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thread: 3 Months - 6 Months, July '05 #2

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    Mark&Jess Guest

    Hello All

    Hi All,

    Thought it's about time we dropped back in for a visit. Have been quiet lately

    Kristanna is doing great. She is now 3 months and 4 days old and turning into a cheeky ratbag already.
    She's full of smiles and is trying hard to get the laughing thing happening. She also spends quite a bit of time trying to sit up now and can hold her head up extremely well. Such a cutie

    Hope everyone is well, happy & healthy.

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Mark - good to hear from you. It sounds like Kritanna is doing really well. YAY for reaching the 3 month mark Gabby tries to sit up now too! I call them "crunches". She is trying to build up her abs!!

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    BellyBelly Member

    Aug 2004


    LOL Deb, Jenna must have a six-pack brewing! She does them all the time, especially in the car seat.

    Bec - hopefully it was the poo Eliza was getting cranky about. Jenna hasn't done any today, and the last couple of weeks have been 3-4 a day. Very odd......

    Mark - sounds like your bundle is doing really well. Doesn't the time just fly!

    Sarah - hope work went OK today, specially after that horror night!!! Dont you just hate it when they are like that? Just when I think missy is getting predictable, she throws a spanner in the works.

    Nell - I have to go and look at the new photos now. All looked - Matty is very cute! Any more teeth popped up?

    Arrghhh - she is waking up. There goes my surfing!


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    Breastfeeding mummy extraordinaire

    Sep 2004
    Sydney's Norwest

    Hey girls and bubs,

    Deb, how did your cake turn out? Was it just for the dog or did you eat it too? LOL at Gab building up her abs. It sounds like they're all doing it atm. Tehya does her sit ups too.

    Fi, funny how you notice things like how many poo's they do hey. Tehya still goes atleast once a day. Now that she is on solids they are becoming much more "interesting"

    Bec, hopefully bub settled down after her poo. If she hasn't been for a while that's what ws probably upsetting her. Did you end up going to your parents house?

    Sarah, how was work yesterday? I did you end up doing some scrapping? Hows Zander going?

    Nell, LOL on Matty getting his water everywhere. I brought Tehya a sippy cup a few weeks back, haven't got it out to use yet though. I'm sure that he will get the hang of it soon enough.

    Mark, sounds like Kristanna is going gret. It's true time does fly when you have a little one. Before you know it she'll be walking and talking.

    Tanya, hope that your feeling better. How's Violet and the rest of the girls going?

    Nat, Dinky, Zola and Kayla, hope that you are all doing well and bubs are going great for you.

    Not alot has been happening around here. Noah is going great guns on the TTing. Takes himself to the loo most of time and will even get up and take his nappy of if he needs a wee - he still wears a nappy to bed , just in case. Tehya is up and down like God knows what. I have never seens a baby or anyone for that matter change their moods so fast. Look out when she's a teenager. She will be happy and laughing one second and the next screaming her head of, followed quickly by laughs and giggles especially if I take her nappy off.

    She chats away heaps more althoguh her conversation seems to have changed IYKWIM. Before it was alot of squealing and now more chatting. Her teeth are still giving her grief, chewing on anything she can get near her mouth and dribbling like a mad woman. I have started her on solids and she loves them. The first night I gave her around a teaspoon of Farex and she gobbled it down. Now she has around a tablespoon and I put alittle mashed banana in it and she eats it all. Fusses if I don't get the spoon back into her mouth fast enough. Little guts. I give it to her at night time, hoping to fill her belly up that bit more and make her sleep better. Doesn't seem to work that way for me though. Oh well. Makes for nice nappies

    Have a great day all.

    Take care

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    Ex adm!n, quietly rusting....

    Feb 2004

    Needles very soon *waaaaah* I tried to convince mum to have the day off & I'd work for her, she said yeah I'll have the day off but you have to change his appointment cos I'm not going! Big meanie LOL!

    Work was good Trish. I was super busy which was great otherwise I would have fallen asleep at my desk! Didn't get any scrapping done cos I decided to go to bed, I should have stayed up though cos I was up & down anyway! Woohoo at Noah's TT, sounds like he's going really really well. Yay also on starting solids, I think we're still a few weeks off that just yet.

    LOL at Kristanna being a cheeky ratbag already Mark, I think Zander is well on his way to being one too!

