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thread: 3 months - 6 months August 05 #3

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    Feb 2004

    Sorry girls, just popping in to say we're still alive! Had a bad night with Zander last night after a loooong day at work, so I'm exhausted. But I have to run out the door again to work now.

    Ill do personals later, I have read everything, just no time now #-o

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    Sep 2004
    Sydney's Norwest

    I'm another one who is yet to catch up on the last pages of the previous thread. Sorry Girls.

    Michelle, I hope that Alex is getting better now and you don't have to go to the hosp. From experience though you re better off going straight to the hosp instead of mucking around going to the Dr's then the hosp. Fingers crossed he's better already.

    Sarah, sorry you had a bad night last night. Hopefully your day at work will be good and not too busy for you.

    Tanya, I love my wagon too but Mark is still at me to learn how to drive the van so we can get rid of it. I hate ****y seats, I just don't think there safe. I guess it's just a personal thing but I ws made to ride in one when I was a kid and hated it. LOL at Em and Violet fitting in the same nappies. Thats got to make things easier on shopping day. YAY on getting Em's bracelet too, sounds like you got a great bargain.

    Nat, sounds like Jacob is going great guns. What a clever little man he is. Tehya has rolled from her front to back a few times but that's it. Tehya isn't too fond of being on her belly either. Gonna make things hard when it comes time to crawl

    Deb, We still have a sun in the face problem with the wagon. I think the slip things you put over the windows are a great idea though. Hmmmm still haven't brought any. YAY on getting a fantastic nights sleep. Oh I so wish.

    Dee, very freaky. Would you be happy to be pg right now?? If so, I hope her dream is more of a premonition(sp?) for you. Tehya's carseat has a hood on it so it's supposed to shade her from the sun. When I finally attach the hood I'll let you know how it goes. I'm yet to buy Tehya some sunnies, I really should have her used to it by now, expecially being the little redhead that she is.

    Angel, welcome to you and Kynan. Not sure if I welcomed you in the last thread so I'm doing it again JIC. Sounds like you are giving Kynan plenty of tummy time, he'll get it eventually. Maybe he just doesn't liek being there. I know Tehya's not huge on it.

    Zola, NOOOO Bas can't be nearly 6 months old. If that's the case Tehya isn't far behind him. YAY on getting some great sleep too. Lucky girl.

    OK, so it was another monster catch up. Thursday night wsa a complete shocker for us. I swear I was up atleast 10 times and was totally exhausted yesterday. Last night she went down around 10ish and woke for a feed at 1.30am and 4.30 am up for good around 7am. Funny how I see that as a good night and to most of you it's terrible.

    Got Tehya weighed yesterday and she weighs 7.26kgs and is 68 cms long. She has grown 2 cms in 3 weeks. But she's only gained 33 grams. Wow, I hadn't worked that out til now, that'a a really poor effort for her. Hmmm, what to do. Oh well, the MCHN wasn't worried about it, so I'm not stressing. She could've just been wearing lighter clothes.

    Better go, Joel has his first date today. How very cute. It's my friend from the scrap shops daughter. I've warned him to be on his best behaviour. Their going to the movies so it's not like they'll be talking alot.

    Have a great weekend all.

    Take care

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Trish - when Gabby gets weighed, I have to strip her down. It's a bit odd that they weigh Tehya with her clothes on?? It would surely make a difference to her weight. Good to hear you got a better night's sleep last night. To me, 2 wake ups would be hell (like you said) but it's heaps better than 10! Any wonder you were knackered!!

    Tanya - we had a ****y seat in the back of our SW when we were little. We had to because there was 4 of us. Lauren and I would sit in the back when Hanna and Erin were in car seats then we swapped because our legs were getting too long, LOL. We didn't mind it so much - we just hated people pointing and waving at us all the time because it was such a novelty (and, let's face it, we were gorgeous ). Emily's bracelet sounds like it was a great bargain! Good job!

    Sarah - sorry to hear about your bad night once again. You must be knackered too.

    Michelle - sorry to hear about Alex's tummy bug. At least it explains his weight loss. I hope you don't have to take him to hospital. Poor little man.

    Went to a candle party last night. It was good because everyone wanted a cuddle with Gabby so I got a break! Yay! She was pretty grizzly tho so I ended up putting her down for a nap in the pram. I was surprised she fell asleep because the kids just would not leave her alone!! When we got home, Neil was already snoring away in bed. I swear, I am going to shove something up his nostrils if he doesn't stop snoring like a fricken freight train! I have to wear ear plugs just to get to sleep but that means that I can't hear Gabby. Thankfully she didn't wake up until 8am (yay!). Neil's alarm went off at 5:30am tho. I am thinking about moving to the spare room, LOL.

