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thread: Babies Born April 2006 #11

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    Babies Born April 2006 #11

    This thread is for parents who's baby was born in April 2006.

    If there are any details you would like changed or added to this list could you please email :-

    Christy [email protected]

    or of the following Moderating/Admin team for this forum:-

    Astrolady - [email protected]
    Sherie - [email protected]
    Lea13 - [email protected]

    Please Note Your name will be removed if you have not posted in this thread for over 2 months

    April 06

    Forum Name:
    Baby's DOB:
    Baby's Stats: Weight - Length - Head Circ -
    Gender of Baby:
    Baby's Name:
    Baby's Website:
    Health Concerns:
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Forum Name: shell_l_d
    State: NSW
    Baby's DOB: 3rd April 2006
    Baby's Stats: Weight - 6lb 7oz/2945gm Length - 50cm Head Circ - 35.5cm
    Gender of Baby: Female
    Baby's Name: Holly Maree
    Baby's Website: http://www.babiesonline.com/babies/s/shell_l_d/
    Health Concerns: Loose/clicky hips (breech), u/sound @ 3days old ok, follow up at 6wks.
    Notes: First precious bubby. Breastfeeding.
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Forum Name: abs
    State: NSW
    Baby's DOB: 3rd April 2006
    Baby's Stats: Weight 3290gm/7lb4 - Length 51cm - Head Circ 36cm
    Gender of Baby: Male
    Baby's Name: Jordan William David Bassett-Smith
    Baby's Website: http://www.bassett-smith.name/jordan.htm
    Health Concerns: None so far
    Notes: Apparently everyone says he looks very much like his dad, ie me
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Forum Name: AMH (Anna)
    State: QLD
    Baby's DOB: 4th April 2006
    Baby's Stats: Weight;9lb 12oz,4420gm ?‚??€œ Length56.5cm - Head Circ ?‚??€œ 36.5cm
    Gender of Baby: Male
    Baby's Name: Logan James Bowtell
    Baby's Website:
    Health Concerns: Shoulder Dystocia(sp?) got stuck coming out. Had trouble breathing for a little bit.
    Notes: Little brother for Jasper! Breastfeeding
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Forum Name: Susan_22
    State: WA
    Baby's DOB: 11th April 2006
    Baby's Stats: Weight - 8lb 12oz Length - 51cm Head Circ - 37.5cm
    Gender of Baby: Girl
    Baby's Name: Amber Lily
    Baby's Website: http://www.babiesonline.com/babies/s/simmonsbaby/
    Health Concerns: None
    Notes: Induced due to blood pressure issues at 40 weeks 4 days. After a 16 hour labour she was vacuum delivered due to her head not lining up with the exit path.
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Forum Name: Theresa
    State: Qld
    Baby's DOB: 12th April 2006
    Baby's Stats: Weight: 2830g 6lb4oz Length: 44.5cm Head Circ: 33.8cm
    Gender of Baby: Female
    Baby's Name: Georgie Kate
    Baby's Website: www.babiesonline.com/babies/d/dawsonbaby2
    Health Concerns: Treated for Jaundice whilst in hospital, and to have a hip ultrasound at 6 weeks as Georgie was breech
    Notes: This is baby # 2 - big sister Emma is 21months old.
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Forum Name: Melbo
    State: Victoria
    Baby's DOB: 12th April, 2006
    Baby's Stats: Weight - 9lbs 5ozs
    Gender of Baby: Male
    Baby's Name: William Bowles Martin
    Baby's Website: yet to be updated!
    Health Concerns: None
    Notes: Older first time mother (38). Baby resulted from first IVF cycle after several years of infertility.
    __________________________________________________ ___________________________________________

    Forum Name: guccibabe
    State: QLD
    Baby's DOB:12/4/06
    Baby's Stats: Weight -4.23kg Length 55cm- Head Circ -33.5cm
    Gender of Baby: bouncing boy
    Baby's Name: Tariq
    Baby's Website:
    Health Concerns:
    Notes: Breastfeed beautiful big boy!
    __________________________________________________ __________________________

    Forum Name: Jacci PG
    State: Victoria
    Baby's DOB: 13th April 2006
    Baby's Stats: Weight 7 pound 1 ounce - Length - 51 cm Head Circ - 34.5 cm
    Gender of Baby: Male
    Baby's Name: Charlie Francis
    Baby's Website: click on my www.
    Health Concerns: Lung problems
    Notes: Charlie was flown to Melbourne on the day he was born, put in NICU at Royal Womens hospital, Couldn't breath on own accord without oxygen - slowly got his breathing right got to go back to Portland hospital after 6 days and then home the next day after that.
    __________________________________________________ ________________________

