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thread: 3 Months - 6 Months, July '05 #2

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    Nov 2003
    SE Melbourne

    Hey Everyone

    Zola - Hope that Bas is doing well and that AF isnt too hard on you for too long!

    Tanya - Great that Violet loves her food!

    Trish - I hope Tehya is behaving for you! Sounds like she is being a little grumpy for you!

    Fi - YAY for being published and for sticking up for all of us mums! Dont you just love experts that dont have kids themselves!!!!

    Sarah - I hope that Zander isnt too bad after his needles! I think mums hate them more than babies! What a fantastic GP you have, you must be really pleased!

    Nell - I am so sorry to hear about your Aunty! Doesnt matter how prepared you are for the news, its always devastating when it happens! Wisdom teeth are always fun, NOT!!! I had all of mine pulled years ago now!

    Deb - Gabby is just sooo cute! I hope that she is being good for you!

    Bec - I hope that Eliza slept well for you last night!

    As for me, I have been really busy! Had broadband installed on Monday, went and did most of my Xmas shopping, only a few things left to get now! Got Hayley some great stuff! Dad rang yesterday morning to say he was coming home yesterday, so at least it makes things a little easier on me now, although he isnt well, has lost lots of weight, so I am now dreading his next oncology appt in September! He did come home with lots of goss for me, I am sure my cousins want to go on Jerry Springer...weird bunch they are...no longer family I think!

    Hayley is doing pretty well, tried her on some rice cereal yesterday and she wasnt rapt at all. Will see how she goes today with something yummy, maybe some custard, I think. She is still sleeping pretty well, although I cant get her down until about 11pm now, makes it a very long day for me!

    Well, I better go as I have a million things to do, but I am sure that I will get there.

    Catch up again soon.

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Dinky - LOL @ your family going on Jerry Springer. Sometimes I think my family could go on there too. Good to hear things are going well with you. How are you finding the broadband? I love ours. I will never go back to dial-up. Good to hear your Dad is back too. That must be great for you

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    Jul 2004
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    Hi girls, how are you all,?

    Just popped in to say hi. I am around, but not if that makes sense.

    Am going to go and catch up with everyones piccies!!


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    Jun 2005
    near the water

    Hello everyone,
    I had to log on and tell you about our very special day.
    Eliza and I (along with my mum) went to the alziemers home that my Nan use to live in and bath her. The old ladies fell in love with her and although they may not remember much the "motherly instint" was still there. Poor Eliza was nursed and kissed by all the ladies, she smiled and giggled away. It was just sad that my nan passed away before Eliza was born. On a happier note we are doing the sleep thing again and I am chomping at the bit to feed her solids.lol
    Nell: Hope the wisdom teeth are not impacted and they can take them out in the chair. Mine tend to play up when I get stressed or pregnant.lol
    Fi:Well done on the published letter..we are religious readers here so we look forward to seeing your name in ink. lol about the blanket...I think I might get 10 minutes out of sleep during the day tomorrow.
    Trish:To tell the truth I am alittle scared about the solids, we have the farex and bowels and spoons. I think I am too chicken to go against the MCHN.
    Dinky:Hope things are a little easier with your dad home, the gossip is always a good way to have a laugh...I use to watch Jerry everyday..lol at work my fav was a guy who collected vomit..lol makes me queezey thinking about it.
    Deb: 11 hrs OMG...I think I may have to book Eliza into the Daystay program at your house.
    Guee I am rambling on better go and get some sleep myself..oh bugga got to make more bottles..erk

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    Scarlett Guest

    grrr had huge post and lost it so will say quick hi and re-do personals tommorrow.

    Hope all are well, Fi can't wait to read your letter, good on you for standing up for us all.

    We have a tooth!! so question - do I have to look after it? if so how? other than that all is well here.

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    Feb 2004

    Just a quickie to say Zander isn't doing so well after his needles yesterday He's been very clingy & crying heaps (we had a 1hr session at 1am). He doesn't seem to be weeing as much since them yesterday so I think we might be off for a trip to see Phil tomorrow. Will let you know how we go & will do personals tomorrow when I feel less like a zombie!

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    Feb 2004

    Scarlett - congrats on Emily's tooth! With Matthew we just clean it with a clean face cloth during his bath. He also has a toothbrush (oral b first toothbrush)n that he holds and we play clean your tooth. He obviously doesn't understand what it is azll about but we're hoping he'll just used to it.

    Sarah - that's no good about Zander, hope he is better overnight and tomorrow.

    Deb - hate to tell you but I am getting my teeth out at Werribee Mercy and it isn't costing me anything. My xrays didn't even cost anything....

    Thanks everyone for your well wishes, I do appreciate them!

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    Ex adm!n, quietly rusting....

    Feb 2004

    Well we've had a lot better night last night. Zander slept 9.30-6.30 had a bottle then from 7.00 & he's still asleep now. His nappy was super wet as usual at 6.30 so I'll keep an eye on that today.

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Sarah - that's great! Sounds like Zander and you got some much needed sleep. Thank goodness, hey?