    OMG at finding all those forks in the dishwasher Bec, didn't you notice them missing?! Yay at sleeping through the night - we had a week of it & now same old same old!

    LOL at only doing the dishes that couldn't be hidden Deb, that's a good idea, I like it! How did your cake turn out? Lopsided doesn't mean bad tasting, my cakes are always crazy shapes but still taste gooood! My post at 6am Deb - that was after being up for just over an hour :shock:
    Sounds like Gabby has read the baby manuals finally - sleeping, playing & eating as she should!!

    As for us, last night was a bit better - still up heaps, but he is sleeping now & has been since 6.00 so all is good. As I said, needles at 11.30 this morning. We are seeing the Dr as well for a few things - reflux, not crying tears yet (ECHN is worried :roll, sleeping (I think it my be time for a referral somewhere) ummmm there was something else but I can't quite think of it at the moment :-k Ah well I'm sure I'll remember eventually, probably just after we get home again LOL!

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Sarah - yep...sounds like a plan with getting a referral to help Zander sleep. Honestly, I can't believe they wouldn't give you one in the first place! I got into our day-stay really easy. It goes to show how it is different in each state/council area! LOL @ trying to convince your Mum to take him for his injections. I just booked Gabby's for Friday. I figure that way Neil can take her for a bit on Saturday if I don't get any sleep over night.

    Trish - the cake turned out pretty crap. That's what I get for not following a recipe. Neil decided that it tastes like chocolate bread, LOL. Yay for Noah getting the TT down to a fine art. It's amazing when they just suddenly "get it"! Ikwym about Tehya's conversations changing in sounds. Gabby's have gone from squealing to talking too (though we still get the odd sqeal and she thinks she is sooooo great!). Sounds like Tehya is loving the Farex! Pity it doesn't make her sleep better 4 you

    Fi - did Jenna end up doing a poo? Gab did hers overnight again. She still slept from 9:30pm-7am tho. I am thinking she must have done the poo as she was waking up. I will be happier when she goes back to doing it during the day tho. I am just waiting for her to wake up then I will feed her and pop around.

    I have figured out how to get Gab to laugh. I have to snort like a pig, LOL. She thinks it's a crack-up. I don't get a laugh every time. I have to wait for her to be looking directly at me then suddenly snort. She loves making me look like a twit.

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    May 2004

    LOL @ Looking like a twit Deb!! Violet doesn't make me look like at wit, she just cracks up if I smile at her...? LOL @ your chocolate bread... I mean cake!! LMAO!!

    Good luck at the Drs today Sarah, Sounds like you might be in there for a while.

    Trish, Yay at Noah's TT, sounds like he has it down pat!! Emily did a poo on hte couch last night!! LOL... I went in to give her a drink of milk and she is going.."YUUUCK! YUUUCK!!" LOL. That is the fist time she hasn't gone to the potty in a long time.. oh well, lets hope it doesn't happen again.
    Sounds like Tehya loves her food!! I am going to start Violet on lunch today... either pears or sweet potato.

    Bec lol at your poor old dishwasher!! Did Eliza settle after her poo?

    Nell, Matty is such a sweety!! LOL @ him hanging out of his cot, and his cheeks are so red!! More teeth??

    Mark, great to hear form you, How is Jess?

    Well I am still a bit under the weather...but now Wato is sick too!! I think Emily was sick for a while b4 I finally picked up on it. SHe has a rash on her bum and down her legs and a big ulcer on her tounge... so I took her to the Dr just incase... she has a virus and it's nothing to worry about...PHEW!! I am not going to say Violet is fine, cause if I do she'll get sick!!
    Turned her car seat around last week... she loves it!! She was doing the push up thing you are all talking about so I decided she didn't want to lay down all the time. She love watching the road... must be like a big telly!! LOL.


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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    May 2004

    Hey Deb,Just took a peek at Gabby.... Geez she is Chubby!! Look a tthose cheeks... so pinchable!! CUTE!!


