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thread: 6 Months to 12 Months, December '04

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    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    Well Aidyn woke up with a fever this morning, but I was expecting it anyway as it happened the last 2 times as well. He has had panadol twice and his temp seems to be staying cool for now.
    He is not the only grizzly one today, I woke up with a bad cold/mild flu, but had been feeling it come on for days. Codral has made me feel much better, but I just dont have much energy to play with Aidyn, especially on days like today where he is being difficult and cranky.. #-o
    DP will be home in an hour to help out though, yippee!!

    Good news that Felix has put on 80g Katanya!! \/
    Hopefully the paed will be able to give you some answers as well. Even if you do have to supplement with formula you are right that he will not be losing any of the benefits of the BM though, he will just be having the best of both worlds!

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    katanya Guest

    Poor little Aidyn and poor you Ambah, it ceratinly isn't what you want to deal with when you are sick yourself..I hope you both ahve a speedy recovery..Felix seems to ahve caught a cold too..only a runny nose at this point though..hope it doesn't get any worse.

    I was just re-reading what I wrote before, I hope those of you who use formula or have had to suppliment in the past don't misread my reluctance to give it to Felix as a judgement on the issue in general. It's just that Felix and I have always had such a fantastic BFing relationship (and still do) and I would be devasted to feel that was threatened now when he is nearly 7 mths old. Of course I am being a bit ridculous and militant about it refusing formula suppliments as a option, when Felix's health could be risked.
    The other reason I am so reluctant is I still feel my milk supply is strong, and he seems so satisfied by it, and has heaps of wet nappies etc that it confuses me that he's not gaining enough, and his ribs are sticking out and it makes me wonder if this is not masking a larger issue..yes the visit to the paedrictian will be good even it is just to reassure me that Felix is fine and that he is just a skinny bum! Sorry to rant but it's one of those issues I have to be clear in my mind how I feel about it..

    Hope everyone else is good..it's very quiet in here..can't wait till Christy comes to join us!

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    Kameron was always very skinny when he was breast fed Katanya. I did introduce a couple of tablespoons of farex at 4mths but would mix it with breast milk as well. We went fully onto formula at 6mths though and he stacked on the weight. I hope you find out some more info with the Paed.


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    mama mel Guest

    Hi everyone!

    Sorry I don't have much time to come here much anymore, I'm busy packing for the move and Xmas shopping still in any 'spare time' I have.

    Well done to Lachlan, Kathryn! How exciting! Isn't it funny how sometimes all of a sudden they realise they can do so many new things? Although you have to baby proof and watch them, I think they're a lot easier once they're mobile b/c they don't get so frustrated or bored.

    Katanya, that's so funny about Felix only drinking from a cup b/c Adara's exactly the same! Tried so many ways to get her to drink water and the only way she will is chilled and in a 'big girl' cup. Hope you can get some answers at the paed. When were you able to get an appt?

    Give poor little Aidyn *HUGS* for me, Ambah! You really gotta feel bad for them in so much pain! Hope you're feeling better soon too.

    Adara's been waking up around 3 times a night again lately but she was pretty sick for a while. She's getting better now so I'm hoping the nights will too soon! What a rocky road it's been lately! When will I have my happy little good sleeper back?!

    I found a way to give Adara some formula! After waking up every 30-60mins with her the other night, I was steaming some apples and pears for her breakfast when I thought about making a bottle with the steaming water as it tastes like the fruit. And it worked! That day she had 50mls and yesterday she had 100mls YAY! I'd be happy if I could give her 1 or 2 bottles a day as well as BF untill my milk works itself out again.

    Other than that, her tooth has really been freaking me out as she dives in for my BB to feed! LMAO. She's never bitten me since her tooth came but she's just so enthusiastic about BFing it's kinda scary now!

    Take care everyone!


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    katanya Guest

    Mel good luck with the move, I don't envy you at all moving this close before christmas!

    Mel sounds like Adara and Felix need to get together! they have lots in common! I might end up doing what you have suggested with the formula if we end up going that path. I can't see my BF loving boy drinking formula happily! BTW do you steam fruit the same way you do veges? I have never steamed fruit!