    Forum Name: sushee
    State: WA
    Baby's DOB: 16th April 2006
    Baby's Stats: Weight - Length - Head Circ - Weight 3580/7lb 14oz - Length 51cm - Head Circ 37cm
    Gender of Baby: Male
    Baby's Name: Charles Alan
    Baby's Website: http://www.babiesonline.com/babies/s/sushee
    Health Concerns: Renal u/s at 4 weeks to check for hereditary kidney problems (older brother has a dilated left kidney at birth) Thankfully, u/s was normal.
    Notes: conceived via IVF after 8 cycles. Very precious indeed! Fully breastfed, partially co-sleeping
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Forum Name: Nickers
    State: VIC
    Baby's DOB: 17th April 2006
    Baby's Stats: Weight -2296g Length -48cm Head Circ ?‚??€œ 30.3cm
    Gender of Baby: BOY
    Baby's Name: Nixon Milton Powell
    Baby's Website: http://www.babiesonline.com/babies/p/powpow/
    Health Concerns: Born at 33.4weeks Spent 5 days in NICU and currently in SCU for two weeks now. Nixon is very good and hopefully be home soon!
    Notes: Admitted to hosp after ruptured membranes, went into natural labour 4 days later. Laboured for 13hrs and had emergency c-section
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Forum Name: Baby dreams (Shazz)
    State: QLD
    Baby's DOB: 18th April 2006
    Baby's Stats: Weight 3490 GR- Length 54 CM - Head Circ - 34.5CM
    Gender of Baby: male
    Baby's Name: Ryan Eric
    Baby's Website: I'm due Thursday, May 04, 2006 - Visit My Babies Online Pregnancy Journal
    Health Concerns:
    Notes: spent 48 hours in SCN for low BSLS and inability to suck had NG feeds for the duration of stay in SCN
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Forum Name: amanda_81
    State: VIC
    Baby's DOB: 21st April 2006
    Baby's Stats: Weight -9lb 6oz Length - 52cm Head Circ - 35.5cm
    Gender of Baby: Female
    Baby's Name: Abbey Jane Glen
    Baby's Website:
    Health Concerns: none
    Notes:i'm breastfeeding

    Forum Name: getinmybelly!!
    State: Vic
    Baby's DOB: 24th April, 2006
    Baby's Stats: Weight - 8lb 9.5oz Length 51cms - Head Circ -36cms
    Gender of Baby: Girl
    Baby's Name: Lana Grace
    Baby's Website:
    Health Concerns: small ear tag, developing strawberry birthmark on top of head.

    Forum Name: belgodfrey (Bel)
    Baby's DOB: 25th April 2006
    Baby's Stats: Weight 8lb12oz (3980gm)- Length 52cm - Head Circ - 35.5cm
    Gender of Baby: Male
    Baby's Name: Josiah Mark Godfrey
    Baby's Website: www.babiesonline.com/babies/b/belgodfrey
    Health Concerns: none
    Notes: Josiah has an older sister Janae (3 years old)
    __________________________________________________ _______________________________________

    Forum Name: Mum21
    State: Qld
    Baby's DOB: April 25th (Anzac Day)
    Baby's Stats: Weight - 3510g (7lbs 12oz) Length - 50cms Head Circ - 35cms
    Gender of Baby: Male
    Baby's Name: Declan James
    Baby's Website: http://www.babiesonline.com/babies/h/halfpintbabyboy
    Health Concerns: None that we know of thankfully
    __________________________________________________ ___________________

    Forum Name: Joy
    State: Victoria
    Baby's DOB: 26th April 2006
    Baby's Stats: Weight 8pd 5oz - Length 52cm - Head Circ - ???
    Gender of Baby: Male
    Baby's Name: Caden
    Baby's Website: n/a
    Health Concerns: ----
    Notes: 22 hour labour, ceaserean birth, no troubles to dates, gaining
    weight and feeding really well!
    __________________________________________________ _______________________________________

    Forum Name: KelliC
    State: Vic
    Babies DOB: 30th April 2006
    Babies Stats: Weight 3620grams 7p 9oz, Length 50cm, Head circ 33cm
    Gender of Baby: Female
    Baby Name: Olivia Jane
    Baby Website: http://www.babiesonline.com/babies/c/carpanini
    Health Concerns: None
    __________________________________________________ ______________________________________

    Forum Name: Jennifer
    State: VIC
    Baby's DOB: 30 April 2006
    Baby's Stats: Weight - Length - Head Circ - 6pound 6oz - 47cm - 35cm
    Gender of Baby: Girl
    Baby's Name: Ella
    Baby's Website: NA
    Health Concerns:
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    Catch up with your old thread HERE.