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    May 2004

    Just a quick up date from us.
    I took Alex to the hospital last night we arrived at around 6p.m and was not seen until around midnight just glad Alex slept most of the time. We where alowed home becuase he is feeding well and he is not dehydrated. While the peaditrition (sp?) was seeing us Paul phoned and said Kimberley had just started throwing up.
    Alex has gastro and just needs to keep his fluids up. I also have to make his formula weaker until he is better.

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Oh gosh, Michelle. Sorry to hear that both the kids are sick with gastro! That's no good at all. I hope it doesn't last too long. Huge :hugs: I know it's gotta be tough on you atm.

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    Aug 2004
    Hunter Valley, Wine Country, NSW

    Michelle - I`m so sorry to hear that both Alex and Kimberley have a tummy bug, I hope they both recover quickly for you.

    Deb - It`s amazing what they can sleep through sometimes. LOL at thinking about shoving something up Neil`s nostrils, he must be pretty noisy

    Trish - If i had my way I would have been happy to be pg last month but when only BDing once in a blue moon I would have been lucky, so to answer your question I`d love to be pg right now I`ve got a hood for Matthew`s car seat and have tried it but it doesn`t help at all so we took it off again, why have a hood when it doesn`t block out the sun ](*,) You must have been a walking zombie having to get up 10 times, here I`m thinking twice was bad enough last night. How cute that Joel has his first date.

    Sarah - sounds like your going to be exhausted when you get home today.

    Tanya - I`m not doing anything to try for a blue or pink one, just doing the same as I did with Matthew and that was DTD when I felt lke it and keeping quiet when I think I`m ovulating so Mark doesn`t suspect he`s just being used to maybe get something IYKWIM So are you going to try for a boy?? I think you should The bracelet for Emily sounds beautiful

    Well Mark is like a bear with a sore head at the moment, he has a little sniffle which to be honest you wouldn`t even now about, I had to give Matthew to him this morning to look after while I had a shower when I was on my way out the door I heard him say to Matthew now be a good boy I`m not feeling well with this cold - Men why are they always like a dying duck in a thunderstorm when they get something, I felt like saying how do you think I`ve been coping with this flu all week but I know what response I would have got - Your the mother. Oh well hopefully this sniffle will not stay around for too long with Mark.

    Take Care


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    Nov 2003

    Deeanne, wow @ the dream you had! Will be interesting to see if it comes true! Those sunnies are a good idea. Might have to get a pair for Kynan - he always scrunches up his face and closes he eyes when we go outside. Hope Mark's feeling better soon. IKWYM though, my DH gets a little headache and it's like he's dying LMAO!

    Tanya, will try the rolled up towel trick. Thanks. WTG on getting such a good bargain on Emily's b'day present! Sounds gorgeous.

    Sarah, hope you have a better night with Zander tonight!

    Trish, we also have to take off Kynan's clothes when he gets weighed... once when it was just a quick check we kept his singlet & nappy on but then the CHN subtracted a little to make up for it. Yay for Tehya getting a better sleep last night. Hope tonight's just as good, if not better!

    Deb, that's fantastic that Gabby fell asleep at the party last night! Sounds like you had a great night apart from Neil's snoring LOL.

    Michelle, huge hugs! What a tough time you're having right now! Hoping that Alex and Kimberley are feeling better very soon.

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    Sep 2004
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    Angel, Hope that you and Kynan are doing well. Can you beleive that he is 3 months old already. It really does go fast.

    Michelle, I can't beleive they made you wait that long at the hospital. When Tehya was sick we were straight in. They aren't supposed to make you wait so long with a little bub. Buggar that you now have Kimberley down with it. Fingers crossed they both get better soon and that you don't catch it off them.

    Dee, LOL @ your DH. Men are the worst when they are sick. DOn't you just wish you could send them back to their mothers when their like that. Although in fairness to my Mark he rarely gets sick and doesn't complain all that much. Hope that Matthew is doing well and doesn't catch his Daddy's cold either.

    Deb, My ex snored like that. Honestly, I would make him sleep out on the lounge and the door would be shut so would the bedroom door and his snoring would still wake me up. The nights that he ws in bed I would just boot him in the shins. Poor buggar always had bruised shins YAY for getting out for a while to the candle party and getting a break from Gab. Hope that she's doing well too.

    I only get Tehya weighed at the chemist, that's why she's done dressed. I guess I should've explained myself better.

    Went out for dinner last night with my family for Chinese. Food wsa ok and the kids were pretty well behaved. We only had Noah and Tehya and my brother took his 2 girls and Mum's foster child. Noah loved the monsters (lobsters) it was so funny the minute they started to move (in the tank) he would freak out. Yep another 2 glass wonder last night. I've decided that whenever I take the kids out now I'm going to drink, I'm so much more relaxed.