    I have an appointment next friday with the paedrictian, I was lucky to get one so quickly considering it's through the health clinic. The thing is the nurse was a little concerned about the way he is breathing (his whole chest goes in when he takes a deep breath) so we have more than just the weight to check out..so with this all considered if all is required is a little formula then that would be the best possible outcome!

    LOL at Adara attacking your boob, Felix has 2 enormous teeth, but apart from when he was teething he doesn't bite me anymore..it is a bit scary when they first get though...and believe me they DO hurt if they bite you, but they can't do it while feeding it has to be while they are playing around, because when properly attached the tongue covers the teeth.

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    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    Today has been a relatively good day... I woke up still feeling sick, so DP called into work and said he couldnt come in and stayed home to look after me and Aidyn (YAY)
    Guess he had to redeem himself after not helping me out once during the night. Aidyn woke up at 3am and then would NOT go back to sleep (I think it was his teeth again)... I must have gotten up over 20 times for him. I eventually moved him into our bed and he slept in between us.

    I am really looking forward to this weekend. My sister is coming down to visit from Townsville with her 2 sons and daughter. And one of the sons is only 6 weeks younger than Aidyn! It will be the first time Aidyn has met his little cousin Thomas, and also the first time that my sister has met Aidyn!!

    Ok, gotta go for now, need to spend some time with DP! Will respond to everyone's posts later!!

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    mama mel Guest

    Thanks Katanya, although we're not actually moving until 5th of Jan. I'm just trying to do whatever I can get done as early as possible b/c DH isn't going to be able to help with very much packing.

    Isn't my DD a bit old for your DS?! LMAO! It is amazing how similar they are though. Good luck trying to give him formula, she cottoned on to what I was doing and has gone back to spitting it out! #-o I'm starting to understand why Taurus is the bull! She definately came out with her own agenda and preferences for me to follow! Yeah, fruit is exactly the same as veggies, I just put a steaming basket in a pot with the lid on for around 15mins. That's fantastic to get in to the paed so quickly. I hope there's not a bigger problem going on with him. [-o<

    Ambah, I can really empathise with you! I just don't think men understand how hard it is to be the only one responsible for an unconsolable baby all night. Atleast he stayed with you yesterday, that's pretty good! It'd be great to see your sister! Shame that they live so far away, the kids would love it.

    I had a shocking night last night! We went to bed at 11pm and btwn 11.15 and around 2am I had gotten up 6 times! At around 2.45 when she wouldn't be put back down I tried to bring her into our bed but she hates that and wouldn't stop crying. At that stage I just fell apart. There was nothing i could do with her except sit up to BF and I am so exhausted lately from the pg plus having this go on for weeks now. Last year at this stage of my pg, I was getting atleast 8 or 9hrs sleep plus an hour on my lunch break! I'm a walking zombie! Anyway, I couldn't stop crying and just needed a minute away from her so I left her with DH (who was understandably upset as he had to get up at 5am today) and left to buy cigarettes. Have no idea why, I haven't smoked since I found out I was pg with Adara but for some reason I thought it would help. Of course, it was disgusting and I couldn't do it plus it added guilt of smoking while pg and BFing! Went back inside and had a huge fight with DH and made some fruit and formula. Wasn't able to put her down again until 5am. I know that he didn't get much sleep but I'm going through hell with everything lately and I think he should be able to help me out for that 20mins if I'm at breaking point. Am I wrong?

    Of course now, in the light of day and after 3hrs sleep, things don't seem so bad but at the time it really felt like the end of the world. He's appologised to me and feels bad but that still doesn't help the fact that I don't feel like I have any support when I truly need it.

    Wow, thanks for letting me vent! Sorry! All our friends are mutual so I don't like saying negative things to them about him b/c they know him so well and I just really needed to get this off my chest...


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    awwwww Mel - huuuuugs!!