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    BellyBelly Member

    Jun 2005
    near the water

    Hi everyone,
    I am very sleep deprived I knew if I mentioned the "S" word it would all fall in a heap. I woke last night thinking that it was 5.30 am but after having Eliza smile and try and play realised that it was only 12.30am erghh must get bigger hands on my watch.
    Tanya hope your trip to the doc's is sucessful
    Deb Can't wait to see the pig in action.lol I have to preten to be jolly jumper and then sometimes she still won't laugh lol
    Sarah: good luck with the injections, mums are always the best to take.
    Trish:Tehya sounds like she is loving eating solids, I am dying to give Eliza something she monches away pretending to eat.lol
    Fi: Hope Jenna has done the poo business, Eliza was so much happier lol
    Ohh gotta run off to a girlfriends for lunch and I have to "make" the slice at the shops.
    Have a great day!

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    Ex adm!n, quietly rusting....

    Feb 2004

    I hate needles Did I mention that?

    LOL at the chocolate bread Deb, that's pretty funny! You should see all the stupid things I do to make Zander laugh, Aaron thinks I'm a complete nutter!

    Oooh good luck with the solids today Tanya. Let us know how Violet goes... Yay at turning her seat around as well, we have to buy Zander a new one very soon.

    LOL at "making" the slice at the shops Bec

    Needles were horrible. Like last time Zander was ok with the first too but screamed the place down on the third one. He screamed & held his breath & was strating to go purple it was the worst thing I have ever seen. I'm dreading the next lot in another 2 months, I might make Aaron take him for those ones!

    As for all of the other stuff..... Phil (our Dr) says that the ECHN is mad, he can see the tears in his eyes, they just don't come out yet - no big deal! We are now putting him back onto the Losec twice a day for the reflux for another month then weaning him off it again. I was a bit worried about that but apparently once he stops taking it it goes out of his system - nothing permenant. Ummm, oh yeah the sleeping thing. Phil says he is happy to give us a referral for a sleep school (BTW it was the nurse that refused last time not him). BUT he said that it a "symptom" of the reflux & no matter what we try, while the reflux is sticking round there's no much we can do in that department. It makes sense I guess because if he has a sore belly & is feeling sick he probably doesn't want to lay in one spot & sleep. Phil said to try for another month with his sleep & the revised dosage of Losec to see how we go....

    Phew, that was longer than I expected sorry guys!

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Sarah - sounds like Dr. Phil is a logical guy! Gotta love his name, LOL. Does he have a southern accent?? Hopefully Zander's reflux will settle down soon so that he can get some sleep. It's good that your mind is a little more at ease about his tears etc. Sometimes I wonder if MCHN's just want to make us worry about things more than we should! Hopefully the needles today will zonk him out for the night.

    Bec - LOL - I "make" the same slice as you Bugga about your horrible sleep last night.

    Tanya - Gab does have pinchable cheeks Everyone comments on them. For all her chub in the face, she is still pretty skinny under the clothes. Sorry to hear that Wato is sick too. Oh no @ Em doing a poo on the couch. You seem so relaxed about it! No point in stressing, I guess. Yay @ Violet's car seat being turned around. I can't wait for Gabby's to be turned around. I hate her facing backwards and I don't think she likes it much either. I think I will give it until she is 6 months then that's it. The sun blares through the back windscreen and blinds her all the time. I hate it!

    Dropped in on Fi today and Jenna is getting so big! I got some grrreat smiles from her. She is one happy little bubba! Hope you managed to get some sleep today, Fi! Thanks for the little thankyou note. You are one organised chook! I haven't even bothered with thankyous. I can't remember who gave me half the stuff that we got (not that I didn't appreciate allll of it... just can't keep up!).

    How is everyone else doing? Scarlett? Nell? Kayla? Zola? Trish? Nat? The 50 other people I have forgotten.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jun 2005
    near the water

    Welcome Simone and Declan.
    Don't you love those giggles
    Hope you enjoy your time here.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Feb 2004

    Welcome Simone and Declan - details all added Simone.

    Sarah - I hope Zander is okay after his needles, Sounds like you gp is on the money. Did he reassure you? Saw your photos - very cute Zandxer is. Such a lovely smile!

    Tanya - poor Em, I'm assuming no nappy? Hope you are feeling 100% soon. He has red cheeks alot. I actually get them myself alot. Sometimes I think the teeth are coming (like today - eekk what a day we had today) but I can't see/feel any.

    Bec - lol at your making the slice from the shops - great way to make it I reckon!

    Deb - treasure this time! Gabby sleeping/playing/feeding well.

    Trish - great that Teyha is eating her solids so well.