    Better go, Mark's just made me bacon and eggs for brekkie.
    Have a great day all.

    Take care

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    Feb 2004

    Sorry to be such a slacko but I'm going to be quick again.

    Dee, interesting that your mum had a dream you were pg, you never know..... LOL at Mark "dying from his cold.

    Deb, the ECHNs weigh Zander fully clothed as well - they don't even check if he has a wet nappy beforehand either. ISKWYM about the snoring - drives me nuts too!

    LOL at Noah liking the "monsters" Trish, how cute! How did Joel go with his date last night?

    Michelle, how is Alex going now? Oh & Kimberley, sounds like he's given his bug to her too.

    Yah Angel, as Tanya said try the roll up towel at Kynan's nipple height - it worked really well for Zander.

    Wow what a bargain on the bracelet Tanya, well done!

    As for us, last night wasn't fantastic by any stretch of the imagination, but was better than the night before. I'm a bit worried that it's something Aaron is or isn't doing cos we haven' had a VERY bad night for ages until the last two :-k

    As for me & work - we did 9hrs on Friday & 10hrs yesterday & we still aren't finished. The shop is almost done but the offices are pretty well still in boxes. Some of the freezers can't be turned on yet cos they blow the circuits, same for one of the fridges (in the shop the big ones are ok). So it looks a bit bare, but the shelves are almost full & the electrician is coming in tomorrow morning. Oh & I can't walk!!! The muscles in my legs are sooo sore - walking up & down stairs then in & out of the coolroom & all over the warehouse has killed me. So we are sitting round the house doing nothing all day "aaaah bliss".

    I might be going in tomorrow as well - half a day but I haven't decided if it will be morning or afternoon yet.

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    May 2004

    Afternoon everyone I'll catch up with you all tomorrow.

    Just wanted to let you all know how Alex is doing he is much better has not done many poo's since yesterday. I still have him on weak formula every other bottle.
    Last night i was down the hospital with Kimberley for 5hrs and she was on a drip as she was so dehydrated. She is home and doing much better also.
    Just keeping everything crossed that Paul or i don't get it.

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    Nov 2003

    Trish, sounds like you had a great night last night. LMAO @ Noah & the 'monsters'! Very cute.

    Sarah & Tanya, tried the rolled up towel thing with Kynan and it did make him lift his head a lot more. Thanks for the great tip!

    Sarah, hopefully you'll be able to figure out what's causing Zander to be so unsettled!

    Shannon, that Baby Einstein toy sounds great. Will have to check it out. Woohoo for Jess having such a good sleep last night!

    Michelle, I'm so glad to hear that Alex & Kimberley are doing better now. You must be exhausted though after going through all of that. Take care of yourself!

    Well it's now been 3 days since Kynan last did a poo and it doesn't look like it's going to happen today either LOL. The longest he's gone before has been 2 days and that was a mess when it finally happened so we're not looking forward to the nappy change when he eventually does it LMAO!!

    Does anyone else have a thumb sucking babe? We've given up on giving Kynan dummies as he can't seem to keep them in his mouth (or doesn't want to LOL). He much prefers his thumb.

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    Feb 2004

    Yup we have a thumb sucker as well - and a blanket, finger, bib, clothes, nappy (cloth one for spews I mean) sucker too!!!

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    Posted: Thu Aug 25, 2005 10:55 am Post subject: 3 months - 6 months August 05 #3



    3 Months to 6 Months List - August '05

    Forum Name:skyebubble
    State: victoria
    Baby's DOB: 18/4/05
    Gender of Baby: Boy
    Baby Name(s):Lewis
    Baby's Website:
    Health Concerns 7 days early

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    Feb 2004

    Welcome to BellyBelly Skyebubble - your details are all added.

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    Aug 2003
    Karingal, Vic

    Skyebubble - Welcome to you and Lewis!

    Michelle - Sorry to hear that Kimberley and Alex haven't been well. Hope you and Paul manage to escape the gastro!

    Shannon - Awwwww on the sleepy Jessalyn!!

    Trish - LOL at Noah and the lobsters!