    I can so relate to what you are going through. Our babies are similar ages (Liam is almost 11 months) and we are pregnant at similar gestations. I sooooo need some sleep but am having no luck. Liam hates to sleep in our bed (Cairenn loved/s it) and all he wants me to do is cuddle him while walking up and down the house. I did it for over an hour last night. I was up at similar hours as you too!

    To make it worse, Liam wakes up at sparrow fart (ie 4.30am) and expects brekky then and there. This of course wakes up Cairenn who wants to play. Mark (DH) sleeps on and I am up whether I want to or not.

    I am starting to panic about how much sleep (or rather how much I won't get rather) when #3 arrives.

    Annnnnnyway, seeing as I haven't posted here before, this is what Liam is up to. He is crawling, pulling up on things (especially the toilet - blechh) and starting to cruise. He has 8 teeth and more coming thru, very vocal and says heaps of words. He is a grumpy little boy though - an old man trapped in a baby's body - with a temper to boot [-X

    Well, must be off before he wakes daddy up and I have 2 grumpy boys to deal with. ](*,)

    Hope to chat here more often


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    Sorry to butt in here guys, but Kel, do you think it is a male thing ROFL!!! Elijah is EXACTLY the same, wakes up at 4.30-5.00am and it's breakfast or nothing!!! (he has a breastfeed before then in the night of course!). He's such a big eater and with reflux too I am comp feeding him with a bottle, breastmilk is no good for him at that time, only a bottle will fill him up and he'll go straight back to sleep after From birth I think you have to speak to them from their stomachs!!!
    Kelly xx

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    must be a male thing........doh! Here's hoping #3 is a girl lol!!

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    Hi everyone, and welcome Kelli

    Katanya - good luck with the paed next week, that must be a bit worrying for you with what the nurse said about Felix's breathing... I will be thinking of you guys and I really hope everything turns out to be just fine!

    Awww Mel, huge :hugs: to you... Sounds like you had a really rough night there. I really hope that things have been better for you since!?! I think I know how you feel re the frustration with your DH... I dont really have any suggestions, as I have the same issues with my DP... I just hope that with time it all gets better and easier though. Please take care of yourself ok sweetie!

    LOL Kelly @ 'speaking to them through their stomachs'.... SO true!!!

    Well Aidyn met his younger cousin today for the first time. He is 6 weeks older than Thomas but is SOOO much bigger, LOL. Poor little Thomas was quite sick though... teething, plus temperature, plus a chesty cough, so my sister had to find a late night Dr to get some meds for him... Hope he gets better quickly, poor little darling!
    Aidyn was fascinated by his older cousin Jade too (she is 4) he has never been around a child (not baby) before... he absolutely loved her!! It was so cute!!

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    Apr 2003
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    Katanya, best of luck with the paed next week. Hopefully you will get some answers and everything sorted out.

    Ambah, don't you love how little kids love bigger kids?? Cairenn is almost 3 and she loves to play with older kids much more than kids her own age. Then again, she does think (and say lol!) that she is a big girl and not a baby!!!

    Liam just adores his big sister and loves playing with older kids too. We had his cousins staying with us last week (2 boys) and he sat there in awe for a while, then chased them around with a huge grin on his face! Actually hope he didn't absorb too much of their naughtyness lol!!

    Well, must be off. Liam actually had a decent sleep last night and has woken up as my normal happy boy THANK GOD!!!

    See you!

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    mama mel Guest

    Thanks for the support guys!

    Kelli, I really feel for you having to get up so early! Luckily Adara's never been a morning person, always wanted brekky around 8am and then goes back to sleep an hour or so after. I do think that's a boy thing though, all the mums in my mums group with boys complain of the same things and they take longer to sleep through the night.

    Last night I left her at my MILs house which I was really nervous about but wouldn't you know, she slept through the night for the 1st time in around 7 or 8 wks! I slept from 11pm untill 8.30! YAY! \/ I feel like a different person!

    Gotta go pick her up, I'll post more later today.

