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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Tanya – oh no! Nordy Chamba!! The poor widdle wabbit. I hope Emily is ok with it. LOL @ getting to watch the cricket because Violet woke up. That’s Aussie spirit, right there!!

    Sarah – wow… sounds like work has really been quite hectic. So, do you think Zander doesn’t like being looked after by Daddy and that’s making him wake up?? Awww… poor Aaron! I still think it’s so odd that they are weighing babies up your way with their clothes on. Any wonder Gabby seems so light compared to so many other bubs her age. I mean, she’d still be lighter but not as much, iykwim? Is it because it’s considered a health issue?

    Michelle – oh no! Poor Kimberley. Sheesh… when it rains, it pours, hey? Good to hear that little Alex is feeling better. My fingers and toes are crossed that you and DH don’t get the same bug. That would be the last thing you need right now.

    Nat – LOL @ Jacob falling asleep for his first trip out to the park. Even bigger LOL @ Christian being so put-out by it! Yay for Jacobs 2nd tooth. He’s a clever little chappy.

    Trish – LOL @ you having a couple of drinks from now on when you go out with the kids. Good job!! Anything to get you through, right? A friend of a friend had twins a few months ago – they were born at 26 weeks. N E way, they had to stay in hospital in Melbourne until recently so they were having to travel from Geelong and back several times a week. They also have a 2 yo. She was, needless to say, getting pretty stressed so she went for a walk one day to the park with her son and a can of scotch and cola. She sat and watched him play while she took sly sips so that the other Mums couldn’t see what she was doing. She said it was all she needed to have a bit of a relax and just not think about things for a while. LOL. Good on her, I say!

    Juliette - have fun at MG tomorrow! Sounds like Hannah is going great guns. Love those chubby cheeks!

    Dee - yay for Matthew being such a good boy while you were out. It's always good when they behave themselves in public

    Gabby is getting really good with eating her Farex now. She fully opens her mouth and actually looks for the next spoonful now. It’s good because there’s less mess. She is enjoying having her extra bottle during the day and just seems so much more content now that her belly is getting filled. AND she rolled from front 2 back two more times yesterday so now she has rolled 9 times!! I wonder when I will lose count?? She was trying to roll from back to front this morning but she can’t figure out what to do with her arms. All par for the course tho!
    We went to Mum’s last night. My sisters wanted to have a “boy-free” night because we’re sick of the BF’s and DH acting like it’s the last place they want to be when we go over there. We had dinner together and watched a movie. Gabby slept through most of it but got up to have a chat to everyone before we left. I didn’t get to bed until 1am. Still, it was worth it. Hopefully we will get to do something like that more often. Next time we plan on doing some scrapping which should be good.

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    ange-par Guest

    Hi Ladies

    Have been reading all the posts since I was last on and thought I should pass on some info about car seats.

    Some of the new Safe-n-Sound seats can be rearward facing until baby is 12kgs, but most are 9kgs. You need to read the instruction booklet. just remember that if baby is turned too early and you are involved in an accident then baby is not covered by Transoprt Accident Insurance and your car insurance could become void aswell. I found this out through VicRoads. In regard to height of straps, they need to be above or level with shoulder, being below the shoulder will cause more damage if you are involved in an accident.

    I also read on the internet that the American Academy of Pediatrics recommend that baby is rearward facing for the first 12 months as it is the safest way for baby to travel and they sustain less injuries if you are involved in an accident.

    I'll get off this morbid topic to et you know that Ella has finally cut her second tooth. It has taken 8 days of crying and fevers for it to finally happen. YAY.

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    Sep 2004
    Sunshine coast, QLD

    Hey everyone

    Well for those who i know from the previous thread i am finally back!

    Cant believe i am now joining this thread now, how the time flys

    Have had visitors and now have to move house so been so busy looking and with a baby in tow it aint easy! As you would all know.

    Havent had a chance to read back and i think i have just missed way too much to even attempt it so i will just start from here i think

    Mason was going really great but the last few weeks he has been hard work at times, but not complaining too loudly as sailing through the first 3 mths was great. Taking him to the baby nurse tommorow as he is just so hungry and its driving me mad! Just not satisfied and he is going to end up a wrestler at 6 mths if i feed him like he wants, i am sure there is a better solution and hoping the baby nurse has one for me tommorow.
    He is 5.4 kgs now so he is putting weight on. I know they recommend that you dont give cereal etc until 4mths but has anyone tried it earlier to satisfy a hungry baby, his nappies are really watery too so thinking a change in formula has to happen, so frustrating trying to find the right one though! Otherwise he is spoilt rotten, i am the first to admit that i am creating a little monster!! But leaving them to cry or scream just aint me, picking him up saves my sanity and keeps the peace. Most of the time he is a pretty happy soul, so once i sort out his hunger thing i think we will be set again.

