I just dont feel like i want to be a mum today. DD has been so fantastic up until now but the last week or so has just been so draining. i feel like she just doesnt want to be around me. ive posted stuff about her crying when i go to put her to sleep...and its just not getting any better. she used to love laying next to me for a nap and now she just cries. Same with when i hold her when she's tired.
i just feel kinda useless, everyone's saying i'm a good mum and DH says he's so proud of the way i keep ploughing through DD's tough times, but i just feel like i have nothing left. i am constantly swearing under my breath when she gets all grizzly - i know it's silly, but i take it personally.
I'm finding that even though i get a whole nights sleep (pretty much), i am still so tired during the day - which is probably why i cant deal with her grizzling the way that i should.
Weeks 6-14 were fantastic, now i feel like she's never going to be the happy baby she was, and i kinda miss that.
Has anyone else found problems around this 15wk mark?