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    I have a male and he sleeps from 7pm thru to anywhere between 5.30-6.30am, without waking. So I am expecting him to be starving when he wakes in the mornings, but by 8am after his bottle and a bit of crawl around he is back in bed then gets cereal when he wakes a couple of hours later.

    Oh word of the week "dad dad dad dad dad dad dad" grrrr


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    Hey Kathryn - can we swap lol!! JUST KIDDING!!!!

    Liam's word of the week is "No No NO!!" WOnder where he heard that one [-X

    Liam had a sleep in this morning - woke up at 5am. Had a play for about an hour then it was on for one and all for brekky.

    ....no wonder i have a headache.......



    ps - say mum mum mum Lachlan!! =D>

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    LMAO Kelli.

    He did say mum first \/ but has only said in on the odd occasion since dad became flavour of the week LMAO. We are trying to get him to say Kam, cause Kameron said mummy and daddy 1000 times a day so we want him to get his own back LMAO.


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    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    Wowee Lachlan!!! Talking now too!!! \/ =D> I'll bet Andrew is pleased with his choice of words, LOL (though everyone knows that 'Dad' is easier to say than 'Mum'!!)
    LMAO @ teaching him how to say Kam!!

    Hooray for a good nights sleep for you Mel!!! \/

    Aidyn is an early riser too... he will usually be up before 5.30. I give him a bottle and half an hour up time, and then its back to bed for another 1 hour nap. I really, really wish he would sleep in until at least 6.30/7 though... that would be bliss!!! For the past few mornings I have tried covering the blinds with a dark blue sheet as well so the room is pitch black in the morning, but it did not make one iota of difference... if anything, he wakes up even earlier!! #-o

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    katanya Guest

    wowee some action in here! I didn't get my notifications again, sometimes I seem to and then I don't..oh well I'm getting used to coming in and checking in!

    I agree with all the mud guts male foodie comments, Felix did nothing but eat and sleep for the first few months of his life..although now excpet when he's really hungry, he'd much rather interact with everything else!

    mel: you sound like you are doing it tough you poor thing, fantastic that you finally had a good nights sleep, just unfortunate that it was at your MIL house!
    It it really great you were able to do that, and accept help when you really need it, being pregnant and going through all these sleepless nights with Adara can't be easy, whenever I think of having another one so soon, I think how I'd cope being pregnant and having to care for Felix, we are thinking not until he's about 18mths old!
    How old is Adara? I thought she was the same age as Felix? I'm sure my son will like older women anyhow as his father sure does
    I steamed pears yesterday, but same reaction, spit , half chew, rasberry, choke..*sigh* I think it's karma due to my own reaction to vegetables as a baby! I used to spray the walls apparently!

    Ambah: I just noticed you are a junior moderator! Congratulations! What does that mean you are in training as a moderator or just a new one? Are you under Kathryn's wing or do you get to moderate your own forums? You give alot of great feedback to everyone and will be a wonderful moderator!
    IKWYM about babies loving kids, I went to see my friend who has an 18mth old and he was jumping on the bed, Felix was just laughing the HUGEST belly laughes at him when he was moving..my favourite thing though is tiny little toddlers..pointing at him and saying "look bubba" and they are hardly bigger than him!

    Kathryn that is great about Lachlan speaking..not so great about the word choice, I heard it is easier for them to say Dad than Mum if that's any consolation..he's a very early speaker for a boy particularly isn't he?

    Kelli: sounds like you also have your hands full with Liam, especially with the 4.30am wake-ups.. you can keep those..gald it's getting better though!

    Thanks for everyone with your well wishes about Felix's appointment, I'm sure everything will be okay. I look at him somedays and think what am I worried about him for? he's perfectly fine..then I think well it's not going to hurt to get expert opinion! With the breathing it could well be that he does have respitory issues as Asthma runs in my family and I get bronchitis very easily! Anyhow, I am trying not to think about negative outcomes, I just think if it is something else then at least I am getting in as early as possible!

    We've had a big weekend, Felix has been up to 9 pm+ 2 nights in a row due to Christmas parties..hope I'm not going to hve a battle on my hands tonight when it's time for the usual bedtime!

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