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Thread: Babies Born ~ April 2015

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    Default Babies Born ~ April 2015

    This thread is for parents whose baby was born April, 2015. Congratulations!

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    Default Re: Babies Born ~ April 2015

    Hi all! Stormageddon has decided he doesn't like going to bed. Liebling did the same at 8w old. Do I just screw up babies that sleep somehow?

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    Default Re: Babies Born ~ April 2015

    Boogers Had spent 15 minutes on a response and lost it before I could post.

    You are a great mum. You haven't stuffed up sleep.

    Apparently we are going through a wonder weeks leap at the moment. I'm thinking of the extra night wake ups as bonding time.

    Sending hugs your way. Will try and re write my long response tomorrow

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    Default Re: Babies Born ~ April 2015

    I don't mind the night feeds. It's the screaming from over tiredness at 11pm and refusing to feed to sleep that gets me! Or any other sleep method. Might be too hot for him, will try just bodysuit and thin sheet over him tonight rather than a full, heavy babygrow. Also DH being "tired" (son of a...) so going to bed at 9 and I have up to 3 hours of getting Stormageddon to sleep without waking up the boys.

    Also, drat and blast for losing a post. I hate that too!

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    Default Re: Babies Born ~ April 2015

    Hi ladies. Just a quick note to say make sure you hug your little ones extra tight tonight. We had a big scare this morning when little Tigger was locked in the car. We still don't know how it happened. I think Piglet was helping mummy closing the door and the keys were inside. When clipping them onto my bag, I must have hit the lock button. Luckily I was at a friends place so could use her phone to ring Volkswagen and organise for help. Even though it was a cooler day, little Lachie was very hot when we got him out. Luckily everything worked out well for us but I haven't been so panicked in my life. It was the longest half an hour ever. If it had been a hot day, I would have smashed the windows without a second thought. Thankfully, we didn't need to because I would hat to think of the ramifications for Tigger if it was. I'm still really unsettled and have a huge headache but just wanted to share our story. The scary part was, I distinctly remember putting my bag on the back seat because we were unloading furniture from the back where I normally put it so I don't lock the keys in. I thought it would be okay for a couple of minutes while I shut the gate so Piglet didn't get out on the road.

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    Default Re: Babies Born ~ April 2015

    Hugs Foss. That is so scary. Much love to you all and thanks for the reminder. Our front door self locks and I'm paranoid enough about that.

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    Default Re: Babies Born ~ April 2015

    Ironically, it was probably my fault for teaching Piglet to safely close the car doors without slamming her fingers.

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    Default Re: Babies Born ~ April 2015

    Hi ladies. Thought I would finally come say hi. I don't think I will have anyone in my May babies thread just like the baby buddies.

    Charlie was born on the 26th. Very happy and healthy. Unfortunately at 10 days old he got very sick and we spent a week in SCN. He is currently an out patient as he can't maintain his weight and they still don't know what happened and why. We are waiting on a metobolic screen test to come back. Hopefully that has some answers. It has been an emotionally draining time.

    Foss, what a scary day. Glad bubs is ok.

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    Default Re: Babies Born ~ April 2015

    Oh Kazzo. That is horrible, especially not knowing. I hope everything works out well

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    Default Re: Babies Born ~ April 2015

    Hugs Kazzo. Saying prayers for you and Charlie.

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    Default Re: Babies Born ~ April 2015

    Just had Stormageddon's 2 month vaccinations. Very brusque nurse. I wasn't allowed to feed him while she jabbed him. He screamed the place down. Sleeping now, think he has forgiven me!

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    Default Re: Babies Born ~ April 2015

    Hi ladies! I've been a bit awol from this site so nice to see you all here! Technically we are a May baby (3rd) but I'd rather be here with you ladies and it sounds like May babies is a bit empty according to you Kazzo?
    So sorry to hear your little one is having a challenging start to life on the outside Kazzo.. Sending much love and strength to you all, especially Bub. I hope you get some answers soon so you can focus on getting them strong again. Please let us know if we can help in anyway..
    Foss, what a scary ordeal! Glad he is ok and you got him out relatively quickly. I can't stand automatic locking cars, although I do have one. I never leave my keys in the car for that reason and keep my spare in my handbag too! A friend of mine once popped her 18 month in the car and shut the door. He had the keys in his hand as likes to play with them, she went around to drivers door and in that moment he pressed the buttons on the car key remote and locked himself in!! She had to spend about ten mins coaxing him to press the buttons again, and he did eventually.
    Ca plane, hope your Bub is starting to settle a little better now. Our little girl is seven weeks now, we are doing well although the poor little poppet is snuffling and snorting with a cold and cough.. It's horrible listening to her snuffly breathing at night and struggling breastfeeding cause nose breathing is a bit tough at times!
    Any tips on how to get through a cold?

