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thread: 1-6 mth General Chatter

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    Pee who are you with ISP wise ??

    you can always updgrade to plantinum membership and your your avatar hosted on BB

    LOve :hbeat:

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    Jun 2003


    You can host your pictures and avatars here and then it gives you the URL link. I use it and it is so easy to do.

    Asha was weighed and measured again today and has hit 5kilos YAY ... only just though LOl 5.05kgs and 58cms My baby girl is growing so fast ... I want her to stop for a while so I can really enjoy it. I thought she would be my last but I think I would like another one New house & car that means ... guess I had better talk to Ryan!!


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    katanya Guest

    Hello everyone..fantastic to see we are now a 1-6 month forum! makes me feel glad i don't have to move on in a few weeks!

    Interesting that everyone has been discussing birth control as i had my IUD put in today! it was a day procedure in hospital, as i also had to have a loop thingy cut off down there!.

    it was simple and relatively painless, especially after childbirth! it last for 5 years and the hormones are localised to work on the lining of your uterus not your ovaries..plus economically better..$20 for 5 years! you still get a period but less because it keeps your lining thin! Best still it is okay for breastfeeding, because of the localised nature!

    I had a local and seditive as I am breastfeeding, and Felix was looked after by grandma, who was able to get him to drink a little expressed milk!! Yay Felix! I think he will be able to be looked after now by Daddy and Grandma!

    I also did my first shift of work last night looking after a little girl in our house, I was a bit worried because she can be a bit TOO interested in babies, but she was great with Felix, of course I'd never leave them alone together~!

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    Feb 2004

    imageshack also will let you free avatar host.

    Great, so now I have a place for it, I guess I should get off my butt and finsih making my avatar! LOL

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    katanya Guest

    As for the free photo storage I use Shutterfly, it has no limits, easy to share and very easy to use.

    Yes Susan, we want to see your sexy avatar!

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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    That is a good idea, getting an IUD Katanya, and isn't it great that it doesn't interfere with BF'ing!!!
    I really should do that too, as it isn't likely to interfere with my hormones or moods as much as the pill, is it??... Except I must admit I am a bit scared at the idea of having something put inside me, and knowing it will be floating around for 5 years... the thought makes my stomach turn... (I know - I'm a a wuss!!)

    Well done to Felix taking the bottle!!! Hopefully now you will be able to have a little bit of 'you' time!!

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    Feb 2004

    Yay for Felix!

    I'm not sure I want such a long term contraceptive myself. We were thinking of having the next one when Brandon is around two, then another two years after that. So I'd be starting to think about birth control around about when you need yours replaced Katayna!

    As for less periods, (TMI) well, I don't know if this is a first time thing and it will get worse later on, but dropping from 5 days (with one day being my day off, where nothing happens, no leaking or anything) to 3 and a half days, and I still get my day off on the second last day, well, I can't really complain now can I?

    So, what do we all think of my new av?

    It still needs some work, it's a bit blurry, but it will do for now.

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    katanya Guest

    Ambah: Yeah I know the idea of a little thing in my uterus is the thing to get over, but to be honest I'd rather it than an implant in my arm, a needle in my arm every 3 months or taking the pill (i'd have to take the mini pill due to BFing)

    Susan: the IUD lasts for 5 years but you can also have it taken out at anytime and you have immeadiate fertility, the OB said a lot of women fall on their next cycle, which appeals to us as I am a spontantious person, don't think I could handle the waiting that other method's require. We are also thinking of a 2-3 year gap. So I guess it will be 2 years of contraceptive for $20 still a good deal!

    missed the avatar must have another look!

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    Feb 2004

    Ambah: you wouldn't be able to have the injections. A friend of mine had them and the hormones for the first month were so over the top...PLus she had a three week long period and it doesn't cover you 100% for the last month, so you really only get one month, and if you have problems with the pill, it'd be no good.

    Did you have the same problems with the mini pill?

    Katanya: That sounds ok then, but I'm not sure I like the whole planning thing you know, now we won't have a baby, now we will. I was just going to get to Brandon being around 9-10 months old, and stop using protection, and then we get pregnant when we get pregnant. I just don't like the artificial-ness of it. Which is a silly thing to say, as all contraception (except the rhythm methd) are artificial, but I don't even like to take panadol (yet the thought of a pill doesn't bother me - go figure!) I'm going to keep it in mind though, I'm sure we've already spent well over $20 on condoms just since Brandon was born!

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    katanya Guest

    wow Susan what a funky avatar..! it works great now!
    i KWYM with the planning thing, but as I don't want two babies at once it is something we had to think about, and i have been looking around at the best age gap and 2-3 years looks to me like the most ideal, so perhaps i'll get the IUD taken out when Felix is around 18 months!

    the best thing about the IUD is you don't have to think about it! we were using condoms and ran out one day and didn't use anything, then i started stressing about having another baby so soon...which since I am breastfeeding and it usually acts as a natural contraceptive was highly unlikely!

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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    Yeah, I don't think I would want to get the injections anyway Susan... Too many side effects and not effective enough...
    I'm hoping that maybe I will get more used to the pill over the coming months (is that possible?)
    Here is an example of my hormones atm - (I felt like such an idiot yesterday!)... I ended up bursting into tears for the littlest things... like forgetting to take out DP's beer out of the freezer (so it froze solid) -I was only meant to leave it in for 5 mins to make it icy cold for him for when he came home from work; and then when Aidyn spewed all over his 'I Love Daddy' shirt, which I was just about to take photos of him in, for a fathers day gift... How hormonal of me to cry about it!! LOL!!!
    But it probably doesn't help me emotionally that I am still stressed and frustrated to the max because of BIL sponging off of us...