    Hope everyone else is going great, i hope to be on more often once i have moved.

    Take care

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    Feb 2004

    Welcome to BB Skyebubble

    Well done to Jacob. Two teeth Nat, my goodness no wonder he was a grumpy gus! LOL at him sleeping through his first trip to the park & also at Christian playing with another baby!

    HA at Zander sorting out his sleep problems - not yet Tanya! Awww poor bunny Hopefully Violet will start sleeping better soon too - maybe she read what Zander has been up to & decided to copy!

    Wow, sounds like Matthew did really well at the auctions the other day Dee, what a good boy. I've found my male friends & guys at work to be interested in Zander, but never male strangers, but yeah it is good to show them off isn't it!

    Don't you looove those cheeks Juliette It is great to continue MG after the formal stuff is finished - gets you out of the house at least one day a week! My leg muscles recovered about lunchtime on Sunday, but then after working half a day yesterday they are sore again today. Hopefully though I can just do my normal job from now on when I go in.

    I had the thought that maybe Zander was missing me Deb & that was causing the crankiness. I was home all day Sunday & he slept through on Sunday night, then yesterday I was at work for half a day and he was up heaps last night. He even had a 2am bottle which he hasn't done for weeks. As for the weighing with clothes on I think it's just a matter of them wanting to get us in & out quickly to tell you the truth. The first two times we went they took his clothes off, ut not anymore. Yay on miss Gabby's rolling - she'll be a pro in no time! Also yay on the farax & extra bottle sounds like it's working for you both now. Sounds like you guys had a great girls night with your sisters & mum too.

    LOL at Jessalyn rolling everytime you get her on her tummy. Zander was the same & now cos he can roll the other way there is no keeping him on his back! When you say her belly is twice the normal size Shannon, do you think you could put a thin pillow under her legs then under her head to make it more comfortable? Just a thought if she needs to have a bit of tummy time for her back.

    Gosh Belinda, it sounds like you have been very busy lately. Most of us are the same in here with picking up our bubs when they cry, so we will all have spoilt little monsters together

    Wow that was a long catchup!! As for us, like I said we had another bad night last night. Zander was up 7 times between 9pm & 2am and even had a bottle at 2am which is unusual for him lately. I just don't understand how he can sleep through on Sunday night & then do that last night. Nothing is ever consistent ](*,) Buuut I love my boy & we'll figure it all out eventually.

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    Aug 2004

    Hey guys,

    Well I am finally back, and hopefully this time wont be bumped off!! I idid a couple of posts yeserday and they got ignored. Damn computers!

    So just a short one until I get back into the swing of everything and everyones news. Sorry if I miss anyone...

    Angela - how great about Ella's second tooth! And I had to laugh about all the seat stats.... When did you turn Ella around? So have you turned her back?

    Sarah - I hear you on the inconsistancies! Poor Znader waking up so much, but poor mummy and daddy!! Is he in your room? If not, do you have a bed next to him? I'm sure he;ll figure it all out soon. Jenna still has a couple of good nights a week, and then a couple like yours last night, on the good days we try to figure out exactly what we did during the day to get her to sleep through. Nothing works twice!

    Belinda - dont worry about spoiling him rotten! He is a little baby, and they just want love and cuddles! I'm not sure where I read or saw it or talked about it, but this whole nonsense about "creating a rod for your back" is just guilt stuff, and is ridiculous. Mason is lucky to have a mum that loves him so much!

    LOL on the rolls for Jessalyn Shannon! We had a terrible time with Jenna and tummy time until we realised we should be taking her nappy off. As soon as we did that she started rolling all over the place, and its impossible to keep her on he tummy. Although the latest trick is to roll from her back to front, and have a look at the world that way. And she has really been pulling her knees up and balancing her weight on her toes. Unfortunatley usually with her facce planted in the ground, so I think shes a little way off crawling yet....

    Hey deb - we need to cathc up this week sometime. How about a mornign tea somewhere nice?

    Tanya - O nooo on the wabbit! And LOL ont he cricket! Shane has had no problems getting Jenna up when I say so if its the middle of the night. He doesn't mind seeing a few overs at 3am. Of course that will be different when the cricket finishes and he's back to work....

    Welcome Sky bubble!

    yay on the teeth Nat! jenna has been cracking it pretty hard lately too, so maybe shes getting a bit of movement in the gums too. Cranky pants babies are the WORST!!

    OK - I'll catch up with everyone else next post. Sorry - there is so much for me to catch up on! Its hard being away for 2 weeks, and there have been so many new graduates in the last few days. I will be sure to welcome everyone properly.... When I get time!

