Morning ladies.

Well DH almost got a fricken flykick to the head last night. He was complaining about how I hadnt done enough housework. Um well yeah what has HE done for me lately? I have to entertain jett, feed him, shower him, dress him and put him to bed in the middle of cooking dinner. Not only do I have to do our washing but Jetts never ending washing AND 3 different types of Ry's work clothes and I am supposed to know which ones he needs when? I think he felt bad though because he kept trying to feel me up when we went to bed. How that would be an apology I dont know. I just shoved his hand away and said I was tired. Honestly the man has no idea that I work just as hard as him. Ive been a tad bit slack keeping track of the housework but its not as bad as he makes out. Im pretty tired everyday having to get up to Jett and being pregnant but Ive made a concious effort NOT to whinge about it because I know Ry hated that I complained last time. ARGH

My son is crazy. After dinner last night (in which he polished off a piece of fish, some roast potatoes and pea's) he was playing at his activity table. All of a sudden he started, I dont know what youd call it, growlscreaming? So I decided Id growlscream back to see how he liked it. Well it turned into a game only my son would love lol He would growlscream back at me by crouching down and then jumping up going "EEEEEEEEEEARGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR". He was in hysterics by the end of it. The things that amuse them huh. He then harrassed me because I was eating an icy pole and he wanted some, so I ended up giving him his own and HE ATE IT PROPERLY

Last night was an ok night only got up 3 times. Im knackered though, he has got to start sleeping through soon or Im going to be one mega-tired pregnant woman. This morning he *was* scooting around with his sleepsack like a cape hehehe but now he's half naked watching Dora the Explorer and climbing his PlayHouse. He's figured out how to take his pants off

Hey Jodi how are you feeling today? Any symptoms yet?

Vic girls - we decided on Sunday the 10th of June, its the long weekend. Now we just have to figure out where and what time. Remember Maz and I have to travel soooooo lunchtime would be good.