. Maybe I will have to take breast pump wiith me and dump it. I have no idea this will be our first big day out. Is in brissy and will be over a 1 and a half hour trop each way.

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    Registered User

    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    Hi there! Whew... missed alot in the last few hours...

    Check out Matilda's website & you can see some photos from today's pram push! Their pretty cute...

    Michelle - its great to see you in here & hear how Lani is going, she sounds so much like Matilda at that age, so overstimulated and I had to stay far away from her to get her to sleep, nothing else would work....

    Hi to everyone else, I've got visitors to dinner, but I thought I'd put the picutures up on the webspace for Ambah to have a look at....

    edited to say: Pee - Matilda is constipated too atm, and when she was before they told me to use 1st cooled boiled water, then add a tiny pinch of brown sugar to it, 3rdly to use prune juice diluted in the cooled boiled water. So today she did a really dry nugget (TMI) and I added some prune juice to water, she drank 30mls so I hope for a large nappy soon! Funny the things we hope for!

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    spiddles Guest

    Awwwwwwwwwwww how georgus!! Love the first one where she is smiling!!

    EDIT: You girls hope for poos...I wish Liam would stop pooping... he does one after every feed and is sloppy!!

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    Pietta Guest

    I think Matilda's got a thing for Aidyn!! hehehehe

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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    The photos are soooooooooooooo cute Christy!!!!
    It was just so funny today watching the babies watch each other! Matilda was so gorgeous and would just crack up laughing when she looked at Aidyn or Tahlia... it was soooooooo sweet!!

    Speaking of Poos... I had a dry nugget from Aidyn when we got home too (LMAO!)... don't know why, but I'd better keep his water intake up...

    Welcome Mooshie!!! Its great to hear how you and Lani are doing.

    Hey spiddles, I know exactly how you feel... I was a size 10 before my PG... and now am still a 14-16!

    Tootie - I hope little Jacob is feeling better soon. Its so heart wrenching when they're hurting like that It doesn't sound good that his leg is red though... has it gone down yet at all?

    Pee - I hope Ryley lets you get more sleep tonight, its so tough having to get up so often. and IKWYM about not being able to sleep until they do.

    LOL about the photos Kelly and Michelle... I just forked out $230 for 5 photos (3 big and two little) and I still can't believe I did it! But I just had to... there was no way I was sending them back, I even got them framed before I paid for them, lmao!!

    Kathryn & Spiddles - I hope you both have a lovely weekend at the weddings, and I'm sure you will both look gorgeous in whatever you choose to wear!

    PHEW! so did I miss anyone?!

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    Hi everyone,

    Welcome Michelle, it's temptiing to run every time isn't it but you really do start to lose it when you can't get anything done. Glad to hear things are settling down, and Lani is well.

    Boiled water is what my MCH sister suggested between feeds to soften poos as the formula I use can be a little constipating. It seems to work,and Jessica is used to the formula now, we only need it when she is unsettled an hour after a feed and seems hungry or when it's warm.

    I am waiting for the photos to load on matildas website Christy, I am so excited!

    Oh Tootie, your poor darling. Jordan my 1st had a huge bruise after her first needle. i agree with the give panadol anyway idea, it seems to help them settle. Hopefully everything is back to normal by tomorrow.

    Have fun at your weddings Kathryn and Spiddles! I have had at least 1 wedding during every pregnancy but none when I haven't been pregnant, so I always look like a round ball, and hide when a camera appears. Now that I am finished having babies nobody will get married, they will all decide to live in sin indefinetly LOL.

    I got on the scales yesterday and was pretty happy. I am only 1kg over the weight I had when I first got preg with Jessica. That means that to get to my ideal weight I need to lose 5 or 6 kgs. Sound alot all of a sudden.

    The weather is starting to get nicer and then I am going to start walking. It's been too cold and I can't take the little kids out in that so I have to wait.

    I should get out the gym ball, I've never used it and I really want to. Does anyone else have one they use?

    Sorry if I missed anyone.

    Christy I am sad! The photos didn't show, had red crosses on the box and no pic, I'll have to look again another time.

    I am going to put my films into the chemist tomorrow so I can get my photos and post some on my babies online website.

    Goodnight all

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    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    Sorry about that Michelle :-k dunno whats going on... I use the gym ball a bit, but what I really use it for is Matilda, I put her on it with her belly down and roll her downwards towards a toy on the ground...

    on the poo note, I made Ambah check out Matilda's poo today... LMAO! I told DH and he looked at me like I was crazy, you did what??

    Pee Big Hugs! I hope Ryley settles quickly tonight! Matilda went though that phase recently where she wouldn't got back to sleep....its really exhausting!

    spiddles - when I was at work & bfing I would go to the toilet and express a bit off when they got full... just took around 5 minutes in there and just enough to be comfortable again.

