Amber - hugs! Dont feel like it is your fault at all! Babies do go through these phases. Liam still has moments even now and he is almost 2! Also though, only do what you believe, and if you hate the thought of controlled crying, dont do it! I let Chelsea cry, but only to a certain extent. If she just starts crying for a little bit and I know there is nothing wrong with her (clean, not hungry etc), I let her cry for a little bit, and she almost ALWAYS just calms down and puts herself off to sleep. I think it is only cruel when the baby is so obviously distressed and you just ignore them.
Maybe its worth a try. Just so Myles doesnt get into a habit of knowing that the minute he cries, you will come running (I went through that with my son and he was a bugger to get out of it!)
Anyway, good luck. I hope things start to settle down for you!

I cant believe there are only 9 days until my baby turns 2!!!!