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Thread: Babies Born January 2008 #1

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    ~Belinda~ Guest


    Jess, unsure about that one, honestly can't remember even though it wasn't too long ago I gave birth! But I was so over it and wanted Madeleine OUT! I hope you are going really well in your pregnancy, will be lovely to hear when you have your Bub! Not long now!

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    yer thats what i thought but here i still am a week later with no signs or anything! lol like i said i dont know how i can have them contractions and then they just stop!

    well i will stop hi jacking the thread LOL and HOPEFULLY i will be in here soon...

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    Maz update:
    Mateauz is being moved to Melbourne. The docs think he may have a brain infection. Poor little guy. Positive vibes to Maz, Jed, Nik, Wil and Vy.

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    Billy Ocean Guest


    Oh my goodness. Poor Maz, Mat and family.

    Just off to find the new Jan thread and post something...

    Love to you all.

    Kate, Ocean and Billy the Kid

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    Sazz - i can't remember if i congratulated you on your beautiful little girl!!!
    well done!!!

    and hello to all you lovely ladies!!! Those i know from December/Januaury Groups and those i don't!! Hope you are all doing well!!

    PS Thinking of you Maz!!! hope your little boy will be ok!

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    Colac, VIC

    Default awake since 10am.... trust me to boast about sleep then have her awake THE ENTIRE DAY... not coping atm... she is crying in her rocker.... had to get something to eat as I hadn't eaten all day... think we are both desperately awaiting DP's arrival home...

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    Hello Mum's & Bubs,

    Well i made it here WOOHOO , i thought i posted in here last night but my baby brain has kicked in and my memory isnt so good.

    Thinking of you Maz & your little man Mateauz, sending **healthy vibes** your way

    Kate- good to hear your home, fancy us being birth buddies and having our babies on the same day who would have thought/predicted that.

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