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Sorry to hear you had another crappy night, Sarah. It must be slowly driving you bonkers. Sounds like Zander is getting pretty mobile. Does he roll across the room yet?

    Belinda - you are not "spoiling" Mason at all. If anything, you are letting him know that you are there for him and that you love him. That's what babies need. So good on you! For the record, I used to cuddle Gabby to sleep and I was determined that I would always do that if that's what she needed. Then, all of a sudden, she self-settled all on her own! Now I put her to bed, pop the dummy in and she puts herself to sleep. So there's more than one way to skin a cat! Definitely talk to a the baby nurse about Mason being hungry all the time because it's actually 6 months that they recommend you starting solids (it was 4 months until recently). In saying that, I know many people (including myself) that have started solids earlier. But, yeah, definitely best to wait as long as possible. As it is, Gabby is only having Farex until she is 6 months, then I will try her on "proper" food.

    Angela - thanks for the info on car seats. Yay for Ella's 2nd tooth finally coming through! Hopefully you and she will get a break before any more decide to make their way to the surface.

    Shannon - hope Jessalyn does her poo soon and that it's not to explosive! Hope you got an alright sleep last night. LOL @ Jessalyn still having the startle reflex when she rolls over. That reflex is so funny, isn't it? I used to laugh at Gabby when it would happen. Probably gave the girl a complex! Oh... btw.. she has now rolled over 11 times LOL

    I finally figured out what to get Neil for father's day. I did some googling and ended up getting him a hot lap in an Auscar V8 around Calder Park. I know he has always wanted a hot lap. I think he wanted to go in a V8 Supercar but they cost like $400 and are hard to find. So, I figure, this will do. He gets 4 laps apparently. I hope that's a sufficient present for his first father's day. What is everyone else getting?

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Oh... and I forgot to say... have put more pics on Gabby's site of her playing with Erin's new puppy, Clyde. His a miniature Jack Russell X (I think). They already had a minuature Foxy named Bonnie. So now they have "Bonnie and Clyde" and they are going to breed them. Yay!! Puppies!!

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    ange-par Guest

    Fi - Glad to hear you had a wonderful holiday. Ella's dad is a Cook Islander....I am taking her to Raro just after Christmas. I originally turned Ella around when she was 3 months. She only lasted forward facing for about 1 week before I found out all this info. When I turned her back she turned into a monster, but I have plenty of toys hanging off the cargo barrier to keep her ammused these days.

    Has anyone put vegemite in mashed potato for their babies. I have found that Ella likes tasty food not bland. Does anyone have a recipie for rusks? I have heard that they are very easy to make and would like them for Ella.

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Sorry Fi... we were posting at the same time...
    How about Friday??

    Angela - that's the way... distraction! Gabby has a little fisher price mirror toy. I have a little remote control so I can turn on music and lights if and when she cracks it because she hates sitting backwards.

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    Feb 2004

    Nope Fi, Zander is in his own room & we don't have a spare bed so there's no sleeping in the nursery with him. You'll have to tell us all about the holiday when you get a chance....

    Aww at the pics of Gabby with the puppy - I'll have to go & check them out Deb. Yup, slowly going bonkers here Deb. The worst thing is that he'll sleep through for one night then wake for like five nights after, bad nights are still more often than good ones at the moment. Yay on working out the father's day present for Neil. I haven't worked out what to get Aaron yet, buuut I have sorted out both of our dad's presents - FIL is getting a framed picture of his son & grandson, my dad is getting a framed picture of Zander with a "Bluey Day" toy dog (dad works for the police).

    I think there's a recipe for rusks in the Recipe & Food forum Angela... And I also think there is one that has vegemite in it.

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    May 2004

    Welcome back Fi

    Angela,, I am not sure about vegemite with baby food... too much salt. Salt is very bad for babies, maybe try something else, maybe she just doen't like potato... I know Violet isn't all that keen on it. As for the car seat... rear facing until 12mo is tooooo I am an early turner 8-[ I can't stand having babies rear facing... and I know they hate it too, so I cave and turn em 8-[

    Deb... Cuuuute puppy!! Awww!! Gabby doen't look all that phased by it

    Violet finally slept through again last night... didn't get up till 7:45 which was good. I had to express tho cause my boobs were so full... I got about 300 ml out :shock:

    I put two new pics on Violets site... one with Stew (the rabbit)


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    Feb 2004

    Hi Ladies,

    Good to see you are all going well... except for the sleepless nights.

    Trish - when are you going to sleep school? Are you there yet maybe? I hope all goes well.

    Fi - welcome back! I saw the new Practical Parenting magazine out but didn't pick it up to see if your letter is in there...have you checked it out yet?

    Angie - thanks for the info on car seats.

    Deb - Gabby must love her mobile.. what a great idea having a remote control!

