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thread: 9 Months - 12 Months, April '05

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    Just popping in quickly to give you all a ... hope you're all doing well.
    Sorry, still no personals... I absolutely must go to bed now... have just spent since 5pm assembling our new TV wall unit we got this afternoon. All done, and it looks great, but I'm so buggered! And the house is such a mess too... Oh well, at least DP is home tomorrow to watch Aidyn whilst I clean up.
    Argh, am stressing about Aidyns party too... what if I dont bring enough food?, what if the BBQ's are taken?, what if my parents and IL's dont get along? what if it rains? etc, etc, LOL...

    Night night xox

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    Goodluck with it all Ambah. I am sure everyone will have a good time no matter what happens !!!


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