    Been trying to get in here over the weekend but the silly internet has been having trouble finding the page when I want to post a reply - anyone else get this?
    Well it sure has been a week of firsts around here. First we had the rolling - which he has only done twice since - then on Saturday morning we found Jacob's first tooth had cut through! So funny watching him rub his tongue over it with a confused look on his face. Of course all the boys wanted to feel and the poor bub had all of us shoving our fingers in his month all day to feel the tooth. Ironically, Sunday morning Jeff's mum come down and we told her about his tooth and I was just about to pop my finger in again when I looked in his month and found tooth number 2! Well at least this explains the grumpy little boy we have.
    Saturday Jacob had his first day at the park - sort of. We had organised a BBQ for dad's birthday and packed the camera to capture his day. Well he was wide awake on the walk down there and as soon as we entered the park it was lights out for Jacob! So his first day at the park photo is of him sound asleep in his pram LOL! Christian was so disgusted at him being asleep he went and played with another baby! The little boys dad thought it was hilarious!
    Well that's it from me tonight/this morning. Naughty me forgot to put the kids school uniform in the wash over the weekend so I have been waiting for the machine to finish. Hopefully off to bed in about 5 mins yippee!!!!

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    May 2004

    Hey all... Yay for Jacobs teeth!! What a clever little man!!

    Angel, Violet was a thumb sucker... but I put a stop to it... 8-[

    Michelle, I hope Kimberley and Alex are doing much better. How scary for you all!!

    Welcome Skybubble and Lewis! I look forward to chatting with you

    Sarah I hope Zander has sorted his sleep probs out

    Well, a bit somber here... Chamba finally got his way and killed the rabbit NORTY CHAMBA!! Wato was reaaally angry about it too... At least he didn't get too far on the rabbit hutch! I showed Emily and we buried her... she really had no idea about what was going on... I didn't think she would either.
    Violet was up at 3am last night, so still not sleeping thro since she was ill... but at least I got to watch the end of the 4th test . But after I put her back to bed she slept till almost 9am... so she nearly has it.
    Other than that we are all good... hope you are all doing well!


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    Aug 2004
    Hunter Valley, Wine Country, NSW

    Nat - Yay at Jacob`s two new teeth LOL at Christian going off plasying with another baby becuase Jacob was busy sleeping.

    Tanya - Sorry to hear that Chamba killed the rabbit. Sounds promising hat Violet might sleep through soon

    Skyebubble and Lewis - Welcome

    Angel - Matthew has sucked his hand/fingers/thumb since he was in utero and now everything goes into his mouth, he latched onto my arm the other day sucking away

    Michelle - I hope Alex and Kimberley are feeling better today and I hope you and Paul don`t come down with gastric.

    Shannon - sounds like you had a great night with Jess

    Sarah - I hope Zander is more settled for you now. It sounds exhausting just reading about your work.

    Trish - LOL @ Noah and the monsters, sounds like you had a great night.

    Matthew and I went with my Dad to the local auctions yesterday, Dad needed a new bathroom vanity before his sister and brother in law arrive to visit from NZ in a couple of weeks, it was such a tiring day yet Matthew was an angel, he had two 30 minute sleeps, I have no idea how anyone could sleep with the noise and he was admired by a man who thought Matthew was wonderful which I found unusual for a man to be interested in a baby but it was nice to show him off to a stranger IYKWIM

    Take Care


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    Sep 2004
    South Burnett, QLD

    Hello All!

    I've really gotta get back into the swing of the BB thing - things around here have been really hectic with DH resigning from his job etc. etc. Other than that however, Hannah and I are really well. This is a really lovely age (I guess all the different ages and stages are though). She's now 6760g. A very chubby little girl, with very kissable chubby cheeks. We have our last Mum's group at Child Health tomorrow. Hopefully the mums will all meet informally after that though...

    - I do know what you mean about showing bubs off to strangers . I have people stop me in the shops all the time. It is so funny how people feel they can approach you when you have a baby - like it breaks down the usual social barriers or something. It's pretty special.

    - Very norty Chamba. Bummer about Violet being up at 3am...but at least you sound like you can look in the bright side!

    Welcome Skybubble and Lewis!

    Nat - Wow...two new teeth! I guess that's something Hannah and I have to look forward to in the not-so-distant future. LOL at everyone wanting to feel his tooth!

    Michelle - Hope everyone is feeling much better (including yourself)What an ordeal to have them both sick like that at once.

    Shannon - Way to go on the sleeping Jess! Glad you've got your parents around to help out a bit atm...I love visiting my Mum and Dad in Brissy 'cos they are so wrapped in Hannah that I hardly have to do anything except feed her when we're there!

    Angel - I can so relate to the poo thing! Hannah used to poo after every feed, and it was a smaller and more manageable mess...but now she saves it all up for 2-3 days and lets me have it with one enormous runny yellow poo. I have learned not to put her in her good white capri pants when she hasn't "been" for a day or so! Hannah's a thumb sucker too, though sometimes a dummy works on the odd occasion when she's too overtired and can't seem to keep her thumb in there! Most of the time, she spits it out too.

    Sarah - Hope your leg muscles are feeling better? Sounds like you deserved the break on Sunday. Hope you didn't over-do things today...

    Hope everyone else is well!

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