    Nell - wow! Free! Is that because you are in so much pain so they class it as an emergency? That's good news tho!

    Scarlett - bugga about losing your post. What a pain. Yay @ Emily's tooth! The MCHN said that you need to brush teeth as soon as they appear but you don't need to use tooth paste when they are so little.

    Bec - aww that was so sweet taking Eliza to where your Nan used to live. LOL @ the day stay program at my house. It's nothing that I do - trust me! Gabby has her own little schedule. I am just lucky atm that it involves lots of sleep. I am not expecting it to last forever. As for being scared of you MCHN - what she doesn't know won't hurt her. If you want to start Eliza on solids and you think she is ready, go for it. Just don't tell the CHN. She is your baby, not hers. You know best!

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    Feb 2004

    Now the poor bubba has a cold Every time he tries to laugh he ends up in a coughing fit, poor thing.

    Yaaay for a tooth Scarlett

    LOL Bec at using Deb's place for a day stay - I think we all should do it. What do you think Deb?

    For all those that commented on our GP, yup he is great He has been mum's Dr since she was pregnant with my oldest sister (in 1976) and has been mine since birth! So he knows me & will tell me straight what he thinks should be done so I really trust him. Not sure what I'll do when he retires.

    Ok gotta finish later *someone* wants attention!

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    Aug 2004

    Well we have had a couple of fullon days here! Cousins are keeping Jenna very pampered, but unfortunately didn't mena a good sleep last night. She had a 4am wakeup, but went back down again til 8. Can't complain I guess! And then we had a ANC reunion today with Deb and Bec and Angela, so all in all lots of fun! Poor moppet is stuffed, and is out for the count in bed. Unfortunately I have to wake her in about 15mins to feed her before I go to netball training, which I feel very mean about. Poor sausage. Oh well!

    Sarah - poor zander and his needles. Hopefully he comes good nice and quickly. And lucky the last nappy was a wet one! And now a cold..... no poking funny faces at him!

    Scarlett - yay on the tooth front. I think you have to start sticking a brush in her moouth to get her used to it. Not sure it does much though. Every time I stick a finger in Jennas mouth to feel for teeth she sticks her tongue out. Duffer.

    Deb - hope you are feeling a bit more chipper and work was OK.

    Bec - sounds like you had a lovely day at the home. Give the solids a goI reckon!! Eliza is nearly 5 months old yes??

    Dinky - yay on broadband. I am getting more and more temptied with it. You will have to fatten up Dad with lots of home cooking! As for the Jerry Springer - well I think Shane's family could boost the ratings on that show sometimes. The stories!!!

    I got a really heavy dose of AF today. Yuck. Cramps and all. But I guess my body was trying to get back to normal, so just one of those things I guess. I always feel bloated and yuck when I dont have a monthly, so hopefully weight will start to come off a little more now.


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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Sarah - awww... poor Zander getting a cold The poor little sausage. I dunno about the day-stay at my place. One baby is enough for me!! LOL

    Fi - yep.. feeling a little better. I think I needed a break from the little skamp. She slept the whole time I was gone and she is still asleep now!! Typical! I think she is getting used to only sleeping well in the cradle and not so much in public. Ah well. Hope the run around the court tonight helps your AF cramps subside a little. Thanks for organising lunch today. You were right about the menu. Beautiful food! I think I will be dreaming of that lamb I had for quite some time, LOL.

    Feeling a little tired myself. I guess I should be napping but can't be bothered. We have another full-on day tomorrow. Mother's group in the morning, then my neices' birthday party then Gabby has her needles. Urrgh!! ](*,) I am thinking about skipping mother's group..... will see how I feel in the morning.

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    Scarlett Guest

    Sarah - I hope Zander is feeling better today, I wish there was an easier way to protect their health than needles. Not looking forward to ours in 2 wks. Your doctor sounds awesome, wish we had one like that.

    Fi - LOl at Jenna sticking her tongue out when you feel for teeth. I am still trying to get a good look at it as I cant keep her mouth open long enough. Hope netball training was fun.

    Deb - glad you are feeling a bit better. Hope tommorrow doesn't wear you out too much.

    Trish, Tanya and Nell hope you are all well.

    Am exhausted from work today, I teach all day thursdays and all the maths teachers bar one are off sick so had to sort out their classes work too. Also discovered that the guy whoose job I am doing at the moment entered kids in the westpak maths comp before they had paid. Idiot, so now I have to try and convince enough kids to do it to avoid losing money. At present I have $136 to 'find' at $4.00 a head should be interesting. Oh well it wont be me having to justify the loss to the business manager at the end of the year.

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    Feb 2004

    *wwwaaaaaahhhh* The cold is worse Poor bubba is making himself sick from coughing so much. So I'll be scarce for the next few days or so.

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    May 2004

    Hi all!

    Sarah sorry to hear Zander is not well!! Poor little mite!

    Scarlett, I had a dream with you in it last night!! I can't remember what it was about, but you and Emily were here... funny cause in my dream I never saw you, that's probably cause I have neva seen any pics of you LOL.