    Tanya - poor little rabbit! Good to hear Violet had a sleep in - OMG at getting 300mls out!

    Dee - are you feeling better now? LOL at Mark being sick - what is it with men and being sick? Where on earth would they be without us?

    Sarah - Deb could be right about Zander, I know when we moved house that knocked Matty around for the first week until he settled again.

    Hiya everyone else... Matthew is going well. DH is home today, for those that don't know, I am back to work part-time next week, DH has just started being part-time, today is his first day off... so this time next week I'll be at work - eekkk!!

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    Feb 2004

    Deb I forgot to answer you before - yes Zander is rolling all over the place. On Sunday afternoon he was lying in the middle of the floor on his back with his head at the TV end of the room, he ended up rolling several times, bumping his head (didn't care though) and then squirming so he was almost under the lounge and had his side to the TV end of the room. So no leaving him alone anymore!

    LOL at the name of the rabbit Tanya!! Wow at Violet's big sleep & the amount you manahed to express!

    Oooh not long to go now Nell, are you nervous about going back? How do you think DH will cope?

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    Feb 2004

    Sarah - there are a couple of things that worry me about going back. One thing being that the guys at work will expect me to be like I was before I was pregnant - ykwim? Like I hadn't left? I'm not going back to my old job either, I am partly doing what I was doing and then they want me on projects - the first one is to upgrade our software system !! My brain is going to be fried the first couple of weeks.

    Also I am worried about leaking everywhere. I am going to express at work and DH will have EBM to give Matty.

    He'll go okay, it'll take awhile for him to adjust - just like me. I just have to remember not to have high expectations of him - which I am gulity of having.

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Nell - sounds like you have the right attitude about things. The first couple of weeks may be a little tough but I bet Matty adjusts really well. I can understand your fears about leaking at work - it would be rather embarrassing. After all, it's not something you can control! As for upgrading software systems.... my mind is boggled just saying that sentence!! LOL

    Tanya - awww... little Stew was so cute!! Love the piccy of you guys still in your PJs! Very cute. Gosh Emily looks like you! Gabby wasn't phased by the pup at all. I want her to get really used to animals. She reaches out for Charlie all the time because he likes to sit near her. She LOVES Lucy. Of course, Lucy will be like a pig in slops once Gabby is old enough to play with her. Some attention at last!

    Sarah - sounds like lovely gift ideas for your dad and FIL. I am giving Dad a picture of Gabby in a frame too. We'll visit Neil's Dad's plot on Sunday and pop some flowers in the vase. LOL @ Zander rolling from one end of the room to the other and at bumping his head and not caring. He's such a boy!! They never get hurt I'm not really looking forward to the day I have to keep my eyes on Gabby when she starts getting mobile. I like it how she stays put for now!

    We just drove down to Neil's work to say g'day. I got him a slice of Bee Sting at the bakery (he lurrrrves it). Gabby got lots of cuddles and smiled away at everyone. I think Neil was quite chuffed that we just turned up. I hope it made his day shorter.
    Gabby's got a runny nose atm. It's just clear snot so it's obviously the tail end of the cold she had last week. She's not quite sure what to do with it tho. She does these little, fake coughs and looks at me as if to say; "What is that stuff in my nose, Mummy?". Very cute.

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    Aug 2004

    Hey ho!

    BTW - I didn't get into the PP magazine. There is another letter there very similar to what I wrote. I might actually post my letter in the babies and toddlers section, cause my sister was really impressed with it. I'll certainly be printing and keeping it somewhere for Jenna for when she has children.

    Angela - Raro is SOOOO great! It was my second time there, and Shane and I are seriously talking about living there for a few months if poss. We can get a working visa, so we will see if the timing works out before going back to NZ to live.

    Nell - good luck back at work. I admit - rather you than me! I hope everythieng goes really well though.

    Sarah - I dont know how you do it then! I am so selfish, until Jenna is sleeping through consistently, she will be in our room. Its too far to walk many times in the night. I am getting much better with her now, I only get her up when she starts crying, whereas before I used to get up to every whimper.

    Oh - and I got my ring today...... Its beautiful 8-[ \/

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    Jul 2004
    Werribee Melbourne

    Deb love the arty farty piccies of Gabby!! She is sooooo cute.
    She actual brings back my cluckiness when I look at her.

    Nell - Matty is growing so big, i will have to catch up with you over the school holidays, you should come round here this time.

    Sarah Zander is soooo cute as well and is definately looking like a little man!

    Fi- Jenna is adorable, i bet you all can't believe how quickly they have grown.

    I have just spent about half an hour catching up on all of your adorable bubs!!
    I havent ventured into this section in a while.

    It's so great to see you are all still hanging out!!

    Take care ladies!


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    Feb 2004

    Chrissy - I'd love to catch up, let me know when!