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    Default Re: Babies Born ~ April 2015

    Poor bub with a cold! I must confess to picking solid snot out of Stormy's nose to help him.

    I also never, ever give baby remote car keys as I know a few people whose babies locked themselves in the car. I found toy keys etc in the boxes we brought in yesterday, so think we used them instead. It's such a scary thing to happen and we live in a cold country, must be much worse for you. Helps that we only have one car and DH has it for work so I rarely need to entertain baby getting the car sorted on my own.

    Sleep, seems that the vaccinations pushed his sleeping back to going through at night. Phew! Moving him up a size in sleepsuit too as his legs and feet are too big for 62cm stuff. Can't bring myself to cut off the feet, so wasteful for when you want to use them on the next baby.

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    Default Re: Babies Born ~ April 2015

    Hi Danie!

    We still can't believe it happened because I'm typically a little paranoid about it. My husband even gets a little cranky with how pedantic I am because he thinks someone will steal the car as I leave the keys on the tailgate. Putting it down to the universe, with a little help from piglet.

    As for a cold, I used a vaporizer and thought it worked really well BUT I didn't have a baby with a cod until about 9/10 months... not sure if I would use it on a really young one. I also have been known to pull out the snot. If you are extremely careful, a bobby pin works really well as a hook but I only used this as a last resort because I couldn't get the actual sucker to work.

    We also had our 2 month vaccines just before the car ordeal. He was such a brilliant little boy and there have been no side effects that we have noticed. Glad stormy is sleeping through. Tigger sleeps brilliantly from 7 to around 1am the wakes up every hour or two for a quick feed.

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    Default Re: Babies Born ~ April 2015

    My version of sleeping through is not playing at night. We still wake every few hours to feed. But we're awake for under a minute so it doesn't count as a wakeup.

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    Default Re: Babies Born ~ April 2015

    Wow sleeping from 7-1am would be heaven!! We usually sleep 9'ish to 12 or 1am then 3'ish then more frequent wakes up till 6:30am.. The little wake ups that just need a little pat on the back to get back to sleep like you Ca Plane.. Sometimes she is asleep at 6 or 7pm till 8/9 but we wake her when we are about to go to bed for a feed and/or nappy change. Last time we let her sleep through she woke at 10pm wanting a feed.. She only sleeps 4hrs maximum at a time.. And that's quite rare.. What can I do to get her sleeping longer at night!?

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    Default Re: Babies Born ~ April 2015

    Wait. Honestly, they do sleep in the end. If you don't want baby to scream alone, you wait. This is ridiculously early to be sleeping through and not great for bfing. Storm did a 4hr, 2hr then 3hr sleep overnight last night, pretty usual, only the 3hr one was not being held! Turns out he's a tummy sleeper. Sadly I was needing to feed when he woke up so fed him both very full breasts. Another hour's snooze, dressed and heading downstairs... Cue powerspew as he overfeeds if I let him.

    At this stage, they usually need feeding every 3hrs or so overnight. If it's just feed back to sleep, they'll sleep through as soon as their tummy is ready. And under a year, sleeping through is classed as 5 hours overnight, which most babies do by 6 months.

    I went out with some work friends last night, with Stormageddon in tow. The staff at the Thai restaurant loved him so much they cuddled him as I ate. Fantastic! He was awake the whole time but started getting grumpy about 9.30, not unexpected really.

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    Default Re: Babies Born ~ April 2015

    Danie I don't think there is anything you can do to get them to sleep longer. Being on number 2, I'm more relaxed about the sleeping. First time around, I stressed big time that piglet wasn't getting enough sleep.

    Tigger will sleep and in the meantime, I'm enjoying our one on one cuddles. We have settled into a nice rhythm where he wakes between 12 and 1 for his first night feed, then between 3 and 4 then around 5-6 when we will bring him in bed with us if we didn't bring him in at the 3/4 feed.

    The only time things go awry is when we are cluster feed with one and teeth with the other. So far the worst night was 1.5 hours sleep total. Needless to say, the next day was very hard.

    I tried the dream feed with Tigger but it didn't work. It caused him to wake up hourly afterwards so just wait until he wakes by himself now. Dream feeds worked a treat with piglet.

    I don't think you can realistically expect a 7pm to 7am sleep until they are on solids and having solids as their major source of sustenance with breast milk as supplementary.

    Tigger is now 64cm so completely in 00 size. We had to go shopping for new clothes for the poor little fella.

    I've also got a full stash of cloth nappies on the way. I have always used disposables but have felt guilty about the landfill and always wanted to go cloth. Well I went to the baby show and bit the bullet and bought a stash of 36. After lots and lots of research, I finally did it and I'm super excited. Now I'm just impatient because they haven't arrived yet!

    Hoping everyone is going well.

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