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Thread: Babies Born December 2007 #2

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    LOL - Tallon goes and puts Kayla's dummy in her mouth if I'm being to slow to stop her crying! hehehehe. It's so cute. But then he yanks it out again so he can put it back in so he's not that much of a help!

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    Talk about stating the obvious hey. Well Abbey has been bathed and is feeding yet again. I have a load of her clothes in the machine just about done and it has started to rain !!

    LOL Liz at Tallon, Abbey has decided she doesn't like her dummy, damn it. She sucks, gags then spews with it. Tehya will steal it if she gets a chance though.

    I am going to just put her in bed after this boob and see if she will settle. Something has got to work... right ????

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    nikki: Good to see you around.. Miss Summer sounds like she is doing just great

    Alicia.. Crossing everything the Infants friend works for you and Olivia. I agree with the MCN I know it works like that for the boys and so far Olivia too. if she doesn't sleep during the day she definetly doesn't sleep well at night...

    Ali.. Way to go on the weight gain.. thats what My Olivia gained in 17 days..

    Bek: I hope the constant burping brings you some relief.. When you burp her do you pat or rub? I sometimes find if all else fails I rub down not up and if that doesn't do the trick then I lay them across my knees and rub down...

    I have seen Ezz and Shell around but not Tinsel.. Check in girls

    Well without jinxing myself I have had a pretty good day.. Apart from the boys bugging me a bit this afternoon.. and I swear if Jacob elbows me in the boobs one more time i may jump out a window.. do you have any idea how much it hurts!!!!! OW!! Now we are all bathed and ready for bed. Just waiting for bedtime to roll around.. Kids watching tv. ( I swear they don't watch tv all day lol) jacob wandering and playing he doesn't watch tv. Olivia sleeping DH at work.. but wahoo Days off tomorrow!!!!!

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