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thread: 3 months - 6 months August 05 #3

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    May 2004

    Sarah.... I think when you start solids it may help a bit with his reflux… they can help keep the food down and I suppose will help with reflux pains as a result. Fantastic to hear that someone you knew won comp I sent you

    Angel... a DD of a friend of mine had a big abscess on her thumb from sucking it... it started as a blister. Her dr advised that she try and stop her from sucking it as much as possible and put ointment on it and cover it with a bandaid... mind you it was tough cause she was 2 at the time.

    Fingers crossed the sneezing isn't a cold for Matthew Dee!!

    A really good day here...
    Lots of sleeping from my girls and I even did some reading!! I don't read much... I could probably count on my hands how many books I have finished reading... It's Actually Alecia's book... Eragon.
    Anyway... Hope you are all well

    Including you MIA girls... Maryann, Kayla... and you Trish!!


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    Hey again

    Just a quick post to say thanks for the nice words about not spoiling babies and the welcome back.

    Funny story was outside a house waiting for estate agent to come and Mason and i were just sitting in the front seat and hubby and Luke were outside the car, Mason spotted them out there and lunged for the door with his body wieght and starting yelling and crying until his dad got him out! Then he was fine, kids not wanting to miss out starts too damn young!! They are smarter than they get credit for.

    Thanks for the tip i read too on taking nappy off for tummy time, wouldnt of thought of that in respect to them rolling, weather is warming up here now so can start doing that soon. He has rolled from stomach to back a couple of times but not the other way around, but i must admit i forget to put him on the floor to do it, so would be why lol.

    And Shannon yes Luke is even more interested in Mason now that he is so interactive, he adores Luke.

    Well have to go find a house now on the net so bye for now

    Take care

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    Feb 2004

    Zander is on Losec Shannon. He was on a half tablet moning & night then we weaned him off & stopped them at 14wks on Drs advice. We had three vey fullon sceaming days so I put him back onto the lesser dose of one per night. When we saw the Dr again at 4months he said back onto the half moning & night for a month, then a half for a month then nothing again. We're 11 days into the half only and things are still ok, but he's getting more spewy again, so I think when he gets his 6month needles in 3 weeks I'm going to have to have a serious talk to the Dr cos it should be impoving by now & as I see it there has been no change at all.

    Hey Fi, just so you know when Jenna starts rolling from her back to her front you are supposed to stop wrapping or at least wrap with one hand out. It's cos there is a hazard of suffocation cos they need there arms to roll back or to pop themselves up so their face is not in the mattress.

    I thought it was you that sent it Tanya, but I must have deleted the email to check who it was. Sounds like you had a great day today, hopefully the girls will keep it up for you.

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    Feb 2004

    Sorry Bel I was typing while you posted. LOL at Mason lunging for his daddy, very cute. I hadn't heard that tip about taking the nappy off before either, but now it's been mentioned I realised yeah Zander does roll more with his nappy off.

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    May 2004

    Just a quick post while i have a chance. Hopefully i will be back tomorrow to do personals.

    Alex and Kimberley are now doing much better i think they are both over the worst of it. Last night i thought i was coming down with it as well but so far nothing.
    Alex has his kidney ultrasound and appt next Thursday so we will finally know if he still has a problem and if he has we should know if and when he will need an operation to fix it.
    They did postpone his appt till 6th October but it has been 3 months since he was last checked and they do need to check him ever 3 months until he is better.

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