    Deb, I hope your not coming down with something!! Sounds like you need a big rest!

    Fi, I hope AF doesn't last long.

    Been swimming this morning, always good to get out of the house!! Got home and put Violet on the floor, lit the fire and Violet had managed to get under the coffee table...? LOL, dunno what she was doing. Was in such a bad mood Yesterday!! I think it was a mix of tiedness and hormones (I've had a bit of spotting). There was a function for the students on Wed night so they were all walking home at 2:30am, and hte next door neighbours decided it was a great time to get the whip out and practise whip cracking... Grrrrr!! Wato eventually got up and told them "IF YOU DON'T SHUT THAT F*#KING THING UP, I'LL SHOVE IT UP YOUR F*#KIN A*S!!" LOL... I heard them say... "sorry Wato". I was about to get up and ask them to go further up the road to do it...lol. He went over the next day to appologise for being so blunt...lol, but they said that it was their fault, they shouldn't have had it out.
    Well I got a surprise the other day . Wato came home form Shep and he had bought Violet a Kick and Whirl Carnival . Isn't he sweet .
    Anyhoo... hope you are all keeping well.


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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Awww... that was sweet of Wato to buy his baby girl a present, Tanya! LOL @ him telling those kids off for cracking the whip too. It's a bit silly of them considering they must know you have young kids! Some people just don't think. Oh dear @ the spotting. AF is meant to stay away from BFing Mums. Nasty witch she is! That was rather clever of Violet to make her way to the coffee table! I will be shocked when Gabby starts moving around.

    Sarah - sorry to hear that Zander's cold is so bad I hope it goes away for him soon. It's so hard when they are sick because you just don't know what they need sometimes.

    Scarlett - bribe em! That's how to get the kids to do the maths comp, LOL. Our French teacher in high school bribed us all with a chocolate eclair if we entered the french comp. The silly thing brought the eclairs out before the test was over so we all did really well with the first section and rather crap at the second section because we just ticked whatever box, LOL. I dunno HOW you do your job. I hope you get plenty of R & R over the weekend.

    We had a very busy day today. I decided to walk to MG with one of the other Mum's. It turned out to be a 30 minute walk. On the way back I stopped in at her place for a cuppa only to discover I had 30 minutes to get home, jump in the car and head out to my neice's birthday party at a miniature farm. So I raced home, threw Gab and all her stuff in the car and raced up there. Gab was so hungry by the time we got there. I fed her then we had a wander around looking at all the animals. My Dad took a photo of Gabby sitting on a mini Shetland pony so I will have to get a copy off him. I will definitely go back there one day for one of Gabby's birthdays. It was great! Gab started cracking it after the cake so I took her home. As soon as we got back, she did a poo so that explained why nothing would calm her down!! ](*,)

    Neil is out at a mate's work farewell (even though he doesn't work with him!! He just wanted the free grog). I gave him a permission slip provided he spend a day with Gabby and I on the weekend. No car, no computer - just family time. Needless to say it was a deal. He's going to stay at his friend's place tonight so I can just sleep and not worry about him being too loud and waking up Gabby.

    Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!!

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    Jun 2005
    near the water

    Hi mums and bubs,
    Just a quick note to tell you I braved the farax and started solids...it was a small sucess,I think some went in...lol
    Tanya: Hows the kick and whirl going, bet Violet loves it.
    Sarah:Poor little mite, colds are shocking especially when the weather is so up and down
    Scarlett: I remember the Westpac maths comp, one year I guessed all the answers and got a destintion..lol I am bad at maths.
    Fi:Poor muppett Jenna I'm glad she had a sleep when she got home.Hope netball wasn't too bad.
    Deb:Guee busy day, but you can put your feet up with a glass tonight and pretend your single and don't you love it when you get the whole bed.
    My electrity bill arrived today NAASTY!!!
    Apparently I'm not allowed to spend liberally for 2 weeks..Hope he doesn't find the bag of clothes we bought on Thursday, I'll bring them out slowly and say..oh that old thing..lol
    Bring on the weekend.

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    Feb 2004

    Phew, I have been MIA today and thankfully there isn't heaps to catch up on.

    Firstly, Deb I must apologise to you. I have given you the wrong idea and I am so sorry! My wisdom teeth are to going to cost me money. I went today to book in and all that and it is going to cost about $1500 all up, I'll get back about $1000 as I have insurance. So my apologies, so sorry!

    Your day sounded very busy! Hope you had a great one and get a good nights sleep.

    Sarah - sorry to hear about Zander. Hope he gets better very soon!

    lol Bec and your bag of clothes! Oh no at electricity bill - horrid things bills are!

    Tanya - what a great surprise Wato gave you and Violet! What a sweetie.

    Scatlett - bribing them is a good idea! lol. Hope you are better and Emily is well.

    My little man is a treasure. In the past two days he is saying 'dadda', 'mumma' and 'buba', all running into each other and I'm sure he doesn't know what it means but it's great to hear all the same. He also sat up unaided for all of 3 seconds or so! What a clever boy he is.

    Dreading my day tomorrow, funeral day. Eek.

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