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    Jan 2005
    2hrs from Sydney, NSW

    Yeah Jacci, its funny how some do things much earlier or later than the avg. A boy in mum's group is 3wks older than Holly & Jordy & started crawling right on 7mths & has been walking behind one of those push along things for about 3wks now.

    WTG Charlie on the tooth. Hope he's not too upset Sush.

    My older brother had 4 teeth at 5mths (Holly 7.5mths), didn't crawl (Holly's very close to), first word 5mths (Holly 7mths), walked 9mths (Holly no sign yet). A work colleague's bub just started crawling tonight, she's 7mths older than Holly.

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    Aug 2005
    Wodonga, VIC

    Hi everyone,

    Wow new thread already, we are getting a bit more chatty.

    It is funny how different babies can be, but how everyone seems to expect them to be the same. I have heaps of people telling me how Abbey should have teeth by now, and should be doing this and that. All in good time I say!

    Saying that though Abbey has one tooth just popping out, top left eye tooth, to be very different lol. It's just through a tiny bit and so far she hasn't been too grizzly, she did wake every two hours last night though

    She is still crusing along with her crawling, a bit slow still but has been showing off to people. She hasn't got into anything too much yet which is good, I still have lots of baby proofing to go. She has started to sit on her knees from crawling, so instead of sitting on her bum she sits on her knees and plays. She falls over a bit though, but it isn't worrying her.

    Tried pumpkin yesterday, which she liked but not as much as the apple.

    Well enough about us..

    Sush...yay charlie for cutting a tooth, hope it doesn't hurt him too much.

    Theresa... So good to hear the girls are both well, how's em going with the feeding tube? Abbey is only on a little bit of solids atm, if G isn't interested, I wouldn't be giving her any either. Are you worried she will have the same problems as Em?

    Abs... we haven't turned Abbeys seat around yet either... she is quite happy the way she is, and I have one of those mirrors too. Interesting reading in that article though. Abbey isn't 8kg yet anyway, so I don't think we will turn her for a while. I remember hearing about the USA having them rear facing till 12months when Britney Spears got caught with her baby facing forward before then lol

    Nickers... have a good weekend away!

    I am off to bed! Hopefully for more sleep then last night!

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    Oct 2004
    WA y WA y A WAy

    Morning all we have ryans christening today so up early preparing hope everyone has had a great weekend

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    Jun 2005

    Well Declan has been a GRUMP since the poo incident last night he was a terror we were out and he was so ANGRY I hope it is just teeth or something not an attitude tantrum or something ahhhh!

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    Jun 2005

    Declan is crawling well pretty much he goes to pull himself up on things but with his eyes but is to scared to actually try he just bables sounds like mum and dad sometimes but no definate words no teeth yet and is finally eating solids reasonably well still an effort to get him to open his mouth but he is swallowing now and not gagging thank goodness

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    Sep 2005
    Portland Victoria

    Well we went to our first kids christmas party yestersday. Is going to be soo much fun next year when charlie is old enough to run around, and it was really hot outside so i was always worryingif he was too hot or not and getting sunburt and stuff.

    Becky - thats great that Declan is crawling. Is he still being a grump?

    Abs - I remember you telling me that Jordy would turn his mobile on and off in his cot - charlie has just learnt to do that. i was lying in bed this morning and all we could here was thius mobile comeing on then off and on again. Gav and i thought we were going crazy for a minute.

    Rockers - Charlie loves his rocker - he sits in it every morning to watch the cartoons - but now he has started sitting straight up in it trying to reach for the toys in front - he has taught himself if he rolls sidewards in it he'll land on his chest on the ground and then he can get going. it looks so cute.

    Funny little traits - does anyone baby do one thing that you just love making them do? If you snort at carlie and make your face like a bulldog ( all scrunched up) he does at back t you - gav can do it to him for hours and they both love it.

    Shazz - how did Ryans christening go??

    AManda - I have everyone telling me charlie should have teeth too - i was at the dentist the other day and was saying to him about it and he said the later the better
    (less time for them to decay)

    Theresa - How are Em and G going? are they better? Have fun with the IL's

    Crawling - I'm hoping Charlie doesn't crawl for a little while longer - i love him being a little baby still! people keep telling me that once they start crawling it is never ending!! eeeehhhhh

    Home made rusks - Yesterday i made home made rusks for charlie - they worked out great and are really easy to make. He normally gets sick of the normal rusks after a while - but he loved chewing on the home made ones.

    Its a lovely day here in Portland ( which is amazing coz its always crap weather!) and i'm off to get ready for Racketball - talk to you all later.