    Had a yucky day today, Matty screamed the place down at mums group, he may be feeling me being upset as my aunty passed away last night. She did have cancer but it's still so sad at the same time. Mum and dad are in Queensland on hols so they have to come back early.

    Not nearly as devasting is that my wisdom teeth are giving me so much grief. Went and had xrays done and have to find out tomorrow when all 4 are coming out. I am so looking forward to getting them out as I can't handle this pain!

    Hope all are well.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Aug 2004

    Hi all,

    Thanks for teh comments re Jenna's poos - she is back to 3 a day! Dont ya just love it? Her cousins have come down from Canberra this week, and they are SOOOOOO clucky, so I will have a completely wound up baby by the end of today. Lots of cuddles. Oh well - the girls are teenagers, and I guess they never thought they would have baby cousins, and so they are lucky with Jenna and Maia (their other cousin).

    Nell - Ouchy on the wisdom teeth. I only ever got 2! 8-[ They were impacting, and so were removed before they came through about 10 years ago. It was horrible as they were just little babies, so it was full general for me. Hopefully yours wont be as bad since they are coming through - they dont have to dig around so much for them. How sad about your Aunt. I'm sure Matty is picking the vibes up off you.

    Trish - Yay on the food for Tehya! What a little guzzle guts hey?? And well done to Noah for his TTing. Put a big star on his chart from all of us! If he has a chart of course.....

    Sarah - your Dr sounds great. Very sensible! I'm finding it tough with the reflux too, she's taking to spewing really big all through the bass when she gets put to bed, and rubbing her face in it. Yuck! By the time you get her up and fold over the bunny rug, it takes 30mins to get her back to sleep. Driving me spastic, but I dont know what to do abou it. We have needles next week, so I'll ask the dr I hink. How great there are no probs with Zanders tear ducts, and I hope sleep school goes OK. How long will it take you to get in?

    Deb - the organisation is a coverup!! I wrote those thankyous when Jenna was 2 weeks old..... and I'm only just getting them out!! Hope you like the cutting board!

    Tanya - Oh no on Wato being sick. And sorry but I did chuckle a little with Emily's poo. I bet its yuck though!! Jenna chucks all over everything, our lounge suite has little white marks all over it, so I sorta get it a little. Have fun with Violets tucker today! Hope she likes it lots!

    Bec hope you got a good nights sleep last night! I laughed when you said you would be a blanket girl at lunch tomorrow, I remember last time Eliza didn't sleep at all!! We are doing the sling again I think, even if it means dropping some tucker on her head.

    Well I have some exciting news! I got July's issue of Practical Parenting, and in it was a sleep routine for newborns. well I took exception to someone telling new mums how to feed and settle a 2 week old, so I wrote a big letter into them! And I've got an email back saying they want to publish it in September's issue. I think I win a pile of Avon stuff, but I'm not sure, but just being a "published author" is exciting! Of course, they are giving the columnist the right of reply, so it will be interesting to see what she says. In actual fact, I've been out to dinner wiht this girl, she is only 30-odd, has no formal training (is a nanny) and hasn't even got kids!! She is a mates, brothers girlfriend, but she wont know me. so everyone has to get the September issue and see how i'm portrayed!! Hopefully as an advocate for new mums getting it right without all the pressure from other people!

    Back to bed, We need a nap..... zzzzz

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    Breastfeeding mummy extraordinaire

    Sep 2004
    Sydney's Norwest

    Fi, I will be sure to buy it. Good on you for writing into them too. Glad to hear that Jenna's tummy has settled. I have a cloth nappy folded over at the top of Tehya's bassinett for those chucks. I was getting sick of having to strip her bed so now all I have to do is change the nappy.

    Sarah, good to hear that zander is doing as well as he can be. Dr Phil sounds like he's worth his money, glad that he could reassure you. Your pics look great - well Zanders pics. That site is so much better hey. I was getting sick of having to change pics all the time on the other one too. How is Zander feeling after his needles?

    Nell, ouchies on your wisdom teeth hon. I had 3 of mine out a few years back and it hurt like hell. Sorry 8-[ Not sure what sort of anesthetic you'll be having, I have IV sedation as I have a great fear of the dentist, anyway check with the dentist before hand as it can go through your milk. Sorry to hear about you Aunty, doesn't matter if you know it's coming it still hurts you. Hope that Matty is feeling better today and that your day is a better one too. Big hugs

    Deb, LOL on you snorting like a pig. Thankfully I just have to surprise Tehya and she cracks up. Or I just start laughing and she laughs with me, Too cute. Yummo on your chocolate bread too

    Tanya, mmmm pooey lounge, I seem to recall having one of those 2 weeks ago and it wasn't even my baby. Hope that Em is starting to feel abit better and fingers crossed that all the nasties stay away from Violet. How did she go with her lunch?

