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thread: 12 Months - 3 Years, July '05 #2

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    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    Michelle - I will probably catch the bus or train to wherever I need to get to. It doesnt really worry me cause I will have heaps of time to get there as long as I plan it and leave early enough
    So where should we meet?? Any ideas Christy??

    I am getting excited... my trip to Townsville to see my sister is only 4 days away! I had better get organised and get packing soon I think... I am a bit worried about taking Aidyn on the plane, even though its only a 2 hr flight, I wonder how on earth I am supposed to keep an active toddler on my lap for that long!?! Has anyone else here had to fly with a toddler before?

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    katanya Guest

    I am a bit worried about taking Aidyn on the plane, even though its only a 2 hr flight, I wonder how on earth I am supposed to keep an active toddler on my lap for that long!?! Has anyone else here had to fly with a toddler before?
    Nope but we are going to sydney in Sept..it is only 1 hour..I plan to..take books, get an aisle seat, have a bad of little toys I can keep bringing out so he gets excited by a new thing..IMO it's only a short flight..my friend did it from the UK with a 19 mth old 8-[ if she survivde so will we

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    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    We went to Sydney in May with Matilda.... 8-[ She screamed for 20 minutes of the flight. BUT it is Matilda who hates being strapped into anything ](*,)

    We are going to the US in December for Christmas, so we have to plan for the 14 hour plane flight now :-k We hope to go for a trip to Melbourne in November for practice

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    Hi Everyone

    Hope you are all going well. We have had Kam throwing up this morning, but he is asleep now, so will hopefully sleep it off.

    I have caught the clothes shopping bug 8-[ Just spent another $82.10 on clothes for 6 items. A black skirt was orginally $36.99, and it was meant to have been 30% off the already reduced price, so it should have gone through for just under $20.00 I got it for just under $12 YAY.

    If I had pay full retail price for everything I got I would have been forking out over $190.00 !!!! :shock: So $110.00 of the original cost is a HUGE saving.

    Goodluck to both Michelle & Ambah for your upcoming travels. I hope you both have a wonderful time.


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    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    Omg, what awesome bargains you found Kat!!! =D> Did you end up going back to Target??... I have a feeling you're about to pass that shopping bug onto me - I still have some birthday money I havent spent yet

    Poor little Kam, I hope he's feeling better now...

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    Jen Schuster Guest

    Great Shopping Kat - you really do know how to find a bargin!!!!

    I hope little Kam is feeling better soon and you dont all get sick.

    I had the best weekend. Joshua made his first little friend yesterday and has been running around the house ever since.

    I also started my post baby diet to loose all those extra kilos!!!!!!

    We have travelled a fair bit between melbourne and tassie with Joshua and he loves flying. He especially likes flirting with all the hostesses. Our strategy has always been to fly around feeding and sleeping time, that way he is swallowing on takoff so he doesnt get sore ears and not long after falls asleep.

    Goodluck on your travels girls

    Love Jen

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    Yep Ambah all @ Target


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    *Yvette* Guest

    Woops, big catchup again. Hi everyone! :wave:

    Kathryn, looking at your avatar I’m saying boob job? Lol. Those boobies must have been hiding under there all along. Poor Kam being sick & poor mummy cleaning it up. Good on you updating your look and woo hoo at Lachlan walking. And scooting on his bike too, that’s great. We got Angus one but he hasn’t worked it out yet, just keeps tipping it over to check the wheels. He does push dolly in the doll stroller though, lol. Very cute about the twinkle twinkle. I love this age too. My bedroom is actually tidy atm, except Lindsay’s side! Wow you’ve been busy. Sounds like there was drama with the shuttle launch, I have not watched any news & have no idea. Hope your new gear all looks fabulous for you, yay for the sales.

    Kelly, woo hoo at Asha walking.

    Katanya good luck with Felix’s MMR (when you get to it after this illness that is, we’ve just had to put Angus’ latest one off again due to a cold). There’s been some great discussion about immunisation on the Ozmid site recently. When I was a kid we all just had measles & mumps as a matter of course. I feel I should look into it more. Hope Felix has just the rash thing & not tonsillitis after all. Lol @ lipstick eating.

    Michelle, sounds like Arron would be stuffed without you. Big hugs for you re recent goings on at home. Do remember to feed yourself darl. Poor Josh. My girls had chickenpox too, that must be one of the new needles. If Arron wants the house so perfect he’s welcome to do it himself! Glad you got some scrapbooking done. Morning cuddles from Jemma sound lovely.

    Michelle, ouchies at the toy spending, but less pain at the end of the year. Lucky you having DH clean the house. Kimberley sounds like she’s being very gorgeous with Alex.

    Welcome back Christy, still banging your head on that wall you poor love. All night is good though, at least if you can get a good night’s sleep you’ll feel better. Family day care sounds great, so glad you like her. I had Lola in it & it was great because the mum went to the same pre-school & was really nice. Yay at losing the dummy too. Good that the rego money magically appeared. I’ve been having bad luck lately with ‘extra’ money needing to be spent on bills. How lovely having someone else clean your floors, bliss.

    Ambah I’ve never heard about Roseola virus, will have to ask DH the nurse about it. When Angus still had his dummy we got one of those clips to clip it to his PJs, and it was fantastic, no more looking for it in the middle of the night. Now he just tosses the bears out of the cot when he’s stroppy, lol. Very impressive with Aidyn bringing his shoes & stacking his blocks! Mmmmm, pizza! I’ve flown with a toddler once, awful for me as I get airsick & she was bouncing on my lap & I was groggy from the airsick pills. The flight attendants were really nice though.

    MistyFying, another brave toy sale success story. Bugger about the headlice, I know what that’s like! At least the kids were pleased about it, lol.

    Hi Jillian. Hi Melinda.

    Hi Simone. Angus was a late arrival too.

    Hi Jen! The same thing would happen if Angus was allowed to dip his spoon. He’s only allowed to hold a spare one while we operate the ‘real’ spoon, then sometimes if he’s cleaned the bowl I give him the empty bowl to dip his spoon into. Good luck ironing out that one last 3amish spot with Joshua. Hope his bruises settle down soon. Good on you doing it your way re immunizations. I find those who do tend to know a lot about it.

    Hi Naomi. Great about Nicholas’ swimming certificates.

    Well I’m so wrapped up in my pregnancy Angus is lucky to get much attention from me atm. Lucky he has his Daddy & 2 big sisters & 2 pussycats as well. He’s being exceptionally gorgeous lately, has some more upper teeth, is sleeping well at night, & one daytime nap (we try for 2 sometimes, but the extra one is often just a rest or a time out for us for a little while). He likes to ‘post’ things, so the kitchen bin is up high now, & we keep finding little toys in the kitchen drawers. And he’s just discovered he can climb on the dining chairs & get onto the table. Eyes in the back of all heads in this house now.

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    Jen Schuster Guest

    wow Yvette that was one looooong post......

    Sounds like you have your hands full.

    Where do you find all the time?????

    Joshua is just learning to climb, and trys to get himself into the funniest places. The looks on their faces of such determination is priceless.

    Love Jen

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