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    abs Guest

    Okay jac, don't leave us in suspenders... how do you make the home made rusks ????

    As for his teeth & the decay part, hmm, what difference does 2 or 3 months make ?

    Jordy hasn't done anything with his mobile re turning it on and off for ages now. He still loves playing with other parts of it though - 2 that are a barrel and a ball with a metal rod through em so they spin. And he has a ummm, whatya call those things you hang that make notes in the wind... wind chime, but padded on the other side of his cot. So yeah, we get both those sounds

    He can now roll in his sleeping bag too - hmm, not thats a new one - grrr

    Traits: Hmm, theres probably a few but I can't think of any. We do have a fairly new game that I dont think I've mentioned. When he is on the change table after being bathed or showered, we'll have a towel over his chest to keep him warmish whilst drying him with another. He'll pull the towel up over his face, we say (well more me, coz if its a bath, its her in the water and me washing him) "where's Jordy gone?" He then pulls the towel down, I say "Peekaboo" and we both giggle til he does it again

    I must get that on video, maybe this arvo

    We have a xmas party this Sunday - so that might be interesting

    Jordy goes to the Daycare centre for a couple of hours this week to see how he (or is that how Jen goes). He then goes in twice a week from next week :eek:

    Better get back to doing what I should be doing, pretending to work - hope you all had a good weekend and a great day today. We're looking at about 30 here (29 in Sydney, 31 I think in Parramatta, and we're half way in between)

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    Aug 2005

    Hi everyone,

    Sorry I have been MIA and will be for a little while longer, just really busy at work!!

    Could the people involved in SS, please email me when you send your present and also email me when you receive yours!!

    Hope everyone is well, sounds like the babies are going ahead in leaps and bounds!

    Talk to you all soon.

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    Sep 2004
    Melb - where my coolness isn't seen as wierdness

    Morning all!

    Turns out it's not C's top tooth coming through, but his left lateral incisor. The top teeth and other incisor are just below the surface though so we may avoid the lopsided smile. Lol!

    C's funniest trait is how attached he is to his Cookie Monster. Or Cookie Monsters more like. He's got one for the house and a smaller one in the car. He just adores them! He cuddles them every chance he gets, and you only have to say 'cookie monster' for him to break out the biggest smile. It all started with a book DH always reads him called 'Cookie's Colour Caper'. He'd go mental everytime the book came out.

    We, like most parents, wanted him to like Elmo, but the boy has his own mind. DH suspects that he'd much preferred a TMX Cookie Monster than a TMX Elmo!
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    Sep 2005
    Portland Victoria

    Sush - That is soo cute!! Cookie monster is cool.
    Which teeth normally come thru first??

    Lisa -
    hope your not too busy..

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    abs Guest

    ta for the reminder Lisa, damn I was up the shops earlier today and completely forgot about my SS purchasing (I know what I am planning on getting). Will set an alarm in my phone for tomorrow now

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    Sep 2005
    Portland Victoria

    Abs - I actually got the Rusks recipe of this website - I can't remember which moderators recipe it was but its very easy you just get wholemal bread and then cut the edges of them and put vegemite - or nothing on it then you roll it up so it gets that doughy feeling and put it in the microwave for a minute and then just leave it to cool - they set really hard. Charlie loves it - i started him on just the plain bread ones then i added the tiniest bit of greated cheese on them and he loves those ones too.

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    abs Guest

    ta for that Jac - doesnt get much simpler than that I guess

    Edit: Found it here in case anyone else is also curious - though doesn't mention rolling it up
    Last edited by abs; November 20th, 2006 at 07:53 PM.

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    mum21 Guest

    I was starting to wonder that our group had quitened down again cause I hadn't had an email saying there were new posting. So thought I'd investigate and low and behold its cause I missed the start of the new thread again. GRRR. Do any of you get an email notice telling you the new thread has been started?

    Finally starting to feel like my normal self. After checking in last week I went downhill GRR. Ended up with a throat infection & chest infection (it hasn't been my year with illness).

    Declan is trying to crawl now (he's getting up on his hands and knees and rocking backwards and fowards). It looks quite cute when he's doing it. Another thing he loves is pulling himself up to a stand up position.

    Opps better run I can hear my little man.

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    Sep 2005
    Portland Victoria

    Bl$$dy dog has ran away AGAIN!!!

    Abs - I rolled it up so it would be in the shape of the normal rusks.

    AMy - I don't get a notification that a new thread has happened. I think the rocking looks so cute too. Charlie can only do it a few times then he tries to put an arm forward and then he falls over.

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    Sep 2005
    Portland Victoria

    ANyway - nobody is lurking around so i am off to bed - talk in the morning

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