    Bec, I hadn't planned on giving Tehya solids til she was 6 months old. Out of pure desperation in trying to get her tummy filled up and maybe get me more sleep I tried alittle and she loved it so I thought why not. Eliza is old enough now to try some too. They say if they start to show interest in what you are eating then you should give them a try - rice cereal that is, not your food Hope that she's doind better today for you.

    Welcome Simone and Declan.

    Well no tucker for Tehya last night. I made it up for but by the time I had it cool enough for her to eat she was past it. Too grumpy, so out come the old faithful boobies. Every night it seems she has a pattern. Bum change, feed, stopp have a screm, abit more, another scream, more - this goes on for around 5 minutes or so til I put the bb away. She has another scream the goes to sleep. Surely theres got to be a better way.

    Take care

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    May 2004


    Nell, I am so sorry to hear about your aunty!! Like Trish said it doesn't matter how you lose them it still hurts. I had a gf say to me after my brother passed (something like) "at least you had some idea". I growled at her and she just looked at me funny...
    I hope you can get your wisdom teeth out asap!! I have only ever had one come through!! I am 28 and my other wisdom teeth haven't even threatened! I think they are there...?
    I hope Matty is feeling better.

    Trish, sounds like Tehya has some routine going... 8-[

    Fi, Have a good day with Jenna's cousins... they might wear her out and you might get a good night out of her
    Well Done at getting your letter in a mag . I think it is great that they are printing other ppls views.

    Sarah, great ot hear that the dr reassured you... I hope Zander is doing ok after his needles.

    Has anyone heard from Maryann lately?

    Welcome Simone and Declan!! He was born on a great day (hey Sarah)

    Violet loved her lunch yesterday... pears. She had an odd night tho... hopefully none of that tonight!!


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    BellyBelly Member

    Mar 2004
    Hobart, Tasmania

    hey gurls

    I've been lurking around checking out how you are all going, but i've had a really down few days and haven't wanted to post unless I could say something good

    I think I'm starting to come out of it.. was probably just *really* bad pms as i now have the period from hell....cramps, migraine and everything. Hopefully it'll be the last nasty one for a while.

    Doh! Bas WOULD have to start getting grumpy as soon as I sit down at the computer!! (of course it might be that I'm eating and he isn't...I'm sure if he could he's come and take it out of my hands!)

    Better go settle him down as we've going visiting today and I want him to be in a good mood.

    Will catch up tonight hopefully.

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Hey Zola - sorry to hear you have been feeling down. Damn that nasty AF! I hope Bas behaves himself and is happy for when you go visiting.

    Nell - my condolences to you on the passing of your Aunty. That's no good to hear at all Ouch @ the wisdom teeth. I need mine out too but we don't have the $$ atm so they stay. Sounds like yours are giving you more hell than mine are tho. Urgh... dentists!

    Trish - hmmm yes... Tehya's "bed time" routine does sound rather hellish. Maybe it's her way of getting herself tired enough to go to sleep? And making you tired enough to go crazy, I bet!

    Fi - well done on getting published! Such a worthy cause too. Nothing worse than new Mums being told that a baby has to fit into some sort of pattern at just a couple of weeks old! I think that's why I was worked up into a frenzy in those early days. I will make sure I buy a copy and check it out. Good work! Thanks for the cutting board too. I haven't had a chance to use it yet. My scrapping is at a stand-still until I get more photos developed. I don't want to fill up the whole album with pics of Gabby from only the first 2 months.

    Welcome to Simone and Declan. Everyone is say that but where's the post?? LOL I have missed something once again! But welcome none the less!!

    Gabby slept 11 hours last night so I am fresh as a daisy, LOL. I figured since she slept for so long that I might try and keep her up a bit longer before her morning nap. Nope! She still only lasted 2 hours then started drifting off in the bouncer while I was having a shower. So she is back in bed. She is starting to get a real personality now. I can tell she is going to be one of those toddlers that just talks and talks and knows everything, LOL.

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