    EVERYONE is welcome to come move up to Brissy!! I love it here!

    Anyway.... off to bed for me now.... I hope you all have a great sleep tonight!!

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    Marcia Guest

    OMG!! I disappear for a couple of days and look what happens! I have missed so much! Now I can't remember it all and don't know what to say.

    =D> for Aidyns tooth!

    The photos of the pram push kids are just so cute!! I really want to have a site for piccies of Hudson, but we don't have a digital camera yet . DH suggested we get one a couple of years ago and I said what do we want that for #-o . I am so silly. Of course we weren't planning on having a bub so soon either at that point in time.

    Well I really can't remember anything now so I will just say Hi :smt039 to everyone and try to be on the ball from now on!

    Not much happening here atm. Haven't been home for the last 24 hrs or so as I took Hudson down to the city to see his daddy yesterday as DH is staying with my sister this week and next for uni. Decided we would stay the night rather than do the long drive home after dinner, and thank goodness Hudson had a great night and slept through from 8.30pm to 7am =D> . My sister and her husband said not to worry about him crying and waking them, but then they don't have children yet and I don't think they really understand the reality of a screaming baby at 3am lol. I could just imagine them complaining to DH for the next week about their lost sleep if Hudson had had a bad night lol. Ok, sleep time for me!

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    YvetteE Guest

    Hi Everyone,

    Just a quick one today as I'm getting ready to go away on holidays tomorrow!

    Cohen gave me the best nights sleep last night - what an angel! Went to Trivia last night and he was such a good boy. Then we got home by 9.30pm and I fed him again. Put him to bed (and myself!) and he slept through to 4.00am! What a star! He then went back to sleep until 7.30am!

    I feel so much better today, I wish he would do that every night.

    Also, the other thing that he did was during tummy time, he pulled his legs up under himself so he was almost in a crawling position! He hasn't got the strength in his arms yet to hold himself up properly though. He then sort of pushed himself a bit forward and back onto his tummy. All at 4.5 months old. This kid can't wait to be moving!

    Anyway, must dash. Still have to do a whole bunch of stuff. Sorry I can't reply to any of you but it takes me ages to read through all the posts and then by the time I post, I've forgotten everything I wanted to say! Will try and keep up better when I get back.

    Hugs to all your bubs.

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    Feb 2004

    I miss so much when I go out for the day.

    JUst wanted to say good bye to all you girls personally, I've posted a general, but I wanted to say goodbye again to you all.

    My ILs are using BB to check up on me, and since I don't want to have to hold back on vents and other posts, I've decided to leave bb.. It really upsets me, as I don't know what I would have done without all the support you've given me, but now I'll never be able to post without feeling someone is reading over my shoulder, and odds are saying goodbye because of it is only going to get me into worse trouble on the weekend, but what can I do? Feel free to email me any of you, it woiuld be nice to hear what everyone and their kids are up to still.

    I'll probably ghost for a little while to catch responses, but this is pretty much it for me.

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    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    Oh Susan!!! Its like loosing a good friend!! I'm a bit devestated for you! :mad: ....

    I will definately email you, I'm so sorry as this has been such a support for me getting through this time in my life, and now you have to loose this because of them... I'm so sad for you! & us girls really treasure your input!

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    Marcia Guest

    Susan - I just read this in your other post and replied but I just want to say again that we will really miss you here! I must also say How dare they? It is such an invasion of privacy and it really is an aweful thing for you to have to go through. :hugs:

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    Melinda Guest

    Oh Susan! How awful!! I'm really sorry that this is happening to you. You will be missed on the forums, that's for sure.

    Just quickly, thankfully Jacob settled down yesterday. After he had his screaming session, he went to sleep and when he woke the next time, he was fine. His leg looks much better now too which is good. Perhaps me putting the cold face washer on it, even for just a short while, did help it. He's been a bit extra sleep today and yesterday (during the day), but apart from that, he's ok. Phew.....I'm so glad my little man is ok!!

    Again Susan, I'm really sorry to see you going!

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    spiddles Guest

    Ughhh my computer has crashed...think I had too much on HDD (too many photos of Liam) and now wont work properly...least have DH computer since there is like 4 on the network at home. DO I attempt to fix it *lol* will prolly break it even more.

    Went shopping with mum today. Never buy a 2 door echo. Need to take off the straps to anchor just to get pram in and out as wont fit in boot.

    Went looking for material to make Liam curtains for his room as Mum said she would pay and do this for part of his chrissy present.

    I didnt realise the material is so expencive!! Between $10 - $20 a metre (and I like the dear stuff don't I and the dearer stuff is already lined) Will cost over $100 to make as 2 windows in his room. I told mum to leave it for now.

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    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    Just had a thought Susan - Adults Only forum can't be peeked into... I mean no one who hasn't posted 50 times can have access to it.... :-k

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