    LOL Katanya, I can relate on what its like to stress about being preggers again so soon!... We also didn't use a condom during the first week I went back on the Pill, and then my period was due (according to the packet!) but it didn't end up coming until 2 days after... (2 days which I spent FREAKING out, LOL!!)

    That is a gorgeous av, Susan

    Kelly: That is great about Asha's weight, she is growing well O
    LOL, it sounds like all of us will be TTC again in a year or two...

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    katanya Guest

    ambah you poor thing! i get cranky when i'm tired or hormonal, I did have a few tantrums when i was pregnant, and DP looks back and them and breaths a sigh of relief I'm not any more! though he did say the sex was better probably because i was gagging for it..now it's the last thing on my mind!

    i just uploaded some new photos have a look if it works!
    I am getting a whole heap of furniture from my Mum today as she has sold her unit, so i have to get showered and dressed before the removalist gets here..

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    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    Hi girls!!! I'm back!

    Soooo much happened and its been a crazy week, emotionally good & bad, but we are home now!! I'll give you the epic first....

    Monday was very hard on me emotionally... as soon as we got there Matilda was tired so we had to settle her with the nurse, and she put up a HUGE fight and I was crying outside the door saying I wasn't sure I should do this etc etc the nurse convinced me to give it 24 hours and if I still wanted to leave I could... then I looked down the hall and all 6 other mums were doing the exact same thing crying outside the doors of their babies. Then after her nap she fed & instantly was on a 3 hour feeding schedule which she took to with no effort! She was quite happy from then on to feed for 3 hours, no problems ](*,) and was the perfect child for the rest of the day, she slept when put down with little effort etc... until the night sleep! She got tired and I took her to the nurse to help me settle her... the way they do it is enter the room every 5 minutes and settle/pat for 5 minutes and then leave for 5 minutes etc... but when the babies start stopping & starting their cries they stay out of the room to not further stimulate the baby. Well... another hour went by and I had to pick her up and cuddle her and give her a comfort suck and start over, and then within 10 minutes she was out to it... and only woke every 3 hours that night!!! Never since has she woken or wanted to feed every 2 hours!!! Oh!! the other news is that Matilda will not sleep on anything but her belly... The nurses tried and tried and decided it wasn't worth it anymore, I had to sign a waver saying I would not sue if SIDS happened on that facility due to Matilda sleeping on her belly...

    On Tuesday morning Matilda decided to roll over both ways for the nurses. From back to belly and back again... then again and again and yep it was scary. She slept within 10 minutes of putting her down everytime, had 3 naps a day, had 10 times the amount of happy time and no screaming unless she got tired! Except when something happened like I tried to burp her when she wanted to feed...lmao!

    So, everyday she got happier and happier and slept and slept and her feeds slowed down, but the hardest thing was everyday she did something she wasn't supposed to do, try and engage in conversation, rolling over, pushing her bum up in the air and pushing herself along the ground (at least she doesn't have hand control yet!). So the nurses told me that much of her screaming is frustration, she is frustrated not being able to do what she wants to do and that I will have to learn how to parent her and not just wait for things to happen but be prepared for them. And we still get our morning cuddles and thats okay too! So I take Matilda to bed with me in the morning and have a good feed & cuddle. I still get to be myself in this, its not taking over a parenting style, its just understanding Matilda better and helping her do things better....

    Reflux is so much better before I went in that I starting thinking that she didn't really have it, but then while we were there she regurgitated in front of the nurses heaps and they agreed that it was there, but the meds seem to help it heaps because she's not as upset about that, she just doesn't scream the "pain" scream anymore! JOY!

    So there is so much more I could talk about, but thats all for now as she's getting a bit tired... off to bed!

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    katanya Guest

    Christy: sounds like you have had quite a week! I can just imagine how hard the intial day was for you, leaving your baby to cry would be SO hard. I think that you have the right idea, you have taken on board their advice and sorted out what you want to keep and what you don't. I had to laugh when you said no matter what Matilda wanted to sleep on her stomach, and they made you sign a waiver! Goes with my MIL's theories of babies having their prefered sides!

    I would fail that place for sure!

    Matilda can roll back and forward? that is amazing maybe it's from all that time on her stomcah..Felix can't roll yet and HATES tummy time with a passion, although we ARE getting better!

    Great to have you back!

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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    WOW Christy! It sounds like it was really hard to deal with in the beginning, but it does sound like you both benefitted really well O Thats excellent that you were able to get her into some great feeding/sleeping routines... It's just great to hear that you are both a lot happier
    That is just amazing that she is rolling over, and even pushing herself along?!?!? What a talented little girl! O

    Sorry, I will have to reply more tonight, as little Aidyn just woke up, and we are off to the city to get a fathers day present!!

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    Pietta Guest

    (i know this isnt my forum yet!!) Welcome back Christy. It must be nice to be home. I am glad to hear that you got some positive's from the experience. I never slept any way but on my belly and up until the last two months never could sleep any other way. I agree with people/babies having preferred sides.

    I hope that she keeps all the great advances up. Maybe you should put her into baby genius school! I hope everything works out well for you sweet.

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    Hey Christy

    Welcome home !! I hope things keep on improving from you here on in.

    We got Lachlan weighed last night and he is now 7.37kg. Both my boys also start playgroup next wednesday morning so that should be interesting LOL. Tatty Teddy and her daughter are coming with us.

    Love :hbeat:

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    katanya Guest

    OMG Felix just surprised me! I heard a weird noise while he was under his play gym, went over and he'd picked up his own rattle and was bashing his dangly toys with it lol..he's too clever!

    He picked up the edge of a lunch box the other day and the wrappers in it while I was talking to someone with him on my lap, with this cute look of determination apparently! It's so weird isn't it you try to get them to do something and then they end up doing their own thing in their own time!

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