Hi girls,

Welcome Leah and Raels!

Just wanted to fill you in on the great weekend we had- it was Amelie's christening yesterday. Spent all week cooking and getting the house ready, as well as the booklets for the mass and making sure her gown fit (my nanna knitted it for me when I was a baby - it was used for me and my three brothers!).

The day went soooo well!!!! I couldn't believe what an angel my little girl was! We went to mass at 10am, after she woke at about 9, she had a feed during mass and then we were due to have the christening at 11:30. BUT there were two other babies being done at the same time, and one was half an hour late!!!! I couldn't believe it! But Amelie was great and slept in our arms until the baptism started. She didn't cry at all, even though she was probably very tired and didn't mind the water over the head at all. It was just a really nice celebration. We had lunch back here and I had made a mountain of food - we didn't need it all. Amelie was very patient with all the photos and then went to sleep on the boob at the next feed. She was up and about again as the party girl not long after, though! All in all it was a great day and nice to celebrate with family.

Sorry for the selfish post but I am so in love with my little family, especially with my baby girl at the moment!!

Have caught up on the latest posts- hope you are all doing well!